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Open Thread || Saturday, June 18, 2016

37 thoughts on “Open Thread || Saturday, June 18, 2016”

  1. ” Authorities have raided dozens of homes and arrested 12 suspects in a major antiterrorism investigation that ” demanded immediate action “.
    That’s all that was on a moving breaking news scroll on a local news station.
    Nothing on who/what authorities are involved.
    Going back to bed.
    Any bets not one muslim terrorist was raided/arrested?
    I say right wing Republican Trump supporters will be the spin.

  2. Here’s some photos of the happy Obama family on their western National Park vacation. See the children study the walkway as they go through the majestic Carlsbad Caverns, and note how they frolic through the high grass of Yosemite.
    Our fashion forward FLOTUS has the whole family dressed in similar colors of gray to show unity or to make identification easier if one of them wanders off. The hubby found an ancient pair of ‘mommy’ jeans to wear with an oversized gray shirt – yo, stylin’ it, Barry! A photo of the Obamas greeting park rangers in their ill-fitting uniforms was heart-warming.

    There’s no mention of the Obamas taking advantage of any of the national parks amenities or doing any hiking, fishing, or camping. It’s unknown if the WhiteHouse staffers remembered to purchase the necessary permits or passes to visit the parks, but since they didn’t plan to actually do anything there they might not have been mandatory.

      1. Why is this family always photographed like they’re being frog marched to prison?

        Did BO give a h/t to Teddy Roosevelt and the Civilian Conservation Corps for our National Parks or did he take all the credit himself?

        This trip still seems strange to me. We have beautiful caverns and National Parks within driving distance of the WH, it was not necessary to travel so far for so little time spent in actual parks out west.

        1. Maybe they have a bucket list of places to go and things to do before the party is over…???
          I would love to know why they early made this trip.

    1. LOL. “Today, we will all wear gray. Tomorrow it will be red sweatshirts and matching bandannas.” etc. Still, parents who have traveled on vacation with their teenagers will recognize the “this is such a dumb thing to do” face on the Obama girls. For the parents, it’s like riding a roller coaster to hell, :=]. Been there, done that many times back in the day. I cut the girls lots of slack–they are still awkward, easily embarrassed and stumbly, like most teens.

        1. They better not bend over in those little bitty skirts is all I’m saying, It’s not like they are in the public eye or anything,

  3. Apologies for the bad info this morning.
    Nursing a hangover, woke up for aspirins.
    I turn on tv, don’t like putting on full lights, and saw info about raids.
    Didn’t know it was in Brussels till I read srdem65’s post.

    1. Forget all politics for a moment.
      How wonderful, a new baby is a blessing.
      MrClinton must be in seventh-heaven – a grandson! MrsClinton has to be happy that mother and child are fine.
      Congrats to all.

  4. So…Orlando nightclub shooting took place over 3 hours, and the shooter had time to call & text…

    Where the heck where the dozens of people trapped in the club bathrooms and why did they not organize and charge-attack the shooter (re: 9/11 “Let’s Roll”) over the course of the 3 hours..???

    Just curious…

      1. There’s a lot of people wondering about that. I read that some thought there was more than one shooter, he claimed he had accomplices…Who knows? Maybe they were just scared shitless. I know I would be.

  5. Ran out for some ice cream. On the way back had radio on and there is Obama scolding us about climate change. Not how beautiful the country is, how blessed we are, what a great country. Nope. A big scold.

    Never ever a word about water conservation when he plays golf in the desert and drought stricken
    California or elsewhere. Nary a word.

    If I had a lot of money I would build a professional community activist (HA) protest company. Every race color and creed would be employed. They would all be legal. They would follow Barack Obama and Michelle Obama everywhere. They would post the Sidwell friends’ menu each day and buy advertising that asks what did your kids’ school serve today? When they are at MV — I would warn against fats and salt — fats in ice cream, fat and salt on melted butter for Mooch’s lobster and corn on the cob. Everytime Mooch put something scorned in her maw we would send it out on Instagram. Every stupid scold that the Obamas use I would rub in their faces. They steal our joy. I would like to return the favor,

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