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Democrat Sit-In Hypocrisy

Well, at one lawmaker decided to confront the Democratic 1960s nostalgia ride.

Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, tried to remind the Democrats staging Occupy House FLoor what the real issue was, saying “Radical Islam killed these poor people.” It’s not a gun issue. The free speech advocates sitting on the House floor shouted him down.

Of course, they are being celebrated. Note in the video below how the CBS broadcaster calls it “an historic day.” I wonder, then, why wasn’t it “historic” when Ted Cruz shut down the government over a principle?

No! That was obstructionism!

I have an idea. Shut out the lights, turn off the air conditioning, and if that fails, call in the Seargent at Arms and the Capitol Police and haul their asses out of there.

16 thoughts on “Democrat Sit-In Hypocrisy”

  1. QUESTION: Are they still sitting there…or did they rise? And will the DEMS sit there when the vacation bell rings? Will they truly represent the people or is this all a charade?

    My bet is as soon as the session ends, they will dust themselves off, give each other a high five, and head to their limos and their haughty vacay spots.

    Ah, the work of the people never ends….sarc


  2. Pictures of these communist buffoons squatting on the floor of the House bear a striking resemblance to a homeless encampment in one of the destroyed inner cities created by the policies of these democrat parasites.

  3. They need to be reminded of the first 4 years of Obama’s term when the Dems ran the whole shebang, doing whatever they pleased.
    If memory serves, the purpose of the “sit-in” was to bring light to racial inequality at diners, and other places operated by those not in power to change anything.
    This particular “sit-in” is a silly, non-productive farce and won’t change a thing.

    Congress in now in recess(?right?), so unless they plan to sit there for two or three weeks, this whole look-at-us plan is going nowhere.

  4. “Shut out the lights, turn off the air conditioning, and if that fails, call in the Seargent at Arms and the Capitol Police and haul their asses out of there.”

    I disagree.

    Let them sit there and make asses of themselves. Real people will either ignore this stunt, or worse? Point and laugh.

    1. If SAA and Capitol Police were to haul them out, that would be icing on their sit-in cake. The optics would be terrible. Imagine: armed police cuffing the dems. The lofo’s would capitalize on that moment which would muddy the waters even further. Their actions were illegal…”common sense” was absent….dems are dopes.

  5. Haul them out of there…and put them in stocks on the National Mall, with pacifiers in their mouths, and then take pictures, making the same their official Congressional portraits.

    Friends, Americans, and countrymen, I will tell you what: I’ve had just about all the Special Snowflake Syndrome I can stand.

  6. And Gohmert was right. It’s about terrorism not guns, which is what the Dems want America to believe and why they are doing this to hammer it home ….. gun control.

    Ryan should have turned out the lights, recessed and locked the doors. They would have to figure a way out.

    Besides the Dems really didn’t have to do this. The MSM is doing a bang up job making it all about guns and not terrorism. Wonder what the next move will be when the next terrorist acts against us in our own country because Barack Obama and the Democrats have welcomed them with open arms.

    At some point it will have to be clear that this Administration’s policies are dangerous and are resulting in Americans dying at the hands of terrorists in our own country. And if Obama and the MSM will not admit it, the terrorists will make it crystal clear. And that will be a sad, sad day.

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