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Obama Schedule || Friday, June 24, 2016

10:45 am || Participates in a discussion with Mark Zuckerberg and entrepreneurs; Stanford Memorial Auditorium; Stanford, California
12:05 pm || Participates in a Google Portal virtual conversation with entrepreneurs; Stanford Memorial Auditorium
1:30 pm || Departs San Jose, California
3:20 pm || Arrives Seattle, Washington
6:55 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser for Washington Governor Jay Inslee; Washington State Convention Center; Seattle, Washington
8:25 pm || Holds a fundraiser for House Democrats; private residence

All times Pacific

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    1. Not sure yet. Listening to London radio and Remain in EU seems to be a bit ahead at the moment. Big differences in voting results in various geographical parts of the UK. Gibraltar was 94 percent remain in EU, but everyone understands that’s an unusual result. Still too early to call, apparently. They expect final results around 11-12 pm our Eastern time.

      1. We’ve been watching the Brexit coverage on Fox Business all evening. It’s been interesting watching the returns come in from the different areas. The “Leave” vote is ahead but when London’s results come in, it will tip toward “Remain”. Ultimately, I hope they vote to leave, which has been my prediction all along.

        1. It will be interesting to see what the Maharaja and part time Swami Obama will say about this on Friday. I’ll bet some 22 year old White House intern is pulling an all-nighter crafting the speech The One will inflict upon us on Friday–complete with instructions peppered throughout the script, ala “look stern here”, “stare at camera for 10 seconds here, then blink and continue reading”, “furrow brow for 5 seconds here”, “Open eyes wide and waggle index finger on right hand here”.

    2. What a mess. The individual cultures of the European countries will be lost to the bureaucrats and centralization.

      If it is to remain, this will happen again I suspect. HIstorically European nationalism (not the neo nazi far right sort of thing) has disallowed this melding and suppression of national culture and tradition. Although when this generation dies off it might just be changed forever.

      Yet they love their Queen — go figure. Odd that.

      1. When I went to bed last night the Remain side was ahead and the DM was indicating they had won. I was heartsick. The news this morning was such a happy surprise! Rule Britannia!

  1. In other words, another completely wasted day—in a very long string of wasted days– for The One. Why are we paying him a salary?

  2. In related news, I read that Michelle joined Snapchat and will do a Carpool Karoake segment with that late night guy.

    Annnnd, she’s preparing for a European tour to promote girls education!


    1. If there’s a camera nearby you can bet moo will be hamming it up in front of it.
      It really brings home berry’s statement that being president of the USA isn’t a reality tv show. HA!

      1. Commenters speculate that she has had “work.” They may be correct.
        IMO: what a waste of a very expensive and exclusive education.

    2. Info on her vacation, (“official” trip, my butt), next week:

      Michelle Obama will travel to Liberia, Morocco and Spain later this month to speak to girls and young women about the importance of education and promote the federal government’s work to help girls stay in school. Obama’s daughters, Malia and Sasha, and her mother, Marian Robinson, will join her.

      The trip, which will begin June 27 and end July 1, is part of the White House’s Let Girls Learn initiative and the latest in a series of overseas goodwill tours Obama has made.

      Also, what a joke that she’s bringing two actresses with her (I suppose Beyoncé was too busy):

      First lady Michelle Obama and her daughters will visit Spain, Morocco and Liberia later this month to crusade for girls’ education, the White House said. Actresses Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto will join them on some stops.

  3. So this is his usual Father’s Day get the he!! away, just a week later, cuz AF won needs more mileage before he vacates office. He’s doing his best to run the plane into ruin so the next prezzy can deal with an expensive replacement.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Three years in a row he’s had a golf weekend with the Choom Gang in southern CA on Fathers Day weekend. Preceded by some “official” stop first, as well as a couple of fundraisers of course. Since he skipped that last weekend, we can bet he’s doing that this weekend.

      Notice that the schedule for Friday doesn’t end with the usual “remains in Seattle overnight” or flies back to DC. He’s probably going to travel to Southern CA from Seattle either late Friday night or on Saturday morning.

  4. I missed commenting on the John Lewis thread.
    He is 76.
    His co-hort in the sit in, Nancy Pelosi, is also 76.
    Maxine Waters is 78. Don’t know if she was there.
    Sheila Jackson Lee is 66. She said she was there and it was cold and it was hard to do that for 23 hours…not a verbatim quote.
    That is all the age info I want to look up….someone else have at it.
    That was one of the silliest, most asinine things I have ever seen. And I have seen some stupid stuff in my lifetime.
    A sit-in indeed. They all sat down on their old tired asses and bitched. A lot like all us oldies do here,I guess. We don’t get paid for it though. And we can’t realistically solicit financial support.
    Go home old folks and shut your mouths unless you want to comment for free here at WHD.

      1. I’m old. What the hell does “get some” mean?
        If it is a compliment, thanks.
        If it is an insult, you need to learn some manners young man.

  5. WOW. It appears to be a Brexit. Good on the Brits. Of course, the New World Masters will never allow it. But there is blood in the water.

  6. Political earthquake in Europe !
    Couldn´t sleep last night because old Thor brought out goats and carriage and went carousing, slamming his Hammer. It was thunder and lightning all night long. And then I felt, this is a sign from the gods. I listened to the radio and…..oh, I jumped for joy and told my groggy husband.
    Well, “leave” had Boris, The Queen, John Cleese and Michael Caine, “remain” had Soros, Obama and Mr Muslim London-mayor. Do you not think people noticed ?
    So, history is happening before our eyes and now we will see. Will EU/Germany punish Britain ? Well, Obama is leaving and cannot do a thing about it. Oh dear, we live in exciting times. Thank you, our dear, dear comrades in Britain, you just did the rest of us a great service !
    And today it is Midsummer Eve over here. We will party !

    1. Party away SL. After Thor leaves, of course.

      Good on the Brits. Hopefully other good people in Europe will support those who also refuse to have their sovereignty ripped from them and to be ruled by the New World Order Cabal.

      I hope Obama, Soros, and Mr. Muslim Mayor are foaming. And I do hope that this is another signal to America and to Europe that things have to change and we want our countries back — from illegals and from functionaries only concerned with power and greed.

      I do hope this is well received in Sweden.

      1. Thanks, Grace. I sure will party !
        Well, this country is split just like the British and we have not been promised a referendum. Yet. The debate will change after this, it is a wakeup call from the British Island. So it is of course gloom and doom among the politicians and MSM , they have all signed the contract with the globalists, but the new parties and many, many of us “ordinary” people are jubilant.We hate what became of the EU-project. We want a new beginning. A miracle took place in Britain . As you write, it will be tough for a while but in the long run this is healthy for democracy and peace.

    2. HA. Farage wants to formally declare June 23 Independence Day.

      It will be tough on the Brits for a while — some of them may even have to go to work — but if they are supported they will make it through and be better off in the long run.

    3. You wonder if 240 years ago there were people who were saying if the colonies leave there is no way they can do well without the England and the worldwide empire behind them, etc. Seems like it turned out fine for us, so I would not be surprised to see this end up being good for the UK.

    4. SL — I saw this comment elsewhere. Made me smile.

      feel such Schadenfreude. If there is a vote in Sweden, I will vote for a “Swexit”… almost sounds naughty.

  7. Once again phony “government business” events are scheduled so Dictator Obama and his fellow communist comrades of the democrat communist party can charge the expenses for their fundraisers to we the taxpayers.

    Make November 7, 2016 our own Fedxit independence vote!

    Time for we the people to declare our independence from the oppressive Federal Government bureaucrats who rule every aspect of our lives with taxes and regulations in which we have had absolutely no say in.

  8. Indeed, the vote constituted a rebellion against the political, economic and social Establishment. All manner of groups — CEOs, scientists, soldiers — had written open letters warning of the consequences of an exit. Farage called the result “a victory for ordinary people against the big banks, big business and big politics.”

    A tidy little quote from an AP article. Appreciate the irony that today Obama is meeting with the Suckerberger and technology elite who see themselves as the new Masters. All of those who like Obama are on the right side of history.

    Now history is giving the international socialists a little tutorial.

    1. Listening to Sky News (on Roku), and LBC radio from London. The pro-EUers are now peddling their loss as an “anti-immigrant” sentiment on the part of the Brits. Baloney.

      Again, we see linguistic programming at work among the elites. The Brits are NOT against legal immigrants, any more than we are. They are completely ticked off (as are we) at EU-sponsored unvetted, open border immigration practices (in our case, illegal immigration practices) which the EU calls a “Freedom of Movement” immigration policy.

      No doubt in my mind the EU elitists will move heaven and earth to somehow “punish” the Brits for the leave EU vote. It’s just a question of how they will decide to punish them.

      1. Actually I heard the Brits are against Europeans coming in without control–not so much Muslims or refugees… So now they can keep out Swedes, I guess, among others…or put quotas or however they want to do it.

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