In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Video || Obama on Supreme Court Immigration Ruling

26 thoughts on “Video || Obama on Supreme Court Immigration Ruling”

  1. “blah blah blah Republican failure blah blah Republican failure to implement my smart/common sense/reasonable Royal Edict/Pet Project” Doesn’t this guy have ANY new response to current events?

    1. He will never take self responsibility, he’s never matured beyond his basic self. Blame everyone, like a 4 yr old in the sandbox.

        1. He was a (what we called) “loadies”. The delusional kids that thought getting high on MJ made them superior intellects.
          …hahaha. I know of several that have taken their lives & others still ‘living in mom’s basement’.

  2. Obama is a decisive pig! His straw man that because Republicans are against amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants he decides it means they hate ALL immigrants, even legal ones. He needs to quick acting like a 4 yr old that doesn’t get his way. He is wrong on all levels. God help this country when Hillary takes over.

  3. Obama is a pig! Illegal immigration means those coming in are not vetted in any way, which means we should just put up a sign at our borders, both north & south, terrorists, thugs & drug lords welcome! We will be happy to give you housing, phones, weapons & subsidize your very living while you plot to harm us. Thanks Obams & his ridiculous followers.

    1. About that not vetting. Not even health. Zika. So Paul Ryan with love in heart has agreed to full funding of the Obama Zika Slush Fund. If we at least vetted their health …. illegal, illiterate and diseased. Exactly what America needs and wants — BS on you Barack.

      And the 4 liberal Supremes — lockstep. They are an embarrassment to the tradition of the court. They go beyond liberal — they serve Obama. Period.

          1. I agree Marcus and nowadays we have the ability to diagnose these diseases and have confronted them in the past, but why open the door to new onslaughts of them especially for the children.

            It makes no sense.

            It becomes just another burden our society must bear.

          2. And here i thought it was all those barbarians from other lands the Romans conquered, enslaved and brought back to Rome.

  4. Listening to Obama’s tone and manner of presentation in his little speech today. Angry, spoiled brat who didn’t get his way.

  5. Five years here makes you a longterm resident? Having a productive sex life on U.S. soil somehow makes you worthy of legal residency? ONLY breaking immigration and work laws for five years means you are law-abiding?

    1. The dems are desperate to increase their voter base and they will do it by hook or by crook.

      This Country can no longer afford the democratic party and it’s concepts.
      They are taking US to our knees intentionally.

      It must be stopped if we are to survive.

      1. Agree. And Trump is lambasted for wanting to vet those we are taking in. We the people matter, we want our country to maintain our disease free efforts that hard working doctors and epidemic scientists have worked so diligently on these past 60+ years.

      2. You got it! thats why they do it, to have a permanent voting base! They don’t care about anyone, just the votes is all they care about. We have to clean house of these vermin, these unAmerican power crazy DUMB JACKASSES. Please God, let Trump win, maybe then we can have government that actually likes its American people and cares about the country! But I can see a fraudulent election coming, I hope thats not the case, but I know that Hillary Clinton will do and say anything to win. She is truly crooked Hillary.

  6. Question: What happens to a sitting POtuS when he willfully and maliciously exceeds his Constitutional limitations solely for the purpose of getting re-elected?

    Answer: He is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, IMO.

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