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GOP Delegates Strike New Effort to Stop Trump

From the Washington Post:

Dozens of Republican convention delegates are hatching a new plan to block Donald Trump at this summer’s party meetings, in what has become the most organized effort so far to stop the businessman from becoming the GOP nominee.

The moves come amid declining poll numbers for Trump and growing concerns among Republicans that Trump is squandering his chance to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton. Several controversies — including his racial attacks on a federal judge, renewing his call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States and support for changing the nation’s gun laws — have raised concerns among Republicans that Trump is not really a conservative and is too reckless to run a successful race.

Given the strife, a growing group of anti-Trump delegates are convinced that enough like-minded Republicans will band together in the next month to change party rules and allow delegates to vote for whomever they want, regardless of who won state caucuses and primaries.

I’m not saying this will work. But, technically, the delegates can change the rules and do whatever they want. But block the will of millions of voters and risking riots seems a pretty tall order.

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      1. Is Trump Qualified to be President?

        Obama is against Trump… Check
        The Media are against Trump… Check
        The establishment Democrats are against Trump… Check
        The establishment Republicans are against Trump… Check
        The Pope is against Trump… Check
        The UN is against Trump… Check
        The EU is against Trump… Check
        China is against Trump… Check
        Mexico is against Trump… Check
        Soros is against Trump… Check
        Black Lives Matter is against Trump… Check
        Move On is against Trump… Check
        Koch Brothers are against Trump… Check
        Bushes are against Trump … Check
        Planned Parenthood is against Trump….Check
        Hillary & Sanders are both against Trump … Check
        Illegal aliens are against Trump … Check
        Islam is against Trump … Check
        Kasich & Cruz are against Trump … Check
        Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump.. Check
        It seems to me, Trump MUST BE the Best Qualified Candidate we could ever have.
        If you have so many political insiders and left wing NUT CASES all SCARED TO DEATH, that they all speak out against him at the same time!!

        He’s not a Lifetime Politician…Check
        He’s not a Lawyer…..Check
        He’s not doing it for the money…Check
        He’s a Natural Born American Citizen born in the USA from American parents. . .
        Bonus points . . !
        Whoopi says she will leave the country…
        Rosie says she will leave the country…
        Sharpton says he will leave the country…
        Gov. Brown says California will build a wall…
        Cher says she will leave the country…
        Cyrus says she will leave the country…
        The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will prevail….
        Hillary will go to jail…..
        The budget will be balanced in 8 years….
        Americans will have first choice at jobs…..
        You will not be able to marry your pet….
        You will be able to keep your gun(s) if you qualify… (Not a criminal, etc.)
        Only Live Human American Registered Citizens can vote….
        You can have and keep your own Doctor…..
        You can say what you want without being called a racist….
        He will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
        Come to think of it, the only ones that are NOT against Trump are We The People!

    1. Dunno, people, that “elites want their power and money” thing is getting a little old…Speaking of power and money, though, the Wash Post has an interesting piece on Trump’s many trips to Russia to seal deals and get Putin to come to his events, even crowing “All the oligarchs were there.” Putin send a gift instead.

      1. YOU are an IDIOT ! So tell me how old is greed, lust for power and control???
        Your pathetic attempt to marginalize the TRUTH about what is motivating ALL of the anti-Trump attacks since the establishment, on both sides of the fence were shocked by the realization that they were not going to be able to get rid of this reform candidate the way they have easily done so in the past with their lies and SPIN to deceive the people, helped by their sick progressive media. What worked on Perot, Palin, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and many more less known reform candidates in the past, is no longer working to deceive the people. Too many American citizens now see through your selfish greed for money and power.
        Th Founding Fathers feared when it might become more profitable to work in government than what one could earn in the private sector, that men of no virtue would shove aside those willing to sacrifice to do what was actually best for the People and the Nation. This has come to pass. Trump may be the last hope of the people to end this sick greed and control.

  1. “No Soup for you” !!
    GOP delegates -strikers…Back your presumptive GOP nominee!! Mr.Donald Trump !
    You spineless hypocrites!

  2. 100% supported by Paul Ryan. Ryan has become an embarrassment in his comments on Trump. HE has said that he would sue Trump .

    I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers,” Ryan said in a back-and-forth about Trump’s claims that he could implement a Muslim ban or build a Mexican border wall without congressional approval.

    Eight years and nothing against Barack Obama and his scoundrels. Now Ryan is all bad ass.

    Covered at AOS and elsewhere that I don’t want to give clicks to.

    The GOPe is just plain stupid. They should never have endorsed Trump. They are not making Trump look bad, they are making the GOP look bad. And they are helping Hillary and the Democrats.

    Because all they care about is their own power. And Hillary and the Dems understand that.

    1. The McCarran-Walter Nationally Act of 1952 gives the President the authority to act w/o Congressional approval.
      Sorry Ryan, pull your thumb out ‘yo ass.

    2. No way to tell what others think (except here – ha!) but you are correct:
      1. Ryan is an ass and rapidly morphing into an arrogant ass.
      2. GOPe are already arrogant asses and rapidly morphing into humiliated and stupid arrogant asses.
      3. Hillary is a…. well, you know what kind of ass she is.

      1. All, or at least most I’m aware of, republicans are as equally arrogant jerks as Dems who only care about their place in DC. And what they get, to hell with the electorate. It’s a disgusting putrid mess. Trump threatens their cozy future.

      2. Maybe the GOPe can pitch the elephant symbol and get the donkey/ass symbol.

        It’s much more appropriate. Or perhaps wait a while and they can have a camel.

    3. The Republicans are acting so stupid and dumb, I can’t believe it, no class, just a bunch of jealous losers. Don’t care if Hillary Clinton wins, just want to rule the roost. We will now become a middle eastern country with all the trappings of murder, hate, bombings because of the Republicans acting like a bunch of idiots. Trump could have won but no, the Republicans are too disgusting, they had to call him a racist? when they know thats not true and so that spread all around. Be happy Republicans, now we can all go down the socialist road with millions of Islamist terrorists coming here. Obama should have been impeached but the Congress and the Republicans let him ruin a beautiful country. How does Congress and the Republicans sleep at night after lieing about Trump 24/7 and letting Hillary the criminal win and therefore the country will become a third world country. Hope you all get an incurable disease for what you are doing to the American people.

  3. How are the Republicans any better than the Democrats? Not one of the candidates that chose to run could beat him in the primary process.

    Obviously they couldn’t muster enough people to vote for them, or even when there was just two candidates, they couldn’t stop Trump. so it will likely get more people to vote for Mr. Trump.

  4. If Trump’s polls are down, its because the Republicans and the Clintons spread lies and stories about Trump everyday to the media 24/7. They are all so jealous of Trump, they can’t stand it. Trump should sue all of them for calling him a racist and other lies. The Republicans deserve to get Clinton and lose the Supreme Court because that is what will happen. Criminal Clinton will become President because of the stupidity and deceitfulness of the Republican party. And THEY DON’T CARE IF CROOKED HILLARY WINS, JUST SO THEY CAN GET RID OF TRUMP. THESE REPUBLICANS ARE JEALOUS MANIACS, SO JEALOUS OF TRUMP THEY HAVE NOW BECOME MENTALLY ILL, TO ATTACK ANOTHER REPUBLICAN RUNNING FOR THEIR PARTY. THE REPUBLICANS ARE DIGGING THEIR OWN GRAVE, THEY WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. NOW I KNOW WHY EVERYONE HATES REPUBLICANS, A VISCIOUS BUNCH THEY HAVE TURNED LIKE SNAKES. NEVER VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN, THEY ARE SO STUPID.

    1. Trump’s polls are not down. It’s gaslighting by media, pundits and pols desperate to create a reality that doesn’t exist.

      He is our next POTUS.

    2. They cannot control Trump and they know he will crash their world of elitism and perhaps return the country to the people.

  5. These days I have lost faith in Washington Post for its reliability. However, the GOP establishment have been against Senator Cruz (crusader against RINO GOP members)and voters have chosen Mr. Trump. The GOP elite has not awaken to the fact that voters are sick of Republican members who prefer keeping the “good old boy” system instead of acting upon true reformation of federal government that voters anxiously seek. A strong body of constitutionalists are required in Congress, not those who seek to compromise the Constitution in order to appease the sociocrats.

  6. Uh oh, without even the delegates to support him, the Orange Shit Stain might have to rely on his base of toothless trash and retards to be able to spell his name so they can write it in…That spells trouble.

    1. Toothless trash — nope got all my teeth and advanced degrees, live in an upper middle class neighborhood.

      What a stupid coarse generality Corey.

  7. I don’t believe the polls. They probably poll the morons on purpose. Not just saying that, I believe that ever since Clinton secured the nomination, supposedly, the liar’s poll went up — Very suspicious that all of a sudden this happened because she became the communist nominee. Also, the Republicans are a stupid sorry bunch of jealous, viscious, ugly losers, Romney is the worst of the bunch followed by Ryan. These two have no shame. If the polls are a little down, its because of the Republican TRAITORS,stupid idiots. tHERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO REFUSE TO SEE. The Republicans are digging their own grave. They will do or say anything against Trump because they are plain stupid and they are traitors. Everyone knows they are traitors, they have no shame, no loyalty, nothing, just out for power, they will do anything, turn in their own mothers for power. Clinton and the Republicans have a lot in common these days. Ryan let Obama have everything, funding even for the murder of more babies. We didn’t forget, thats why we want Trump. The Republicans never fight for the people now, just let the Democrat/commies have everything, thats why the Republican party is history, especially if they rig the election so that Clinton wins, the damn traitors! The Republicans and Clintons are rigging the polls now, we know that. We will never vote for a Republican ever again because of their corrpution and wicket evil way they are treating Trump. Gone are the Republicans, and the House, Senate and the Supreme Court because of these fools! Just remember if Trump l oses because of these Republican antics, what goes around comes around. We will never forget! Vote Trump, our only hope against the democrats and the Republicans. Save America vote Trump.

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