In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 15, 2016

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  1. I want to be the first to post. I am tired of Star posting snarky non supported remarks. No facts just something to counter what is being said.

    Star if you want to make supported with facts comments please do. But to continue just being a pain, what is the point.
    I always use links to support an unpopular view. You should do the same.

    Of course free speech is in play but you are so out in left field its insane.

    1. Star can post anything that she wants to.
      That doesn’t mean that we agree with her and sometimes she disagrees with us.
      That’s OK.

      Our host, Mr. Koffler offers this blog to us to communicate with each other.

      The only thing that the people that stop by here agree on is the intolerance for name calling.

      There is much wisdom and enthusiasm here for whatever the tides may bring about.

      Often we will disagree.
      More often, we stand for America.

      A decent sane conversation is always welcome.

    2. I also told Star I am tired of her criticizing us about Muslims! She should stop defending them like they are the victims They are blood thirsty killers who murdered 50 innocents and wounded another 53. Thats 103 people by one Islamic terrorist! Americans, our fellow Americans and it is going on all the time now. We come here to vent because we are so upset with Obama and not to be schooled and/or lectured. A real complainer and whiner.

      1. Just skip me then…Millions of Muslims are being stained by these broad-brush comments–incl people I know personally. I don’t intend to stop saying whatever I want here or anyplace. Sooo…do whatever you have to.

        1. We come here to vent because we are so upset with Obama and not to be schooled and/or lectured.

          Plus–I thought we were against “safe places” in colleges–why is this different. Call it continung ed.

  2. All right kids – be sweet and play pretty. (The sage advice of an aunt.)
    We all have things to say and thoughts to share.
    Fortunately, (for all of us) we are not graded on content and spelling.
    We are basically all in the same place here. We’re just looking at the core issue from different perspectives.
    “Be ye kind to one another, tender hearted…” Ephesians 4:32a

      1. I am just going back to ignoring him…them… By the way, I am doing an exciting project–making a one-min animated trailer for one of my projects. So many people from around the world are eager to animate. What a wonderful community… foruilermaking a

          1. Yup–my third career–I was a lobbyist for 16 yrs, then 30-some as a reporter and medical writer (still do two daily sites), and now animation…I wrote produced a live action short that won a Telly in the nineties, took off to care for my mother for 18 yrs, and am back at it with five animated projects I conceived and wrote.

        1. Star, ignore the attacks, it is always interesting to read what you write. Many different opinions make a debate interesting.

  3. Then doom should go somewhere else if he doesn’t like it here.
    I take star’s advice, except I just scroll past him.
    To bad because sometimes, and I mean sometimes he has good information.
    But his slurs against blacks is, magik-knee, you know the rest and Jews is certainly not called for, ever.
    Well, that’s my 2¢ worth.

  4. This is as good a place as any. And I will try not to make it a rant. But thisi s what I have seen/heard in the last two days and what I think.

    Nobody in power wants Donald Trump. He threatens their power both D and R. The move in the US Congress and Executive is the beginning of the new world order in the US.

    The Democrats hae purged their party of any reason. It is a cauldron of liberal, progressive, anti democratic filth. They do not care for founding principles, rights, law or the Constitution. They are a formidable opposition party.

    The Republicans are a failure as an opposition party. But the leaders wsnt to maintain power. They cannot do this with Trump or with a disaffected Republican base. So, they will move closer to the left and over time there will be a uniparty. It’s leaders will be the same leaders as today, working together. Not for the country, but for power.

    Paul Ryan, McConnell and Corker came out and attacked Trump, and stood up for Obama and an open borders unchecked immigration policy that allows unvetted muslim immigrants and “refugees” among others. No way is Trump getting that nomination. Not as long as Ryan and McConnell are still breathing.

    Hailey Barbour mopped up today with blaming the conservative media for overly influencing the base into believing that the Party had changed. But the Party has not changed he says, it is the conservative media that has influenced the voters and led them to believe that with the House and Senate they should be able to affect change, be in opposition. But HB says that is not possible. They must have the Executive.

    They use Barbour because he is perceived to be a reasonable, courtly, slightly patrician, charming Southern gentleman. No, he is the Hailey Barbour that appealed to Democrats and blacks with money, bribes and fraud to keep Cochran in office. He is Lyndon Johnson, with hair.

    These people, they can work with Democrats as long as they can maintain their power. Even Clinton. They know Hillary Clinton. They understand Clinton. They can play ball with Clinton. They too have political secrets and pasts.

    Donald Trump — not so much. So, that is what I see — a uniparty that people laugh at now — with the same old players guarding and protecting themselves. Collaborators, What we want and think and say makes no difference. Not to Democrats and not to Republicans. We are irrelevant. This is the trend.

    The Democrats are not fighting the Republicans — they are marshalling their identity group militias against Trump. The GOPe is not fighting Obama or Hillary or the liberalism, or progressive ideology. They have marshalled their old cronies and their desperate newbies against Trump.

    Two things. It’s amazing that they think we don’t know. And the Dems will beat the Republicans — the GOPe believes they can work with their old pals. The Dems — the new Dems — they don’t share.

    Nancy Pelosi is not buying steak dinners for Paul Ryan. No. Ryan pays.

    1. You summed it up nicely.
      “These people, they can work with Democrats as long as they can maintain their power. Even Clinton. They know Hillary Clinton. They understand Clinton. They can play ball with Clinton. They too have political secrets and pasts.”
      An almost verbatim quote from my Spouse.

      1. That was interesting…not sure I agree with all of it…The way I boil it down is there is no small govt, coherent Rep Party to “save.” The other candidate is also crazy-flawed…Could this be “creative destruction”? A lost 8 yrs and a rebuilding of both? Call me an optimist. (Actually no one does.)

    2. Yeah, but if Clinton and Obama win, America will become like the middle east, with bombings, shootings, killings, bloody rampages, more than now, it will be on a daily basis. So, I hope you are wrong, I agree with the beginning of your post but then I lost you towards the end? Both parties, democrats and republicans now care nothing for what the people want, its all about what they want and this is a nightmare, I just can’t believe how awful all these politicians are. Especially Clinton, how can she run for president if she is under a criminal investigation? She deleted 30,000 government e-mails purposely so no one would know what she was doing, getting money for the Clinton Foundation, racketeering, its called. I hope God doesn’t let her win, she is really a greedy liar, taking money from middle eastern countries for her foundation and who knows what else she has promised these terrorist countries, I am sure they didn’t give her money for nothing. The old grandma needs to be stopped from her criminal activities, not running for president, she’s as phony as a $2 bill, she will say or do whatever it takes to win and she doesn’t mean anything she says, its all fake, phony. She is laughing at us with all the money she has taken from people. She’s no better than a begger on the street. She even asked people who came to hear her speak to send a dollar to her! I heard her ask for $1.00 with my own ears. Money, money money and power is all she is about, not honesty or integrity and she will never protect us from terror attacks.

      1. And Trump is rolling those steel balls in his hands a la the Caine Mutiny. We are in trouble. With either one, we will need to hope for gridlock–or more gridlock–a holding action.

        1. Actually, gridlock might be a good tool (for any President or Congress, for that matter). Checks and Balances, another name for gridlock, perhaps? Balance of Powers, equal Branches, no one Branch gets to shove the others out of the way in the process, all that.

          I think we should have the equivalent of Roman Counsels. In a nutshell: For a long period of time in Ancient Rome, they had Roman Counsels (elected, or sometimes selected, etc). They ran the day to day government, military, taxation, administration, etc.

          Anyway, here was the deal. Two Roman Counsels would be simultaneously selected to serve a one year term. They alternated months, so that Counsel A would be in power in January, Counsel B in February, then back to Counsel A, etc. So, if Counsel B didn’t like something Counsel A did or decided in January, he just cancelled it. Stroke of a pen. Same with Counsel A. If he didn’t something Counsel B did, he could cancel it. And so on. They both kept each other in check. Good idea.

          At the end of the one year term, the Roman Senate (sometimes just the Emperor) reviewed each Counsel’s year long activity. If it was agreed that the Counsel did a good job for Rome, he was rewarded in some way–made a member of the Senate, given a lot of land, whatever. If they decided a Counsel did a bad job, he could be banished from the empire, have all his good and possessions taken away and even assassinated (happened a couple of times, if memory serves).
          So, checks and balances. Good idea, it all depends on how it’s done.

    1. Willing to accept table scraps from the greasy fingers of the cabal. What is Jim Demint doing with the likes of Brent B? And how infantile in your face is that about hating McConnell being a requirement. Aren’t we a clever lot. Asshats.

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