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Trump is Right: Be Afraid

It’s a knee-jerk reaction among the politically correct, the “sensible” Washington types, and the Left to say that it is opportunistic and crass to appeal to fear. But these are the very people who have landed us in a world where, in fact, there is much reason for apprehension.

This is from a piece I have running in LifeZette today.

In the aftermath of the Orlando shootings, Donald Trump has been roundly branded a “fear monger,” with the suggestion that he is preying upon Americans’ darkest horrors for his own political advancement.

To which the only reasonable response is clearly, “Thank you, more fear please.”

Because whatever you think of Trump, the case can easily be made that a complacent America is not nearly fearful enough. After 49 people were slaughtered by an Islamist terrorist, why should the nation wait patiently for a massive attack before getting their afraid on? And with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen admitting this week that the economy may be on a direct path to nowhere, anybody not fearing for their job or their children’s future well-being must be sipping bourbon all day.

Please read the rest over at LifeZette.

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  1. I saw a good cartoon today….
    Obama standing in front of a lectern.

    Caption 1: “We should not blame this terrorist act on all Muslims because the killer was Muslim”

    Caption 2: (Obama missing) We should not blame all guns on this massacre because a gun was used.


    The LEFT has made a career of fear mongering to garner votes, particularly with the seniors and minorities. Biden with his “chains” remark is one good example. So now that Trump takes a stab at fear, we should ignore him….right


    1. Yes, he did. Although be precise. According to the MSM it was and shall forever be known as an “anti Hillary attack speech”.

      Re. Fear. Be afraid? In a country where Loretta Lynchmob just said they have “lost track” of the Orlando terrorist’s wife?

      1. My daughter told me 4/5 days ago that the terrorist’s wife was missing. I chided her then and told her it would be all over the news if that were true, MSM.
        I now think she was right and that was days ago. I think the wife has slipped away and is making bombs in Pakistan.

    1. Star, concerning the comment a few threads ago, Edward Jones is a commission based investment agency.

      You need a FEE based agency to advise you.

      I have dealt with Ed Jones before, their advice is not in your best interest.
      You can do better.

      They recommend specific funds because they make a commission if you invest in them.

      The funds that they recommend are not the best by far.

    2. Thanks–I know the commission structure…Chase was also problematical–investing us in all their own instruments. My tax guys say Edw Jones bought and sold too much–churned. It was no more than Chase, tho. I read up on both and for now, am sticking with what I have…I apprec your saying this, though. It is hard to know–not being a big oligarch and all.

      1. PS I also have special needs kind of. Both the Chase adviser and the Edw Jones adviser came to my house…I know something like Vanguard would also be an option, but they don’t provide personal service.

        1. I hope I gave you some info that you can use.
          We use Chase also but we are very conscious of what they are trying to sell us.

          We made some mistakes early on but we have learned from them.

        2. “I know something like Vanguard would also be an option, but they don’t provide personal service.”

          I just make a phone call.
          The confirmation comes in the mail, I sign it, and send it back.

  2. doom right ahead/racist by default

    Wow a point by point of the evil she has done.

    Scary to think there are voters so dumb they support her.

    He is a very president like speaker.

    And the Hildabeast lies presented for all to see!

    I forgot about the Bengasi video lie. Its a big one!

    Hillary the money taker is not the answer!

  3. There is a difference between “apprehension” or a vague sense of dread and feeling the center isn’t holding and generated fear leading to hate and repeated disgust for large groups of people.

        1. I will take an optimistic direction for America over the possibility of abject horror if Hillary gets in.

          My Lord, the dems in congress are staging a sit down on the house floor!

          1. Very suspicious right after Trump’s fantastic speech that they have a sit-in — TO GET THE SUBJECT (Ms. Piggy’s criminal scoffing up money from middle Eastern countries,among other felonies she committed crazy b… This way the dems think we won’t think about the facts that Trump stated regarding Crooked Hillary! The commie dems think they are so wonderful, so clever, not one poor victim the Islamist shot had a gun, too bad! A lot more would have survived had one or two been armed. But Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, “John Racist Lewis” don’t care about that, they are taking the heat off Hillary fact speech. Anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton hates America and should get the heck out of here now! We don’t want you and we sure as heck don’t want anymore Syrian Isis Refugees. Its too bad the Repubs are also dumb and not helping Trump, the jealous idiots, he really could have a shot at winning if they helped him, but of course, they would rather have Hillary and keep all their back room monies, etc. What a corrupt government the U.S. has now. I hope all the Repubs are proud that they are all pictured in Hillary Clinton’s ads which are all full of lies from the pig liar!


  4. The left squawking about fear mongering? The left?

    Would that be the same left who screams the end of times is upon us because of climate change?

    The left who’s constantly shrieking about white cops gunning down innocent black children in the street?

    The left constantly harping about us being one judge away from abortions being performed in dark alleys?

    That left?

  5. My greatest fear is not radical Islam, it’s the radical left wing that has taken control of the govt. and half of the population.

    The ‘fear’ is misplaced. Instead of instilling ‘fear’ in the hearts and minds of Americans, we need to instill ‘fear’ into the minds of everyone who intends to do us harm, both here and abroad.

    A good start would be removing all ‘gun free’ zones in the US and all ‘sanctuary cities’. And then we declare a ‘zero tolerance’ policy with draconian consequences.

    We have been living with the ‘enemy within’ for nearly 8 years. And it isn’t radical Islam!

    1. “We have been living with the ‘enemy within’ for nearly 8 years. And it isn’t radical Islam!”

      The enemy within has allowed radical Islam to invade our borders.

    2. Love your post! I feel the same way, you really expressed it so well. The enemy within. I have been aware of that for a long time that the enemy is in the White House and the Justice Department is his puppet. Its just so heartbreaking to me that this is happening, I never thought it would happen that the enemy is running the government. I always felt that the sacred office of the President was so far above this obvious corruption of the presidency, it is showing now and that any president who acts like Obama would be run out of town. I am deeply disappointed that ever since Benghazi, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are free every day to hurt us without any punishment to them for their criminal activities against the American people. Our beloved country has been turned into a hell hole because of them, unrecognizable is San Francisco with criminals running all around, San Francisco is like a hell hole now and that is what the democrat/socialists/communists want, they don’t care what the people want, only what they want and what they want is so horrible, terrorists shooting people, so many police officers murdered because of a complete lack of respect for America. We are now like a third world middle eastern country with murder and mayhem a daily occurrence. Every one should get a gun to protect themself, because the government is not doing it. Even with so many complaints to the FBI, at least 5 complaints, the Islamist strolled into a bar and killed 50 people and wounded 53 more, thats 103 people from one Islamist murderer! And more arriving here every day because thats what Obama and Hillary Clinton want, they think they will have permanent voting block, thats the reason they invite the Syrians here, to keep the power of the horrible democratic/socialist party and will force these refugees to vote for them. We don’t even have a fair election anymore. The Republicans are very bad also, not helping Trump win, so jealous of him and so evil are they too.

  6. Nah, life is too short to waste living in that kind of fear and hate.
    But even if it wasn’t, I still wouldn’t follows Dawnie Frumples and his cadre of white trash and retards.

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