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Biden: If a Woman Strips Naked and Walks to the Capitol, Men Can’t Touch Her

Uh oh. Biden is losing his marbles. Here’s to your continued good health, President Obama.

13 Responses to Biden: If a Woman Strips Naked and Walks to the Capitol, Men Can’t Touch Her

  1. At least he didn’t put her all in chains.

    The subtle comments are interesting: shout outs to Black Lives Matter, breaking glass ceilings, gun control (which DISempowers rape victims) and needing to invest in “women presidents”. (Odd, nobody is mentioning Hillary’s history of enabling abuse).

    Whoever is typing the speeches online is really having trouble with English, and gave up and REMOVED a line about “We will not yield to the fragile male…” Some other creative typing includes: “exyully assaulted”, “a lays squa excuse”, “you look a maid sing”, “a child seconds yul abuse issue”, and “no longer have to worry about bankruptcy because they require eye doctor’s appointment”. (These talks are spellbinding).

    • LOL. The guy’s spellbinding, ain’t he? I’ve mentioned before, I was a classmate of Joe Biden in one class at Syracuse U back in the day. He was in Law School and I was still an undergraduate. It was an intro course on Constitutional Law, and it was the only course I could squeeze in my summer schedule. For Biden, the law student, it was probably a required course. Anyway, he quickly became famous in class for asking questions completely unrelated to the course material being discussed at the moment, coming up with bizarre statements which caused us to say, “Huh?” Same thing he does today. I can see him now, sitting in the back of the class, middle row, eyes all goofy, loud. Oh, yes. He left an impression on us. He was a mediocre, struggling-along type student, not the brilliant student he often claims he was.

  2. Biden with his jerky “jokes” and snide statement of a lie to the NAACP, “They’ll put ya’all back in Chains” would be only a miniscule better than Obama, both of them are off their rockers and hate one-half of America who aren’t the new democrat/socialist/communist party. Hoping all Americans will wake up and realize Obama, Hillary Clinton, VP, Pelosi, Reid, etc. etc. are the enemy within and hate America and want to destroy it. Vote Trump, our only hope to get away from the corrupt Ryan, the Morman, and alsom etc, etc, in the “Republican Rhino party” and the above creatures.