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White House: Obamas Vacation in Yosemite to Highlight Climate Change

Seriously. That’s the claim.

What about all the jets the government had to dispatch out there to support their trip? Probably raised the earth’s temperature another three degrees.

From the White House:

Why the President is traveling to Yosemite today:

National parks are an American invention. They are treasures in our national inheritance — millions of acres of public lands and waterways — that one generation passes on to the next. These beautiful spaces offer adventures for our children, essential protection for our wildlife, and support for local economies.

Yet, we aren’t entitled to them. Our public lands need our protection — they need our dedication to their upkeep and our commitment to their expansion.

And it falls on the shoulders of each new generation to carry on this stunning inheritance, because even though our national parks are vital to our future, the consequences of climate change are becoming more evident every day.

That’s why the First Family is traveling to Carlsbad Caverns and Yosemite National Parks this weekend.

Hmm. Maybe their August vacation to Martha’s Vineyard will be to focus the nation on the overfishing of lobsters.

34 thoughts on “White House: Obamas Vacation in Yosemite to Highlight Climate Change”

      1. Why does NO ONE in this “WH press corps” EVER QUESTION Dear Leader Obama’s & family EXCESSIVE TRAVEL (2008-Present)…???!!!

      1. Did you see the pictures of his dad at the State Dept? Huging folks like Dana? hmmmmm????

        Nice try at deflecting, as usual

        1. Proves let’s see..nothing. I’ve been in the State Dept. I have hung out in the halls of the Capitol thousands of times. I have hugged people–it doesn’t mean I have some sinister relationship to them. This is kind of obvious…Also the fact that the father thinks he will hold office in Afghanistan, which has been out there for a week, just might mean he has a loose grasp on reality and might think he is in some arrangement with powerful people…like say, the Bilderberg crowd.

          1. His father probably hated all Christians, Jews, Gays, LIBERALS like yourself, like all the MUSLIM TERRORISTS DO. And to think, the democrats and communists fight like to hell to bring them here when they in truth hate the so-called liberal-commies, so keep fighting for them to come here and there will be more deaths that people like Obama, Clinton, etc., all democrat/commies are responsible for past and future death in the United States of America. Ryan, and his anti-trump traitors are all responsible for the deaths also.

    1. I live in NM and the local news showed the Obamas arriving in Carlsbad. As usual, the girls looked pissed off as hell. Long sour pusses. I did not see Michelle. Obama had that big shit-eatting grin of his–the “I just knocked off another on my bucket-list” at the taxpayer expense grins.

      1. Those caves are cool–I have been to one I think called Merrimac Caverns (it was a long time ago), but it sure would not be a lifelong desire. I am sure it cost us a bundle, tho.

      2. yup. that older child has definitely mastered “resting b**** face.” and you cannot “tour” Carlsbad Caverns in an hour and a half. can’t wait for January 2017 to be rid of this bunch.

  1. What – nation parks are VITAL to our future?
    In what sense could a bi-jillion acres of forests, deserts, and mountains/gullies affect the future of Americans.
    What a load of dingleberry. IMO, of course.

    1. I sure want kids to have access to relatively untamed wilderness–not that my particular kid is interested. The beauty, the wildlife, the old growth trees that can never be old growth again if cut, the oxygen trees produce, the hydro power streams can produce, the salve to the soul, the wonder of God. Time was, they said, a squirrel could jump across the whole land mass of the US from tree to tree. I think national parks are vital–they can’t be replicated if destroyed. We as a people deserve these.

      1. If they keep letting thousands of immigrants in, there won’t be any national parks because they’ll all be used for housing!

        1. Not until they use up all the military facilities.

          Ironic — care and feeding of illegals and people who want to do use harm – out of the Defense Budget?At the same time, lowering the military housing allowance.

  2. Orlando nightclub terrorist shooting = Gay rights & Gun control…

    9/11/2001 terrorists flying planes into the Twin Towers = Climate Change…

    1. Ran out for some ice cream. On the way back had radio on and there is Obama scolding us about climate change. Not how beautiful the country is, how blessed we are, what a great country. Nope. A big scold.

      Never ever a word about water conservation when he plays golf in the desert and drought stricken
      California or elsewhere. Nary a word.

      If I had a lot of money I would build a professional community activist (HA) protest company. Every race color and creed would be employed. They would all be legal. They would follow Barack Obama and Michelle Obama everywhere. They would post the Sidwell friends’ menu each day and buy advertising that asks what did your kids’ school serve today? When they are at MV — I would warn against fats and salt — fats in ice cream, fat and salt on melted butter for Mooch’s lobster and corn on the cob. Everytime Mooch put something scorned in her maw we would send it out on Instagram. Every stupid scold that the Obamas use I would rub in their faces. They steal our joy. I would like to return the favor,

    1. Good grief–I have been to half a dozen national parks, most Americans are aware of parks and go often and enjoy the outdoor life very much–way more than the Obamas, I’ll wager. They don’t even like Camp David, which is very manicured and controlled.

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