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Fight ISIS by Not Teaching Kids the United States Sucks

Mike Gonzalez, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a former George W. Bush administration official, has an interesting idea about how to combat ISIS recruiting among U.S.-born Muslims: Start making the Schools teach that the United States is actually a good country. Give them an alternative.

Have any of you looked at the lessons your kids or grandkids are being taught by the public schools? Sure, America isn’t perfect, but the imperfect has now become the focus, rather than the ample amount of our history that is glorious.

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  1. Whether this would affect confused, misguided people with personal problems and allegiances to other countries is questionable–but it is a good idea overall. I have not personally seen a modern textbook, but I have read excerpts that are VERY biased–plus a lot of things are left out. I think kids can see the country as both positive and making wrong turns. Reality. Or maybe they can’t take it and some state textbook board has to pass on America’s deeds and history for us. It’s pretty bad, though, when history is a mystery.

    1. Agree. Dwelling on past mistakes and overlooking positive actions isn’t helping anyone.
      IMO, the homegrown terrorists aren’t looking at past offenses of the US, nor are they really all that concerned with anything going on in their ancestor’s homeland – it’s that they realize they will never be real Americans, never have success because of who WE are, not them.
      We are loud, sing and dance, drink and smoke, wear sexy clothes, don’t go to church or synagogue, gamble, etc and they feel like real outsiders. Their parents or grandparents who emigrated to the US know the horrors of the Middle East they escaped, but the children only see what’s in front of them.
      The latest terrorist could have been secretly gay, or gay-curious, and might have believed he could avoid the consequences of being a Muslim homosexual by making a show of his hatred for the LBGT community. His actions, while deadly, were more of a “look at me, see what I did” than other Muslim killers. Curious.

      1. Met a fellow yesterday, retired oil exploration engineer. He ask me if there were good Muslims, I said yes must be.
        Based on his 30 years in the middle east his reply was NO , they all are Koran believers and are fundamentally incompatible with the USA. They believe in sharia law which can never work here.

        Ignore me at YOUR peril.

          1. Muslims are people – and remarkably, pretty much like everyone else. They marry and have children and work and eat and practice their beliefs – both tribal and religious. Some are “good” and some are “OK” and some are asshats. Just like everyone else.
            And there are Muslims in this world that I love dearly. However, I believe three things:
            1. Their religious beliefs are their governing tenets. Islam is government and government is Islam for these people.
            2. They are a tribal based people. The combination of tribal units and Islam/Government will never be adaptable to a Democracy or Republic form of government.
            3. They will never assimilate to what we consider our culture and our government. Again – because of the tribal/Islamic governance and because they do believe Islam is the one true religion and Allah is the only true God. They believe it completely.
            Read about London’s new mayor…he has already begun to change their way of life. Yes, in rather minor ways, but a dripping faucet will worsen and those drips can erode the surface the strike.

          2. But don’t Christians also believe you can’t be saved without the grace of Jesus Christ? Don’t they say basically they are the one true religion. And when people rank out the outdated Muslim scriptures as wanting to return to the 7th century, don’t fundamentalist Christians want to return 2,016 years to the past? Obviously Christian tenets don’t include killing non-believers, but there is a vengeful god, etc. I don’t want to bring up the old relativism arguments, but I don’t see why Muslims can’t assimilate–the ones I know have.

          3. Reply to Star: I believe they cannot assimilate fully because their religion is their government and because tribal unity is a very very strong influence. (To the point that it will set the requirement for the females in the family to cover their face or not.)
            I never have a conversation with my Muslim friends that the topic of Islam is not brought up. I listen politely and agree that God is in control. I never bring up Christianity to them…maybe I am a coward. My mother always said you catch more flies with honey than vinegar – and I want them to understand that Christians are not their “enemies.” I have had a few conversations where my Christian beliefs were challenged by Muslim men. I calmly listened and then replied, that for me, the path to Heaven is through Jesus Christ and that I understand that for them it is different. One man told my husband he admired that I know what I believe and I stand for that.
            All that to say that the freedom of religion we have in the USA is not the same freedom seen in the ME.
            Truly Star, the culture and lifestyle is so very different that they can no more accept Western culture and live it than I can truly accept theirs.

          4. Well, Sharia is not coming here with only 60% of 1% of the pop wanting it. There may be isolated instances of “the old days” such as honor killings, etc. Not that this proves anything, but the most “clannish” group I ever worked with were some rich Greek-Americans. They kept everything in the community–the legal work, the church work, the company structures, everything–Greek, Greek. They could not find a Greek to do what I did, so I got looped in. It was quite an experience–esp when all those Greek lawyers went after me. (I won.)

          5. Christians are to submit to government, until it becomes a god unto itself, and a believer cannot, as a believer in Christ in good conscience obey the decrees that are handed down(see: Romans ch13, Acts 5:17-29,and Daniel ch. 3) In other words, we are to assimilate, to a point.

          1. By the way, I read a good story in today’s NYT on comfort dogs being brought to Orlando–goldens with special training to go to memorials and pass among the mourners. Very touching. The human spirit does thirst for positives sometimes, too.

          2. No worries, Star! The respect is mutual and I hope everyone would question what we know and what we are told.
            I LOVE dogs and your story below warms my heart.

  2. The movers and shakers in this country have been busy for decades, moving and shaking, and not teaching. The radicals and leftists, who typically are not bent toward moving and shaking, have ended up being way over-represented in the education industry, to the point of near-monopoly. This has been a grievous mistake on the part of those of us who love this country. We have allowed the education system to be shaped in the image of leftist liberal progressivism. Gonzalez suggestion is more than well taken. If we don’t do it, we’ll lose the country down the same rathole that sucked in Venezuela.

  3. With respect to American-born Muslims, Gonzalez is way off base, IMO.

    Take the case of Mateen: 31 disciplinary actions in grade school – beginning in third grade. Other students have come forth with tales about his anti-American rhetoric after 9/11 before he was finally expelled from school.

    All of this ‘hatred’, IMO, started with his Muslim family members. A third grader is incapable of forming such violent thoughts and behavior unless is originates in the home.

    Another case in point: The Boston Marathon bomber brothers. Their mother was a radical, America-hating, Islamist. (Can’t recall all the details, but it was horrific). The brothers were weaned on hatred of America.

    When religious Sharia-followers emigrate to the U.S. and experience the culture-clash, it spawns the breeding ground for ‘hate America’…not textbooks.

    Orlando is not the first ISIS inspired attack, nor will it be the last. Vigilance in school, the workplace, and your neighborhood is key.
    (My two cents worth).

    1. Girly1, I share your thoughts. Teaching our children to respect and revere our nation should be a given. National pride is not a bad thing.
      And you said it correctly – our culture and Sharia based governing will never mesh.
      We have been inattentive and lazy. We allowed our cultural and religious beliefs to be belittled and the challenges to those beliefs were not met with strong arguments for sustaining our way of life.
      We had a culture. A USA culture. That culture included Judeo-Christian tenets that guided our actions and made our country great.
      If we want to truly make our “country great again” we need to put on our big girl panties and stand for what we know is truth and the US of A way.

      1. Amen, Eileen!

        Another thought re Muslim emigres:
        We have absolutely no idea what horrors these new arrivals have experienced in their home countries.

        One documentary on CNN showed young innocent boys who were kidnapped by the Taliban and ISIS respectively and were taught how to use a rifle and KILL Christians. The were indoctrinated and lost their innocence forever.

        How many children and young adults coming to the U.S. have witnessed these horrors? How many have become desensitized to the sight of dead bodies lying in their streets? How many have had relatives slaughtered?
        They have been forever damaged. Will some of them grow up and place the blame on the U.S.? They would be perfect soft targets for ISIS recruits.

        My heart breaks for all of these young children, but their life experiences also affect us – sometimes very badly.

        1. But we know what some Muslims Imams and spokesmen are preaching to their flocks and announcing publicly:

          Omar Ahmad, co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the top Muslim lobby group in Washington: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

          Imam Zaid Shakir, co-founder of Zaytuna College in Berkeley, Calif.: “If we put a nationwide infrastructure in place and marshaled our resources, we’d take over this country in a very short time. . . . What a great victory it will be for Islam to have this country in the fold and ranks of the Muslims.”

          Imam Siraj Wahhaj, director of the Muslim Alliance in North America: “In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing. And the only thing that will remain will be Islam.”

          CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper: “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future.”

          Keep alert, keep informed and be warned.

          1. The FBI has also been restricted from investigating Mosques unless a member informs them of nefarious activities.

            Obama’s ROE.

        2. Don’t forget also the horrible experiences our young soldiers have and are experiencing–dogs eating corpses, dead children with bombs sewn inside, their friends being blown to smithereens all over them, and so on. Maybe nobody can assimilate to all this….maybe it is all beyond human capability. So we just flail away in fear and hatred. I don’t even know anymore.

          1. Flail away my butt.
            How about the soldier that reported an Afghani raping a boy on the other side of a wall and this government told him to say nothing.

            You can support your Muslim friends all you like Star but if they are silent, they are complicit.

        3. Of course, I am explaining about my Muslim friends–wouldn’t you defend your friends if they were being lumped in with murderers and being told if they didn’t say murder was bad, they were complicit?

  4. On the topic of defeating ISIS and Islamic terrorists in general, I refer fellow WHDers to the following article from The National Interest:

    “House Republicans Still Don’t Understand How to Defeat Terrorism”

    I rely on The National Interest a good deal for objective and thorough analysis of the issues of the day. They seem to have no particular ax to grind, politically, and assess world affairs with a clean slate. What happened? What will come of what happened? How should we address the issues effectively?

  5. This has been a trend for years. I remember seeing a high school bulletin board on Columbus Day detailing all of the evils that Columbus had brought to the New World. As a third grader in the ’60s, I recall reading a series of book on American figures – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Nathan Hale, Dolly Madison, etc. We had the stories of the cherry tree and “I cannot tell a lie” and Abraham Lincoln walking miles to return a penny (or was it a book?) Whether or not the stories were embellished, they served the purpose of giving children figures to look up to and hopefully emulate. Now the heroes are pulled from their pedestals, the focus is on their flaws rather than their virtues, and children are raised to be cynics with no sense of love for their country and its proud history. It’s very sad.

    1. I’m a bit older than you, but keep in mind that the progressives have been at this for about 100 years.

      That is a long time effort to attempt to program the youth of this Country.

      It appears that they have succeeded to a degree.

      People like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are banking on the results of that effort.

      Time to show them that they have not yet achieved their goal.

  6. As a public school teacher, I can truly say we will NEVER cease to denigrate the United States. We are all sick leftists now, and we need to take over places, like schools, and teach innocent children falsehoods about their country because no one else will have us and our insanity. We MUST cease the teaching of anything true, and instead teach all the boys how to be girls and all the girls how to be boys. Sorry, we are insane now, and you can’t do anything to stop it.

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