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Video || Luke Russert’s Fawning Interview with John Lewis

A new low for journalism.

Hate to say it, but Luke’s late father Tim Russert would never have conducted an interview like this. We all knew that Tim Russert was a liberal, but it was obvious he worked very hard to ask everyone the same types of tough questions. That’s what made Meet the Press so great under his stewardship.

His son Luke, working for MSNBC, had this kind of question for civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., who is leading a very political move to gum up the works in the House by staging a “sit-in.”

“Where does this stack up for you in terms of what you have been able to accomplish in this life?”

I would say rather low. The irony, as others have pointed out, is that Lewis back in the 1960s was fighting for civil rights. Now, he is fighting to deny civil rights by engaging in obstructionism to try to move legislation that would revoke the Second Amendment for many innocent people.

Where is a question about that from the young Mr. Russert? Nowhere to be found. This is why when Trump bashes the media, people respond.

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  1. This is NOT a defense of the suck-ups in the MSM, but we all know that any question that wasn’t fawning or kindly would be seen as a “racist” attack of the Black civil-rights icon.
    It’s a lose/lose with those who toe the PC zipline.

  2. I don’t think MLK would approve of this John Lewis since he’s taking politics back to the 60’s. Many people of all skin colors were brave heroes of the cruel fight for civil rights, Lewis just keeps playing the race card. Hillary should remember that from 2008.

  3. Even though I wasn’t born yet, I doubt sitting on your ass in an empty chamber equates to the civil rights movement. I’m really not into ppl trying to take my rights away instead of dealing with the real issue of terrorists that’s already in our midst.

    1. Lewis has some chops. Come on. Those were scary times. But this terrorist list thing (using a hugely flawed list) does not affect the “civil right” to life in the streets of Chicago. Only enforcing the gun laws there will do that.

      1. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.
        It’s not the gun’s fault.
        It’s the existence of gangs and people that have no respect for human life.

          1. In what way?
            The police are not allowed to due to PC.

            I have no idea what laws are on the books in Chicago that may have been modified to the extent to render them ineffective.

        1. You just said it–the police are not allowed to enforce all the laws the most effective way…I am sick of that overused PC catchall, but for some reason they are not taking on the gangs–not enough manpower, an actual stand down as in Balto, lack of scary enough sentencing laws, no crackdown on straw buyers, infiltration of gang money into the city council, who even knows…But the terror list seems like a distraction–it does nothing to protect black people in those streets.

        2. How many Black on Black murders, with illegal guns this year (a few hundred?) in Chicago has Obama talked about…?

      2. Had some chops Star. Indeed he did. Now, like so many he is a political hack.

        I see him as I see McCain. Respect for their past sacrifices. Does not buy them a lifetime hack.

        In Lewis case, especially I think it is sad.

        1. I am only voting if McCain is behind or it’s close–so I disagree on that. He is no hack and AZ would suffer without his seniority. We have been all thru this.

          1. Yes Star, we have all been through this.
            John McCain is a traitor to your state.
            He needs to retire.

            He is the same as all of the rest of the RINOs, stump speech,….build the damn wall. Senate floor, no.

            He needs to go.
            He is past due.

          2. “He is no hack and AZ would suffer without his seniority.”

            Seniority vs. intelligence, hmmmmm.

            Robert Byrd had to be pushed to the house chambers in order to vote.

            I think that term limits should be employed.

    1. I got two emails from Nancy in 13 hours, trying to fund raise off of this stunt.

      “For nearly 24 hours, Democrats, led by John Lewis, have been holding a sit-in to send a loud and clear message to Paul Ryan and House Republicans: We demand action on gun safety.

      However, Paul Ryan’s made it clear House Republicans will stop at nothing to appease the NRA. He even resorted to accusing us of pulling a “political stunt.” His petty actions will not stop us.”

      Don’t read the facts, just vote…

      1. Make that three emails from “Destroy the Demons” Pelosi in 17 hours:
        The latest:
        “Ryan is showing what a coward he truly is. He’s paralyzed by the NRA. Well, we aren’t and we are tired of Republicans blocking progress. Let’s show Ryan that our grassroots strength will overwhelm his NRA ties and take back the House.

        Will you step up right now?”

        1. So Pelosi is against Ryan and you are against Pelosi all of you, so why also against Ryan–he cut this off…I can’t follow the crazy logic over here. Honestly. As for all tyh immigrants bringing deadly pestilence–haven’t we done this one before–has there been an epidemic I never heard about. Zika is brought mostly my mosquitoes–some sexual transmission–are mosquitos the bad immigrants?

          1. I can’t speak for “all”. I can just document that Pelosi has sent out at least 21 “us vs them” emails this month.

  4. Yes. The GOP voted down two Dem bills.

    Didn’t the Dems also vote down two GOP bills?

    Should the GOP be staging their own sit-in?

    Lewis is nice to be used as yet another human prop here, equating gun laws with civil rights. But why does he seem to have a perpetual scowl on his face?

    1. In truth, Lewis is so annoying to look at and hear, never was there an uglier scowl — he is just a party man, phony like Hillary Clinton, just goes along with the other socialists, he seems to have no mind or feelings of his own, just repeats the party line of the day. He looks half dead and sounds it too, no soul, just like a parrot, repeats and repeats and repeats and is perpetually angry and angrier at all who have a different view, just like Pelosi, the same robot like repetition all the time, “Republicans cause it all” tatooed on their mouths. Boring and completely unAmerican the Democrat?? party now, getting worse by the day. They have no idea what Islamic terrorism is and they don’t want to know what it is, we are all racists now because we are afraid and so many people have been killed by them, innocent people, but the so-called democrats could care less, “let the killing begin” is their motto, take away the guns from everyone they say. The democrats also look and sound so low-class these days, they look unprofessional and sound unprofessional, they look like the Wall Street gang who tried to take over, I think they are the same Wall Street bums.

  5. Luke RUSSERT gets a job at MSNBC. I’m guessing Luke Doofenschmirtz or whatever would be covering a mall opening at NBC-5 in Cedar Rapids or someplace. Chalk another one up for the Lucky Sperm Club.

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