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Earnest Called Out for Obama’s Focus on GOP Critics

Michelle Kosinski of CNN Tuesday illuminated a piece of the effort by President Obama and the White House to create straw men and distract from Obama’s failure to stem ISIS terrorism.

Not saying this was necessarily her intent. But it was the result of her sharp questioning.

In this case, she asks White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest about why Obama, in his remarks earlier Tuesday after a meeting with his national security team, felt he needed to focus on Republican criticism that he won’t use the term “Islamist extremism.”

The president, of course, would rather attack his GOP opponents than outline any new solutions for the growing threat from, yes, Islamist extremists.

Kosinski wanted to know:

Was that really necessary, though, to make this speech political?  What did the President think it was adding to make something that is about fighting the kind of act that we just saw [instead] about fighting Republican rhetoric?  What did he think that was going to add?

What it adds is a distraction. By attacking Republicans instead of trying to unite the country and tell us what he’s going to do about this problem that has developed under his watch, Obama passes the buck. He can’t pass the buck to George W. Bush as much, because all that was almost eight years ago now. But he can at least pass it to congressional Republicans.

And it lets this most peevish of presidents vent his considerable personal pique.

In a portion of their exchange, actually just before the above question, Earnest says:

And for people who say that the only reason we haven’t defeated ISIL is the President hasn’t used the magic words that they have chosen, that’s cynical politics there, and it doesn’t do anything to protect the country. And, in fact, as was on display tragically on Saturday night, it potentially makes the nation more vulnerable.

Now, who exactly, says “the only reason we haven’t defeated ISIL” is that the president doesn’t call it Islamist extremism? Nobody. Talk about straw men. And what does Earnest mean by “it potentially makes the nation more vulnerable”? Is he blaming Republicans for the Orlando attack? Who is more to blame than the person supposedly in charge of fighting terrorism?


7 thoughts on “Earnest Called Out for Obama’s Focus on GOP Critics”

    1. On that point, Trump has a point. Obama did seem to spend more time attacking Trump than going after the killer. And Josh is using the same (“they said it”) ploy the WaPo ripped Trump for yesterday.

      As for end runs, Obama began his talk by clarifying that the shooter was NOT connected to ISIL (ISIS), then spent the next several minutes describing what a great job he’s done against ISIL.

  1. Who cares what this jerk-in-chief says anymore. He should have been impeached a long time ago; however, those in Congress have no cojones to do anything, other than collect
    their check, benefits and give speeches.

  2. Philip Haney nailed it.
    He was ORDERED by DHS to scrub hundreds of valuable “connect the dots” data, in November 2009, then:

    12-25-09 Detroit Underwear Bomber
    2010 no incidents
    2011 no indidents
    2012 no incidents
    05-15-13 Boston Marathon Bombing 5 Dead,264 Injured
    10-23-14 Hatchet attack on NYPD attacker killed
    05-03-15 Garland Tx ISIS
    07-16-15 Chattanooga Recruit Office 5 dead, ISIS
    12-02-15 San Bernardino, 14 dead, 23 injured
    01-07-16 Philly, ISIS inspired attacker killed when he shot police
    06-11-16 Orlando 50 dead, untold injured

    See the link to the article, FROM FEBRAUARY

    Be safe.

  3. Erasing the red line in Syria continues to exact a price.

    I wonder: are we truly a free country right now? Part of the whole concept of freedom, I submit, is the ability to go for an evening’s entertainment without having to worry that one might get one’s butt shot off.

    Living in terror is not freedom. America as performed is no longer America as lived.

  4. Obama had to keep his indirect involvement in this jihadist slaughter far away since Breitbart has an extensive post about Obama and his support of ISIS captured in a secret memo which Hillary as SOS received from one retired homeland security agent. Hillary and this president shut down the investigation into the mosque this jihadist worshipped several times per week. It was also the mosque who was frequented by the San Bernardino jihadist. This agent made several connections between various US jihadist attacks, that mosque and its imam. Obama was offended by that investigation and complaining that muslims are unfairly targeted by this homeland security agent and together with Hillary shut down that agent and the FBI. Now – one can see Obama’s temper tirade make sense – I would urge anyone interested to read the post over at Breitbart and than that at JW by a former DIA chief who also stated that Obama actively endorsed and supported ISIS.

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