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Video || This is Why Trump’s Journo-Bashing Scores Points

Watch here as the three CBS This Morning anchors nod together in self-satisfied disgust at the failure to advance gun control. As if there wasn’t a conservative in their audience or another opinion in the land.

How smug, and ultimately, how dumb. To be so sure of one’s opinions that nobody could possibly disagree, and to be so blithely unaware that, as “mainstream” journalists, they have a responsibility to be nonpartisan.

And then in another segment, surely, they’ll profess to be astounded and outraged that Donald Trump is drawing excitement and applause by bashing the press.

Well, my fellow journalists, this is why Trump’s followers don’t care — and are even gleeful — when he bans certain news organizations from following him. Because you, in your ignorance, have opened the door to such hostility. And unfortunately, a lot of people think a comeuppance is a long time coming.

H/T for the video to Washington Free Beacon.

37 thoughts on “Video || This is Why Trump’s Journo-Bashing Scores Points”

  1. Why – because everyone they talk to, listen to or admire thinks the same way they do all the time.
    To have a different opinion is unthinkable, a reason to ostracize the offender.
    Never mind that some or most might have heavily armed security to keep them safe, or even own firearms themselves.
    The little-people MUST be controlled is the overriding principle of all their ideas.
    If only they “listened” to the voters in 2010 and 2012 instead of writing off millions of Americans as right-wing radicals as dangerous as foreign terrorists.

    1. Correct. To these people — and all they seem to think exist, liberal is the national team, and anybody else is an inane “other” to be mocked, shunned, ridiculed, and occasionally tolerated.

      Next they’ll gush over Obama’s heartfelt talk (partisan political speech) in Orlando, where he had the gall to say that it wasn’t about politics, and then essentially called those who think guns in the hands of victims in Orlando might have made a difference idiots. (If he really feels this way, he should disarm his Secret Service, or just shut up.) Those he thinks are idiots are the only ones who might have reduced the carnage in Orlando.

  2. Hear, hear!

    I am stunned by the number of “ban AR-15s!” articles I see today. Most purport to know that AR-15s are just like M-16s, a mere half-step (if that) from a military rifle, and of course the weapon of choice for gay Muslim mass-killers.

    None of that is true, of course, and none of that seems to bother any of the MSM. Never let the facts get in the way of a good political campaign masquerading as a news report.

    1. If you want to have fun (except your head might explode) ask a liberal what do you mean when you say “assault weapon”?

  3. These people sequester themselves with only like minded individuals. And they tend to congregate in mass on the East Coast and the West Coast.
    They bombard those of us who reside elsewhere with name calling and insults.
    What are the facts? The actual facts about gun related deaths in the USA?
    What is the real, agenda-less truth? What are the numbers if gun related deaths in gun restricted areas vs non restricted areas?
    Do these three have body guards? Are those bodyguards armed?
    Why do people believe that removing firearms from law abiding citizens will make the evil doers lay down their weapons?
    I will never understand the push to overturn the 2nd amendment. Not ever. If it succeeds, the USA will no longer be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    1. And I wouldn’t cross the street to hear Gail King speak even if she was at my own house!
      Same goes for the other two but aim not sure who they are.

      1. Gail King’s only qualification is that she is Oprah’s BFF. Nothing more and nothing less. If some of the circumstances were reversed she would be referred to as a “kept woman”.

          1. Grew up in Turkey – great place for Muslim indoctrination.
            Lived and worked in CT most of adult life…an east coaster liberal.
            I rest my case.

          2. And…her comments here included a dramatic reference to baby teeth – that was nothing more than a “made for TV” moment.

          3. A pretty air resume that would have landed her a pretty fair job for most of her life. Nothing extraordinary that other people do not have,

            Her rise and security comes from the Oprah connection.

    1. As a conservative, I used to force myself to watch the 6-7 hour of Morning Joe and the 7-8 hour of CBS Morning. That is until Norah kept pointing her finger at anyone who disagreed with her, before Charlie got so condescending and smug, and before Gayle started reporting news. In the beginning of the show, she was not on until the second hour, reporting only entertainment and fluff.

      MoJoe became INSUFFERABLE in the last few weeks with Joe on Trump bashing duty from the first two SECONDS of the show. Ironically, it’s MoJoe that made Trump so much of a superstar on TV because they not only invited him often, they seemed to like the discourse.

      I exclusively watch Mornings with Maria on Fox Business now – she has a good balance of politics and business, a great panel who is well spoken and diverse of opinion. Aaah.

      1. Couldn’t agree more about Joe S. Such a hypocrite
        ! They couldn’t get enough Trump during the Primaries.

        Happened to catch Joe S. and Kasich this morning…Kasich really let him have it about the Trump love affair during the Primaries. Joe mumbled something about ‘never denying Kasich an appearance’ on the show.
        No love lost there….

        1. Pretty good interview…what might have been, sigh…. Yes, even tho he’s friends with Trump (or was, is this all theatre?) Joe is off the train these days and urging other Reps to turn on Trump, too…I have been a lot of empty seats at recent rallies and terrible “dislike” numbers. Hope? Not counting any chickens.

  4. I seem to be only watching Fox Business now. Didn’t realize they were so much more than running tickers :) Great host personalities too, especially Maria,Stuart,Charles,Trish and Lou.

    With hopes, Trump will make the media great again too!

  5. A superb analysis Mr. Koffler.
    At this time there are 22 comments, and each has hit a home run.
    Clear expression of my/our frustration and distrust of the media, aka, propaganda corps.
    The true giants of journalism are long gone.
    Now there are bs artist, just like Obama.

    1. As a reporter myself, I wish you could go case by case…You are also insulting Keith and people like Herridge, Ignatius, Atkisson (didn’t a lot of you like her?), etc.

  6. My Taurus Judge is ready when you are….got a bit of a kick but when you aim for the belly button should arrive somewhere below the jugular

  7. I would ask those “journalists” just how many Americans have to die, before Obama admits Muslim radical jihadis exist?

    1. As far as I am concerned Obama, J Johnson and Loretta Lynch are responsible for every death in America caused by these islamic extremist. They invite them in, unvetted, coddle them, support them, transport them to some transit point in the US and disperse them throughout the country.

      What’s as bad as opening our borders to the enemy, is the push to take away our self protection under the guise of “gun control” or just the “assault weapons.”

      I am done with politically correct. Barack Obama sacrifices the security of this nation by his refusal to adequately protect us at home. And Jeh Johnson is his biggest digger and our worst enemy.

  8. It is very late(or early) but I will comment! First, I am angry that the BHO WH Adm and his lame stream media ‘talking heads’ are useful idiots (along with congressional dems) as he has Americans divided and distracted from the Islamic terrorist and focused on berating each other (Repubs, Christians, conservative legislators, LBGTs) and ramping up gun control legislation!

    BHO’s statement from the Orlando grieving families is that they support his gun control agenda! Did he ask if they support his fight against muslim terrorism agenda? Oh, wait! He doesn’t have one…!

    BHO’s top adviser, Jarrett, is muslim, and his AG, Lynch, is muslim, and he has met with every MidEast muslim dictator in the WH.

    Muslims have infiltrated every aspect of American life at the local, state, and federal levels. Thousands of muslims are in the military and are well-trained soldiers with weapons.

    Imans teach muslims to do their part in whatever way they can to advance Islam’s World Domination Goal which is progressing at warp speed in the USA.

    College campuses have muslim student organizations and muslim professors. Dozens of Islamic organizations, along with CAIR and BHO’s own directors demand that non-muslims stifle their speech so as not to insult Islam’s followers.

    Where does that leave non-muslims? We are marginalized and labeled bigots and islamophobes not only by the BHO WH Adm, but by 100’s of thousands of muslims who are determined, regardless of how long it takes to conquer the USA! jb

  9. Their ignorance – but more than that, their arrogance. They’re just so sure that they’re smarter, better-looking, better-informed, better basketball players, on & on.

    Smugness has never been a virtue.

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