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Trump Fires Lewandowski

Donald Trump fired Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowksi Monday, dumping the man who had been instrumental in helping Trump win the primaries but whose contentiousness became too much of a burden inside and outside the campaign.

“The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican primary having received almost 14 million votes, has today announced that Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign,” the campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said in a statement. “The campaign is grateful to Corey for his hard work and dedication and we wish him the best in the future.”

The ousting comes as a rebellion among delegates to the convention continues to brew, with some pushing for changes in the rules that would allow them to “vote their conscience” instead of reflecting the will of primary voters.

The Washington Post reported today that the delegates associated with the insurrection are now raising money for their effort.

Lewandowski’s departure puts Paul Manafort in charge and suggests that Trump will begin to build an actual campaign beyond the shoestring operation he currently has. It’s possible that Trump perceives he needs a more professional operation given that he may have to do more of the work on his own as the GOP establishment shows increasing reluctance to fund and support his effort.

Lewandowski had toxic relations with many within the campaign, as well as reporters and others outside it. Trump, in at least one of his books, wrote how a single bad apple can poison a whole organization, asserting that negative forces should be eliminated. He has now taken his own advice.

I wouldn’t necessarily expect a kinder, gentler Trump out of this. No one controls him. This could promote just the opposite, a Trump who feels he can say and do what he wants because he has his own organization to back up him and can worry less about what the RNC thinks.

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  1. What is it that so many can’t move beyond the traditional, the conventional politics that have doomed all of us in the past.
    We DON’T want MrTrump to fall in line with the DNC, we DON’T want him to be nicer or politic or just like every other two-faced person we were forced to pick in the past.
    When will the MSM and so-called experts reach the light where it occurs to them that the public is disgusted, outraged, or just done/done with the same old politics and want something else.
    The Sanders supporters were loud and clear that they DON’T want the same tired Dem that the DNC has put forth. If the Repubs were happy with the traditional candidate, then MrTrump would be back at his famed Tower working on a new golf course or hotel instead of looking for a suitable VP for his regime.

    We DON’T want the RNC involved, nor do we want the DNC involved – they are responsible for the mess our country has become.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth, but much more eloquently, not one profanity, which I’m prone to using.
      In the military, relieving someone from command is not unusual, perhaps, rare, but done to insure the success of the mission, in this case, secure the WH & MAGA…for everyone.
      What has been done, has been done.

      1. The GOPe supports Hillary Clinton and the uni party. They will put up some hack and the Dems will win. And we will all have to live with it. I expect nothing but corruption and ruin.

        And by the way it looks like the political winds have changed and Obama is making good on his promise to side with the terrorists. Loretta Lynchmob’s decision to edit a historical document to make it sharia compliant is the only the beginning. The terrorists are free to do what they in America.

          1. Maybe you don’t want Trump to be “nicer” or different, but I sure want him to quit disrespecting me with his quarter-baked notions, insults, intentions, innuendos, and louche behavior.

          2. I have seen it referred to as Benghazing … removing the truth to present what the Administration wants you to believe (guns are bad in this case).

            God knows what they will come up with the next time a radical islamic terrorist blows something up or shoots up a crowd or some other terrorist incident in the USA. They need to be careful because even with full throated MSM support (amazing how she went unchallenged I hear on the Sunday shows)you can only take so much BS.

          3. Why Star, I thought you were a mature adult.
            I never realized that you were a special snowflake.

            I’m truly sorry that you were offended by someones comments.

            I really hope you can recover from the arrogance of words obviously directed at you.

    2. Speaking of the hapless GOP, here a good article from the Boston Herald telling Ryan to basically shut up.

      “Robichaud: Paul Ryan, do the GOP a favor and shut up”

      I agree with her. Ryan is not the person you want with you in a foxhole. As far as I am concerned, both him and Mr. Mumbles, Mitch McConnell, are co-conspirators with the D’s trying to get Hillary elected President.

      1. GW Bush campaigning for McCain and Ayotte (the one who stands in between McCain and Graham — I think she would fall over if she was positioned elsewhere) Rob(?) Portman and a few other GOPe . No endorsement of Trump of course. JEB!

      2. I think that Ryan and McConnell are sweating their butts off.
        Trump is a definite threat to their fantasy land.
        They are going to continue this attack on him for the remainder of the election process.

        Trump has the support of the intelligent conservative Americans.

        Ryan and McConnell are losing the support of Americans that are paying attention because of their actions in congress.

        Politics has always been about destroying your enemy.

        The tactics used are very diverse and subject to change.

        Ryan and McConnell do not realize who they are up against.

  2. Alarms should be going off when politicians are moving to make changes that would allow them to vote according to their “conscience” (as if they had one) as opposed to following the will of the people. George Orwell is turning in his grave.

    1. And Hillary’s isn’t in a state of chaos ?????

      Let’s not forget the Obama administration in a state of chaos.

      Oh,….I’m sorry,…never mind.

      1. But…but…it’s only Trump’s numbers that are dropping – in every demographic.

        It’s not the campaign director – it’s the candidate!

  3. I have been to several Leadership Institute political training programs in DC; including a 4 day long “Campaign Manager School”… I feel like I could be a useful memeber of the Trump 2016 team… But there is no longer any Trump 2016 campaign offices left open in my state!?!

  4. People come and go in political campaigns all the time as campaigns go through their various stages. Trump decided Lewandowski wasn’t a good fit anymore, and he let him go. Not complicated. It’s probably happened to most of us. I wish he had been president when Hillary screwed up Libya and our diplomatic affairs in general, when Lois Lerner was attacking conservative groups, when whoever was screwing up the VA was doing that, etc. The list of people who should have been fired from their big shot jobs in the government for the last 8 years is very long.

    1. According to John Roberts on Fox, it came down to Manafort saying him or me, which is it–you have 48 hrs. I think it came to a choice between dumb and loyal and smart and crafty. We’ll see how Trump does with the latter.

  5. I’m thrilled by this move…..we’re up against the Mafia here…..need someone who can navigate the shark infested waters of the DNC

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