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Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 16, 2016

10:20 am || Departs White House
12:30 pm || Arrives Orlando, Florida
1:20 pm || With the vice president, meets with families of victims of the attack; Orlando
4:35 pm || Departs Orlando
6:40 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

51 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 16, 2016”

  1. After he tells them how sorry he and Michelle are about this, will he then try to convince them that it was a hate crime and not a result of some insane religious beliefs by a Muslim?
    Maybe he’ll blame the Repubs or Christians or anyone but Islam.
    OH…the NRA is responsible for their grievous losses.
    He can tell the families how much the Dems love their LBGTs, but won’t mention how much he loves the Muslim fanatics.

    1. If Barry does defend or excuse islam, I hope one of the poor people who are forced to listen to his BS will stand up and tell him he’s a lying sack of sh*t whose wimpy policies are to blame for the attack.

      1. …remember any lowly peasant/civilian allowed within 200 feet of Dear Leader Obama has been screened & vetted for ‘political views-reliability-Obama worship status’.

      2. IND, I wish for that all the time. Sadly, it never happens. And I am certain that Barry will defend islam. He always does.

    2. Yes…today will be all about the Gays and Dear Leader Obama, and especially Dear Leader Obama…

      The wall to wall press coverage of this will be SICKENING. (thankfully I work on a ferryboat later today so I will miss it)

        1. Actually I’ve had guinea pig while in Peru. On menu in most restaurants.
          Raised like chickens.
          Popular with the country folk’s.

  2. I guess that you don´t follow the Euro 2016 Football in France but, oh dear, you would think you are in a middle of a civil war in some cities were the games are. Fans go at each other with bottles, sticks and furniture, police attacks with teargas. It was especially violent in Marseille when England met Russia. Russian thugs know how to fight so potbellied, half drunk Brits got whipped and now, in Lille, it was revenge time. Lots of beer, lots of fights. A ” Fight Club” culture surrounds the football sport, seems like young men need to fight now and then. And since this is France, you have the local hooligans with African and MidEast backgrounds who join in for other reasons, Ramadan reasons. Next week the extremely important Brexit voting is taking place in Britain. I believe that Europe need a Brexit ( that is that the EU starts falling apart ) , we need new politics, we need to start over again.

      1. Yep, They do. We know what that looks like, from history and observation, but political leadership has sure strayed far away from what we know as good, virtuous governance.

  3. Don’t the grieving families of the poor victims of Radical Islamic terror realize that Dictator Imam Obama and that senile ole’ pervert Joe Biden don’t really care and are just using them for political profit? They are the reason that Islamic terrorism is spreading throughout our country. Dictator Imam Obama is an accomplice to these terror murders.

    Dictator Imam Obama doesn’t care one whit about the innocent Americans who lost their lives, he just doesn’t care.

    1. Many, if not all, of the families are well aware that Obama and company are inserting their crass selves into the middle of their grieving, and using this tragedy to advance Obama’s corupt agenda. That’s the absolutely only reason Obama is going down there–to rail against the 2d Amendment. The victims and their families are no more than fodder to feed Obama’s ego and goals. And, of course, the trained seals who call themselves journalists will drool all over Obama’s speech at the event and declare him the greatest person who ever lived on the face of the earth.

      Meanwhile, the bodies haven’t even been buried yet.

  4. Theatre goes to Orlando. One Act Play. Titled Feigning Concern. Obama&Co will use anything & everything to accelerate an Agenda. The families of the dead & wounded need to know this. He & his Comrades have blamed the usual (except Climate, so far) while continuing to protect Islam.

  5. Today the President and VP are doing what should be done. I will reserve comment until I see their action and words. This does not relieve them of their responsibility to our nation, but today is a day to help the poor souls who lost family and friends.


    1. Today will be all about Dear Leader Obama… aka, never let a tragedy go to (left-wing political ideology/Obama legacy) waste.

  6. What?
    Is that “official schedule” correct??… Dear Leader Obama is flying all the way to Florida and coming back tonight???
    Dear Leader will be in faboulous Florida and he wont sneak in a ‘non-reported’ (MSM & WH press corps” “fundraiser” tonight…?
    So Obama can stay in Florida and sneak in a ‘non-reported’ (MSM & WH press corps) “golf game” Friday and start a three-day weekend…?

    1. It is surprising he’s not staying overnight but I think he has a 3 day weekend planned for CA with his family, which is quite puzzling in itself as they are not the family that travels together. Does that mean we’ll have to fly Michelle on a separate plane?

      1. The idea of the Obama’s going as a family to a national park is a head scratcher.

        I don’t think it was their idea. I think it is a situation similar to when the Clinton’s were out of control and forced to take a very public mini vakay out West.

        Sort of like if you want to galavant you must first do this.

    2. I heard on the radio that Obama and Biden are flying to Orlando on the same plane. Man, that is so against protocol (together on the same plane) that you have to wonder “what’s THAT all about”? Extremely bad idea. Maybe it’s not true, but that’s what was being reported.

  7. After bilking American families out of Billions, Michelle Obama doesn’t have time to visit the families of the second largest terror attack that occurred on her husband’s watch?

    Her Majesty is too busy packing for yet another blow-out vacation before her U.S. Treasury Dept. AMEX card expires:

    1. I am confused. Will Mooch and moochettes skip Orlando and be elsewhere kicking off their summer fun.

      I guess we will be funding part of Malia’s gap year as well.

      Anyway Mooch to Fl or not?

  8. NYT blaming NRA for terrorist attacks. By upholding the 2nd amendment, we the ppl are causing ourselves to be killed. How have we survived this long without logic like this? If the FBI interviews the shooter 3 times and can’t figure out he’s a threat, how can the government vet thousands upon thousands of Syrian refugees they want to come here? Fools.

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