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Attorney General Lynch: Our Best Response to Terror is Love


No, this is our best response to terror.

Seriously, these guys below were great, but now they’re in charge of national security.

24 thoughts on “Attorney General Lynch: Our Best Response to Terror is Love”

  1. A young Yezide girl captured and enslaved by ISIS testified today. Almost no Christians in Obama’s refugee terrorist flood. Where’s the love for these people?

    1. …I think this Obama regime might “screen out” all the Christians, non-Muslim refugees. Because we all know Obama has NO LOVE for Christians/Christianity…

      Thats the ‘great job at screening’ some of these DHS and DOJ officials keep talking about.

  2. Lookee here – another $1million of newly printed cash for uh, well, dunno. I guess, because “say so”.

    And of course, all we need is love and all the bad guys will put down their guns and knives and bombs.
    It’s clear that everyone in the higher atmosphere of DC has no clue how really stupid and careless they sound to us yokels out here in fly-over country.
    Their selective blindness and deaf ears have created a toxic environment and made them objects of ridicule. From out and out lies about important things, to trying to hide the truth after it was revealed to all, this regime is hopelessly stupid.

    1. All this while potus is bouncing around the country without a clue. After all these years in office he still
      ignores his job description with a lazy, juvenille, ignorant and selfish approach. History will not treat his presidency well. His dereliction of duty is inexcusable. Leaving our country in far worse shape than when he started. Shame on Him.

    1. Well LSpook, I don’t know about nuke’s, but certainly a couple dozen air strikes couldn’t hurt.
      The fight must be taken to the enemy, not the other way around.
      No crying about civilian deaths, save your breath.
      With very few exceptions, all attacks by ISIS and muslim terrorist have been on OUR civilian population.
      George Orwell wrote a article on that very subject, bombing of civilians.

      1. I should qualify this a little.
        I don’t propose the bombing of civilians exclusively, as collateral casualty’s so be it.
        You want to fire missiles from hospitals and school’s, fine, its a target.
        On the subject of war, I always remember 2 quotes.
        “War is terrible, the more terrible it is the sooner it will be over”.
        Wm. T Sherman.
        “It is a good thing that war is terrible, lest we grow fond of it”
        Robert E. Lee

        1. Our best response to terror is… to carpet bomb.

          The USA carpet bombed Germany & Japan.
          Does Germany & Japan have their ‘radical suicide terrorist’ attacking the USA 60+ years later…?

          ~Why is that…???

        2. -Islam wants to fight a a “war of civilizations” based on their 7th Century AD cult-religion of conquest, subjugation & death.
          -Christian Civilization; and any religion (Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Native, etc.) that does not follow “Islam”

  3. It’s the Summer of Love and she sounds like a throw-back to the Psychedelic hippie counterculture days of Haight-Ashbury in the 60’s. Did she wear a flower in her hair?
    LSD must be the drug of choice in Obama’s administration.

  4. I wonder what she meant.
    Does she mean Christian agape love – which is much more than just the “feeling?”
    Does she mean the feeling – that warm, fuzzy feeling that sometimes makes us do silly and irresponsible things? And sometimes, is a motivator to allow others to mistreat us?
    Or is it just another catch-all word used by this administration – like “stuff” and “bunch?”
    Like, love is all we need to do a bunch of positive stuff and make positive changes and become a global family and live happily ever after in peace and harmony with everyone equal. And no guns or chemicals or capitalism. And women will obey men.

  5. BTW, Bill Clinton has opined that more people would have died in Orlando had some of them been armed. Why? Well, because…because…because, well, it was dark and all.

      1. Only speaking for Chicago, as it hits over 280 homicides and over 1,800 shot, less than a dozen have taken place in a nightclub or pub.
        A couple outside, but I don’t know if that counts.

        1. Those are those gang shootouts and drive-bys, I mean the nightclub incidents we often read about–people were indeed strapped and threw down inside or in the parking lot…Wasn’t Biggie in one of those?

          1. Yes.
            Some of the stars of “rap” have died violent death, all GSW.
            When your “art” consists of glorify drug and gang activity, along with demeaning women, stuff happens.
            See? I kept it clean.

  6. Possible “work place violence” at DHS. Love in for the suspect scheduled for 3pm, main conference room.

    Whether this is or is not something, the MSM and the government will bury it deep. Of course, this will be done out of love and concern for the possible work place violencer and his family and friends.

    Gotta’ love the security at the DHS building too. Makes me feel all warm and comfy when it comes to DHS protecting the homeland.

    Hey Loretta,Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and all those churches aiding and abetting, what about a little love in Twin Falls?

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