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Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 22, 2016

The briefing has concluded.

7 thoughts on “Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 22, 2016”

  1. Is watching and listening to Mr. Pinocchio insulting the American people again a class attendance requirement? Will anything he says today be on the final exam? If not, count me out. I’m skipping this class. ;+}

    1. This “WH Press Corps” is USELESS.

      We, Readers, of can ask 100+ better questions everyday than any of these so-called, useless ‘journalists’ of this Obama “WH Press Corps”.

  2. Totally OT. Forget the Death Panels. Let old people suffer so much pain that they kill themselves. Save money is what this is all about. This article notes that a lot of Medicare patients receive opioids. Duh. Alot of people on Medicare are older and have had more disease and pain.

    I can tell you via experience they make you jump through hoops now. The money quote: “We are concerned about the high spending and the number of people receiving opioids.”

    No mention of Medicaid.

    1. Older people need more medical pot…better for the central nervous system. More Pot! More Pot! No, I agree, grace–they are trying to edge into cutting off freely given supplies…but they also really need to find better pain killers than the poppy…different mechanisms…Some people really need daily pain control. It’s just a fact.

      1. Yes but for now this is what we have. And we pay for it. Med D not free. If they want to yoga and meditate away their own pain and that of their loved ones (yeah like that will ever happen) then they can have at it. At least when the end times come we have a good idea of whose medicine cabinets to raid.

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