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Video || Trump: Obama More Angry at Me Than the Shooter

Because for Obama, it’s all about him. This was the worst terrorist attack in the United States since 9/11. It wasn’t a time to go after your political enemies.

Trump’s call to ban all Muslim immigration is a step too far for me. He should instead focus the ban on regions where terrorists are coming from. But Trump is right that trying to pretend the terrorism isn’t coming from within the Muslim religion is a dangerous omission that hinders us from addressing the problem.

A fireman has to aim his hose at the apartment that’s on fire. Otherwise, the whole building will burn down.

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  1. The Donald surely knows that he is running against Obama now, not Hillary. Hillary can’t fight her way out of a paper bag.
    This is only the opening salvo.

    If Trump can accomplish what McCain and Romney failed to do, it will indeed be a miracle.
    Let the games begin!

      1. Obama is a pig and a Muslim.

        How dare you defend him. You know nothing of the horror Obumer has unleashed on us.

        Its name is Obamacare. You cannot deny that this a real terrible thing. Job killer, not real insurance. The deductibles are so high as to make the coverage a joke.
        2500 has to be paid before Obamacare pays a dime. 2500, so you pay your doc and for your meds, full price.

        1. I know plenty about Obamacare, whoever you are today. I have written on health and health policy, including many yrs for WebMD, for 35 yrs. I am not defending Obama, as a competent reader would see, but saying I don’t think Trump’s half-baked assertions will dent him much.

  2. This is the immigrant that MrO and his Dem regime want to live in our country:
    Hi, my name is Mohammad. I belong to a religious group that encourages me to kill every Jew, Christians, homosexuals, and basically anyone who doesn’t belong to my religious group. We don’t approve of women having any rights, are encouraged to beat them if they get too uppity, and of course keep them as sex slaves for our entertainment.
    I can neither read nor write your national language, have no real job skills so that I will be on your welfare rolls for years.
    So..what city do you recommend I travel to in the US of A?

    1. Or–how about “My name is Mohammed–I am a trained physician. Muslims are only 1% of the US population and are viewed with suspicion, but the US has a doctor shortage and 10% of all doctors there practice the Muslim faith.” Or: “I married a Muslim and the more I learned about the faith, the more I wanted my children to be knowledgeable about it, so I converted.” Or “I am a Muslim and embrace the parts of the faith consistent with the modern world–as do Christians who no longer own slaves or think homosexuals are cursed by God.”

          1. No Trump isn’t Star.
            Trump is talking about the members of the Muslim community that do not speak up when they have information.

        1. That is not what I am talking about–people who do or don’t “speak up.” But since you mention it, he has said even his “good Muslim friends” do not speak up. You are not required to express an opinion on anything–if you don’t it does NOT mean you approve of that thing. This is how the world works–do I have to explain how the world works? Most of us have been around awhile…If people don’t speak up it’s because they feel they are under suspicion and speaking up will come back to bite them somehow. That wife–for example…You are not required by law to report knowledge of a crime about to happen–if she did not help him in any way, she did not commit a crime. A grand jury will decide–it has been convened. I wonder how many wives of any religion turn in their husband’s based on things the husband says…it’s a moral obligation, in my mind, but not a legal one. Is she legally married to this guy? You can’t force a married wife to testify against a husband–how will that work?

      1. Or how about I am a Muslim physician in the UK and I refuse to have women treated by male doctors and I also will only treat patients according to the confines of my faith and ideology.

        1. Well, how about it? That is a shot at all Muslim physicians? Many Muslim women wish to be examined by female physicians–anyone involved in problems with health literacy is familiar with that.

          1. I would be against that, AfVet. Oh–does that mean I must be against all cultures and religions that do it? I guess you could call circumcision a genital multilation–where do you stand on that?

      2. You sound like Obama — are you like him too? Its called stubborn. For a so-called president to defend the enemy is beyond unbelievable — so many dead now in the US by these stone age ape like killers, they seem to kill for fun, kill as many as they can, like target practice — do we want America to be like the middle East, i.e. Iraq, where they kill each other every day with bombs, guns, knives for no reason at all just because its in their blood like viscious pitbulls, they can’t stop killing and if we let them stay here, it will happen all the time just like in their filthy smelly countries. Is that what we want? to be afraid to go to the market or a restaurant or to dance on a Saturday night like it happened in Florida and then get shot, laying dead in blood? Is that the kind of country we want, its here now and it will get worse just like in the middle east if we don’t get rid of them, sorry but they don’t belong here, they die by the sword and we are too good for that in America. Vote Trump, Hillary Clinton will be the poison, greedy, lieing pig that she is and it will be Obama still running the show. Is that what we want? i DON’T THINK SO. Only the stupids want that, not knowing what a socialist/communist is and/or a Muslim killer is.

    2. It truly is a savage primitive “religion”/desert cult that thrives on conquest & subjugation, that wants the world to return to the 7th Century AD.

      1. So you actually really and truly cannot see that as practiced by most Muslims, it is not that? I give up. This site is increasingly becoming a waste of my time…Many here just want to tell each other these same half-truths all day or rag on anyone with a diff perspective.

        1. You’re being a bit over the top there Star.
          Christians do not behead people for denying Allah.
          They also do not stone women to death in the public square for what they call “adultery”.

          These people are heathens, animals, the scourge of the earth.

        2. Star, there are plenty of other sites on which to comment, I suggest you go to them. Take your Muslim sympathies with you.

          1. Yeah, we are tired of hearing you defend when so many have been murdered by them — go to another site, we have enough heartache and aggravation right now, we don’t need to hear you every day. You echo Obama, who should have been impeached long ago and should be right now. Go and enjoy another site that will please you. Obviously, we will be happy not to hear you criticize us anymore.

  3. Obama has to be a mole. How in the world this man was elected twice to the WH is beyond me. He refuses to call
    ISL for what it is. Everything he does is to promote the
    destruction of this country. How can one explain the
    invasion of our southern borders with buses unloading
    illegals? In the meantime, Congress is silent. These events
    are ominous.

    1. As far as getting re-elected goes:

      In 2012, re-electing Obama seemed like a good idea to many Americans. Then again, so did “Gangnam Style.”

  4. Why aren’t people listening? Trump has called for a temporary ban, not a permanent ban.

    He hasn’t said it will be permanent.

    As written in article, “firefighters have to put out the fire.”

    That is what, I understand, Trump is saying.

    1. If it wasn’t for blogs like this we’d have to depend on the propaganda corps daily ration of lies and distortions.
      Thank you Mr. Koffler.

        1. Guilty? Would that even be possible? No–but think before you speak or write..all I ask. As for the remarks against me personally about my liberal infection, etc., that is just amusing.

          1. How many times do we have to tell you to stop! Go away — you think you’re so good but you’re not! You just have to be difficult, face it we are tired of your preaching and arguing!!! We are here because we are upset with the Muslim world and Obama and Clinton! You are not upset with them, so go where you are wanted, enough of the jibberish defending murderers. We know all are not murderers but we don’t need a lecture on Muslims from Star@!@@ Go please or leave us alone!

      1. Sorry George! Your name came out ‘charge’?! But for once it WASN’T autocorrect, lol…it was the voice recognition screwing up! (It’s NEVER My fault for Not proofreading, it’s Always the technology’s fault!)

    2. He says “until we figure out what is going on…” How temporary is that–when would we EVER figure out what is going on–and who is figuring it out. Him?

      1. Just let everyone in and who cares who or what they are.

        Star is an Obama supporter here to disrupt reality.

        She will deny but it is clear who and what she is.

      2. I challenge you to read my posts from 8 yrs here–so not an Obama supporter. In fact, I spent many years expending as much energy throwing doubt on Obama as I do now against Trump. Not a liberal, maybe a humanist who looks at facts and the human side, voted for McCain and Romney…can you hold all that in your head? As for disrupting reality–that would be a fantastic power to have, esp in this election.

        1. Oh–and I stand by my opinions–I am identifiable–you are not with all your screen names…So blat away…I am sorry I don’t have time from my actual life to ans everything.

          1. Thanks, AfVet–I feel better…I thought I wasn’t holding my end up. I know I already drop by less–I am just seeing the same things over and over….

    3. Hillary Clinton and Obama say its a permanent ban because they always lie to the American people and that is how they might win the election by lieing to the low i.q.’s. Its not fair but they lie all the time, the two of them have been doing that to keep the power and money. They are so desperate they will do and say any lies to keep the power. When are people going to wake up? When we have another terrorist murderous attack on Americans? And that could be any minute, just like in the middle east, we are becoming like the middle east with killing of Americans, police, etc. almost every day and that stupid Hillary Clinton and Obama are now blaming guns instead of terrorists killing us.

  5. In my opinion, I believe a total band is necessary, being that our govt. can’t seem to pick those ineligible and not allowed do settle here. We can see that on the father of Mateen’s father.
    We don’t see Hindus, Zoroastrians, Jews, Shintoists, Buddhists…committing such crimes.

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