As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || The Sounds of Trump

H/T to Playrighter for finding this.

18 Responses to Video || The Sounds of Trump

    • My daily newspaper, which merely copies and pastes most of its articles from the Washington Post, merely said Loretta Lynchmob was only going to redact that which would victimize the families. Yeah, right. So that’s why Allah HAD to get changed to God.

      The Trump sound effects made me laugh THOUGH and I needed that.

      • I’m pretty sure Keith wasn’t disparaging Trump. He’s been pretty balanced about him. I don’t think it’s a knock on Trump to point out he gives a lively speech. A little levity is good.

    • Main stream morons will believe Msnbc and the like.

      No thinking allowed for the ave voter.

      Spoon fed lies and half truths is what they get.

  1. People who make sound effects are kinetic learners. Meaning hands on. Trump is going to be a great president, and the man to lead us in the coming catastroph of Obama’s arming and facilitation if Islamic terror in the west. Trump 2016!