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Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 23, 2016

11:45 am || Meets with Treasury Secretary lew
2:55 pm || Departs White house
5:30 pm PT || Arrives San Jose, California
6:05 pm PT || Arrives San Francisco, California where he will remain overnight

All times Eastern except as noted

28 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 23, 2016”

  1. The wear and tear on that 747 has to be costing us mega $.
    Not to mention the support aircraft.

    Why is he going back to the west coast?
    He was just there last week.

    1. He thinks that is the location of the “in crowd?”
      Beats me.
      He is like my husbands ex wife. She just loved to run up and down the road. And spend money they didn’t have.

      1. Aileen, get your dancin’ shoes out.
        When Keith gives us an open thread, I have some music for you.
        Anticipation is the best part.

    2. And if he was frugal he would have combined both excursions. Hahaha, not when he’s king! Only the best of every darn thing, to hell with carbon footprints; “tis for thee, never me”.
      And why is he there? San Jose used to be a yuge IBM town, butt not anymore, given the idiot economic crap rained down upon America.

    3. Why there, you ask? OK.
      Um, to check out the preparations for the overdue earthquake?
      To look for some money that he forgot to pocket the last time he was in CA?
      Try out a different golf course?
      Screw up traffic on the West Coast for a change?
      Put 2,400 miles between him and his Mother-in-Law? Wife? Everything?
      Check out housing for his upcoming end of term?
      For no reason other than to go somewhere, rack up more miles?
      My guess is $$.

    4. AFVet I feel sorry for the officers & enlisted of the 89th AW who have to haul these grifter Obamas all over the world on their useless trips.

  2. Wonder if the ‘Clock Boy’ will be traveling with him….

    “On Thursday, Obama will travel to San Jose, California, to participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which will “showcase America’s diverse entrepreneurial spirit and feature entrepreneurs from across the globe.” The president will remain overnight in San Jose.”

    “Obama Friday will continue to participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit before traveling to Seattle, Washington to attend fundraising events for Governor Jay Inslee and for House Democrats. He will remain overnight in Seattle.”

    “On Saturday, the president will return to Washington, D.C.”

    1. Speaking of clockboy…..I don’t fly too often anymore but the last time was 2 years ago to San Jose and on our return flight was major mayem because the random teenager had hopped the fence and rode on the ouside of the plane all the way to Hawaii.Crazy memories..why I like to chill at home:)

      1. Not a bad place to chill, Island Girl! Will never forget our first trip….never wanted to come home.
        The fragrance of the beautiful plumarias is so intoxicating!

  3. And today is the day of the British Referendum. It is so close, people on both sides are very, very nervous. A Brexit would be so exciting in my opinion. Because finally, the Beast, the EU, would unravel and slowly fall apart and then….. who knows, but the risk is worth taking. Europe will be Europe again and not a grotesque undemocratic federal Behemoth. I dream of Europe as ” the shining city on the hill”, to speak Reaganesque.

  4. OT. Re the current Democrat “sit in” in the House. From the photos I’ve seen of the participants, it looks like the group is largely the Socialist Democrats of America caucus in the House who is doing this “sit in”. What a surprise. The MSM is too stupid and lazy to incorporate the DSA element of the “sit-in”, but I think it’s worth noting.

    As a refresher, the Socialist Democrats were called the Socialist Party of the United States until 1972, when they changed their name to Socialist Democrats of America (DSA). They are a front group of Socialist International, the world wide mothership of the Socialist Party. They are at the heart and core of the efforts demanding globalization, non-sovereignty, no-borders, free movement of all people, the no guns activists, blaming the United States as the source of the world’s problems, anti-Constitutional, anti-democratic efforts in Western countries, i.e. the EU, Nafta, TPP, TPA, etc. That’s what these Congressional DSA sit-in people are all about.

    No doubt in my mind there are many “journalists” who are members of DSA, and promote DSA causes in their reporting, dancing to the same music as the DSA members in Congress. It’s a big love-in calling for The Revolution for them.

    Here’s a list of the DSA members in Congress. Not sure how current it is, but it’s probably pretty close.

    1. I did not know this. How can that happen in this day and time? (I know the answer. haha). Thank you for this link. This is why I return to WHD over and over.
      Reading the member’s roster – in my opinion – these are the people who scream the loudest and are the least responsible and the most uneducated.
      Obviously, there is a perception of personal gain and self importance for these people – e.g., Charlie Rangel stating he deserves the protection of carrying guns.
      We have created a stew of a mess in this country and these people stir the pot continually.
      After listening to Hillary’s speech yesterday, I recalled Ms. Waters (during the hearings regarding the mortgage melt down)stating that their goal was to take over the banking industry.
      Apparently, Hillary intends to take over all private industry…it will be the only way she can reach her “5 goals” successfully.
      We have a long row to hoe before November.

      1. Here’s the link Aileen of Charlie, in his own words say that HE needs armed protection.
        Typical Democratic Party hypocrisy.
        Dem Lawmaker Rangel: Law-Abiding Citizens “Just Shouldn’t Need a Gun”… But We Deserve Gun Protection (VIDEO)

      2. One of my own Congress Critters–Chellie Pingree–is an active member of DSA, so I tend to watch this group to see what they are up to. The enemy within. That’s who they are.

  5. Here’s some first-hand, no spin information on VPBiden’s visit to Ireland:
    courtesy of MOTUS, and Sara B

    Sara B > thelantern • 11 minutes ago

    Meanwhile on the otherside of the pond: Mr. Sara B and I are in Ireland on “holiday” butt actually here because our daughter just finished her 6 weeks of study abroad in Madrid and we wanted to meet her and do a bit of exploring as well research my husband’s family. While reading the newspaper in the airport leaving last week I saw that Biden would be here the whole time we are butt never though he would follow our itinerary. Last night he was actually partying with the prime minister in Westport where we are staying so DH and DD decided to brave the SS….I went to bed. He has a 21 car motorcade, an unbelievable number of secret service and a BODY DOUBLE! a tiny hamlet in Ireland he uses a body double (see pictures below). DD got close enough for a quick handshake and blurry photo however the PM Enda Kenny had no protection, took pictures and talked to both my hubby and daughter for several minutes…knew the place we lived (Dublin OH) and started singing a song about the river that runs through our town! DH said he couldn’t get the guy to stop talking… He was clearly well lubricated after spending a day with Biden!! Any who…most who we have talked to on our travels are not happy about the $5 million bill the veep is leaving Ireland for the pleasure of his company. We head to Dublin tomorrow….where Biden is headquartered…it’s also pride weekend so things ought to be very interesting! I will keep my dear friends here posted. ☘ (photo Four is body double…note it is not a gun free zone )


  6. I don’t understand the 30 min. +/- stop in San Jose. Is someone going to just run out to the plane and hand him cash in an envelope?

    Or is it a typo?

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