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Sanders’ Ego Trip Could Cost You $1.3 Million

Bernie Sanders’ decision to stay in the race is costing you plenty of money, some $38,000 a day, adding up to about $1.3 million if he stays in the race until the convention next month.

Because as a presidential candidate, he needs Secret Service protection. Courtesy of you.

But what’s a million bucks worth or taxpayer money to a Socialist? Of course, I’m talking about President Obama. But Sanders doesn’t care either . . .

49 thoughts on “Sanders’ Ego Trip Could Cost You $1.3 Million”

      1. But I wonder what an economist would say…The part about Boeing was simplistic nonsense…Many countries demand “offsets”–you must hire this many of our people or build this many facilities in our country to sell to us…Getting a Boeing plant (which benefits Boeing wage=wise, regrettably for their great US workforce) does not SHAZAM result in China building great aircraft. Reverse engineering is very tricky. If China wants proprietary secrets it has other ways to get them–and does. Several European countries partnered up to build Airbuses, which did eventually compete with Boeing, but it was the work of several decades. The durable v nondurable goods riff in that article was never articulated by Trump that I ever heard. I could go on all day–my advice is not to buy these dimestore analyses of things the man never even said.

        1. A good plan is a simple plan.
          And simply put, Bernie, Hillary or Trump I’m for
          My laptop is kaput, iPad took a tumble down the stairs, only thing I’ve ever seen hit every step was a slinky.
          Been handicapped with smartphone so I don’t get back to everyone, but I still read with great anticipation, WHD still my fave, good crew.

        2. doom right ahead/racist by default

          I think your rant makes no sense.

          Try clear idea’s with links.
          Point by point rebuttal.

          Its like you are just thrown dirt and hoping something will stick.

        3. Some economists support it, some don’t. Same as the reactions to the economic plans of the other candidates–those who had published such a plan.

          1. You say “it” like he has a plan. As for doom/racist, I read yours my mistake–of course, nothing I say makes sense to you, don’t worry about it. I could write a white paper based on my experiences with this in the aerospace industry, but I would not annotate it just for you because it’s not even his plan–it’s that website’s. and you’re right, Marcus–“real” economists, practitioners of the dismal science, are on all sides.

          2. Since this article was based on what the authors thought his economic plan is, I don’t know if there is such a link. I don’t need a link to explain offsets–I was in the business 16 yrs. China is widely believed to hack proprietary data or even engage in love industrial espionage (paying people) not reverse engineer it–want links on that? You can google that as well as I can. I think there was a story out today saying Moody’s trashed his plan…don’t have the link…maybe I can find it later–or you can.

          3. Well Star, I read the article until it said that the unemployment rate was 5%.
            That’s crap and you know it.

            The true unemployment rate is up around 20%.

            CBS/AP post, give me a break!

          4. It was reported other places besides CBS-I agree unemployment is higher–but doesn’t that make it even worse if Trump’s ideas such as they are make it worse? Moody’s decides creditworthiness–it’s them saying it, not CBS.

        4. The durable v nondurable goods riff in that article was never articulated by Trump that I ever heard. I could go on all day–my advice is not to buy these dimestore analyses of things the man never even said.

          OK then send us a link that will refute the article.

          1. Trump has addressed that topic extensively in his speeches.

            He wants durable goods manufacturing brought back into this Country.

          2. And we have discussed this–you can’t bring it back, but you can attract it back or as he has said, threaten companies that go offshore. Someone on here said attracting it back–attracting foreign investment and other tax inventives, was a bad idea. I can’t figure you guys out sometimes.

          3. Sure you can bring it back by reducing the taxes and the regulations that are strangling the businesses.

            Apple has 2/3rds of their money offshore.
            Why ? Because if they bring it back here they will have to pay massive taxes on it.

            This is not rocket science.

  1. eh, $1.3mm is peanuts for this Obama regime that spends and throws around money that isn’t theirs to all and sundry.
    Millions here, billions there, the supply is only limited by the amount of ink and paper at the US Mint.
    SenSanders – now there’s a curiosity and a dilemma for the Dems. We can only guess what motivated him to run for the Presidency and his feelings when his campaign stops brought out many thousands of supporters. Was he gratified that he was right all along, that Americans want a different kind of government?
    There are a lot of printed words that assume his supporters were more anti-Clinton than pro-socialism.
    In his first national campaign, the Senator finds he likes it and can make a difference.
    Let him go, do what he does, for it’s a small cost to the taxpayers who support him.

      1. Helps Trump as well. Bernie voters may turn to trump.

        I can hope that happens.

        Is the Hildabeast a crook? Just look at her and bills foundation. A mess of crooked deals.

    1. “…ink and paper…”
      Old joke.
      Head of US Mint calls Obama and says, “mr. president, all the presses have broken down from so much use, we only have 1 left out of dozens still working”.
      Barry says, “well print some more money and buy some new ones”.

  2. silly rant. Gov wast – Doctor friend has 41 brain dead patients that the families wont pull the plug. @ 1000 dollars a day!!! 41,000 a day. one patient has been this way for over 10 years!
    This is just one hospital!!!!!!!

    1. I’m not quite certain about this doom, but I think there have been a few, very few cases where patients diagnosed brain dead came back to “life”
      Me? Told my family to yank that ‘sumnabitch, I don’t want to live like a eggplant.
      My call.

        1. Star, thanks for that info. I was totally unaware that a hospital or facility won’t honor that request.
          Time for a little homework.
          I think I can find that info online, I really don’t want to use a lawyer.

          1. If I remember correctly, you are from Illinois. Here the Illinois Department of Public Health’s page on Advanced Directives you may find useful. On the right of the page you’ll see the form you can download to fill out for your Advanced Directive, etc. You shouldn’t need a lawyer, but there are Notary Public requirements you’ll need to pay attention to.


      1. Interesting topic. I finalized my Advanced Directive the other day. Thought a lot about it, the details, etc. It was the right thing to do, but I put it off for a long time. It’s not exactly a happy topic, is it? ;+}

        1. No–I signed one when my kid was born–30 some yrs ago…have not revisited, though I have tried to sign things that let her have my bank accts etc and title to the house without probate. I should do a new directive…and find some way for her to pay for cremation before she gets money from savings etc. I am putting it off, too…She freaks if I try to discuss it…

          1. I have already taken care of that for my wife and I.
            As a Vet, I get buried free, and I paid for hers.

            You never know what is going to happen or when.

            Never let the money go to probate.

          2. We did wills and prepaid funeral expenses several years ago, so at least those pieces are done. We had a family meeting with the kids and their spouses when we completed all that and explained everything to them. The looks on their faces was, shall we say, memorable. But we had to do it. They will thank us later.

          3. AFVet, Maine has a beautiful, well kept State Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery in Augusta where we will be laid. Under state provisions, spouses of veterans are allowed free burial there with their spouses, so we were lucky in that way. My father is there as are now many friends and people I knew, worked with, knew in the service, etc.

          4. Marcus, sounds like a plan.
            We already have the plots in my home town cemetery.
            It is in the Veteran’s Garden as they call it.

            When we buried Mom, there were many Flags waving in the breeze.

          5. AfVet: I don’t think I have enough (under $50K, plus house equity) for a trust fund. I am so torn over this–what to do, that is. My daughter is very bad with money, despite watching me at least keep the trains running on time. She would have to take roommates to keep the house…Would she? She sometimes just does not pay things. I have tried and tried…She will grow up fast or…she thinks she will end up on the street…it makes me sad. Guess I will have to stay alive.

  3. Marcus,
    Saying just thank you isn’t enough for the gratitude I have.
    Yes, I’m an Illinois resident, and I immediately hit that link you provided.
    Over the short time I’ve been at WHD just about everyone lends a helping hand if needed no matter our differences of opinion.
    Strangers, but somehow good friend’s.

    1. My pleasure. I volunteer as a Clinical Care Pastoral counselor (after a year of pretty intensive training) at the local hospital, and this is one of the issues I often bring up with patients. Everyone should have an Advanced Directive, but most patients do not. If the patient desires one and gives me permission, I will alert hospital officials, and they can take care it the issue with the patient. So AD’s are on my mind often, even though I delayed doing my own for so long. Color me hypocrite. ;+}.

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