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Latino Radio Host to Clinton: My Family is Voting Against You

Syndicated Latino radio host Enrique Santos told Hillary Clinton that his whole family hates her, and what’s she gonna do about it?

“My father’s voting for Trump because he says that he can’t trust you. My mother says you’re a crook and my brother says you should go to jail,” he said. “How would you convince them to sit on your side of the field?”

He’s a supporter, it seems. His family, not so much.

Stop listening to the “relentless . . . ridiculous, untrue attacks, Clinton responded

Well, the attacks are relentless. But ridiculous and untrue? Sorry, can’t quite agree.

It seems Trump’s efforts to label Clinton negatively are already sticking, though of course others got the ball rolling with her long ago. It’s like the way he went after his primary opponents — while over the top, his categorizations stuck because there was a strong element of truth to them. With Hillary, the examples of her corruption are so legion, it’s hard to go over the top.

Despite his rhetoric, Trump’s support among Latinos is not far off the 27 percent Mitt Romney got in 2012. I think a lot of Hispanics will find Trump’s strong character appealing. Machismo, after all, is a Spanish word.

23 thoughts on “Latino Radio Host to Clinton: My Family is Voting Against You”

  1. I don’t “hate” Hillary, I hate politicians and the media that protects them right now. I hate that we’re being misled and told what we should think and how we should feel. I like the bombastic asshole who wants to protect me, guide me and stand beside me. :)

    1. Trump is up against a tremendous challenge.
      He is standing virtually alone in the midst of the leftists, the media, and the RINOs.

      This will be a test of his fortitude against an enemy that is relentless in their pursuit to ridicule him and his policies to take America back again.

      It has been too long America.
      We need a soldier in the White House that is FOR America, not against it.

      The horizon will be bleak if Hillary is elected.

      Reagan’s “Shining City on the Hill” is still here but it has been suppressed for so long that people can no longer see it.

      Our youth have been indoctrinated to the extent that they embrace a socialist, a man that is promoting policies that the people of Venezuela are suffering under today.

      I find it hard to comprehend anybody that would embrace the policies of Hillary Clinton with
      the shape this Country is in.

      And for that matter, Bernie Sanders.

      We need a champion now, someone that will stand against the establishment elites who are determined to maintain the status quo.

      Time to give the power back to the people.

  2. …and my mother thinks you are a crook…Geeminny Crackers, that’s a keeper!

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall after that exchange at Clinton headquarters..L.O.L.
    All MrTrump needs to say during his next speechifying is that Enrique Santos’s mother thinks MrsClinton is a crook and the race is over.

  3. Love it when she always bashes WS, Big Corps, and HEDGE FUNDS. It’s dripping in irony! SHE is the one who gets $250K/speech from ‘big corporations’; SHE is the one who parlayed $1K to $100K in cattle futures; and SHE is the one with a Son-in-Law who started a hedge fund and lost every dime for his clients on a risky (and stupid) Greek currency trade. His firm is now closed – permanently. (And, his father spent a few years in the slammer for fraud).

    Why in the heck doesn’t Trump go after her on all of the above? My only guess is he doesn’t want to open a can of worms for himself.

    1. She didn’t pick her son in law, but you can bet she vetted him.

      Trump isn’t some choir boy but appears that he is unafraid of taking her on.

      The pot calling the kettle black does not apply here.

      1. His mother was a former Congresswoman (briefly), and they were all good friends until the father went to prison. The Clintons no longer speak to the father, but still friends with the mother.

        It seems that nearly everyone in the Clinton inner circle is, or has been, involved in corruption, including Hillary’s brother and Bill’s brother, Roger.

    2. I listened to the entire speech today.
      She is a really, really, really good liar.
      And part of her ability to get away with those lies is – she talks in circles.
      It’s not that easy to keep up with her comments. I had to pay close attention and I am not … unintelligent.
      If you stick to lying and droning on and on, then eventually people stop listening.
      Just one problem nowadays – videos and iPhones.
      But of course, HRC is a blackberry user so she may not know she can be filmed at all times.

    3. Hillary wouldn’t recognize irony if it was a firecracker in her hand. She has absolutely no insight into her own behavior, how she comes across, how tangled up in her own lies she is. She’s clueless.

      The very things she accuses Trump (or anyone who opposes her) of doing, she has done herself, and much, much worse. It’s all in the public record, and easily researched in seconds. Can she not grasp that?

      She surrounds herself with a circle of trained seals who honk and clap their flippers at her every thought, every word, every action. The light of honest introspection and soul searching will never shine on her. She is a complete fraud and will always be so.

      1. The one thing that Trump brought up in his speech today was the fact that she can be blackmailed due to all of the foreign money she has taken over the years.

        That in itself should give one pause to elect her.

        1. The possibility of blackmail is very real for Hillary. The hackers surely learned things about her and her activities she would not want made public. Would she pay them off in some way to keep them quiet? Would she push the legislation and practices (trade policies, treaties and national defense issues, for example) they demand she support or else they spill the beans on her? She has created a huge mess for herself and, far more importantly, for the nation.

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