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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, June 14, 2016

10:25 am || Convenes a National Security Council meeting on ISIS; Department of Treasury
11:55 am || Delivers a statement to the press
2:20 pm || Delivers remarks at the White House Summit on the United State of Women; Washington
6:45 pm || Delivers remarks at a picnic for Members of Congress; South Lawn

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing 12:45 pm

14 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, June 14, 2016”

  1. Just a side note…. if this was Chicago or Detroit, would the President go there to “comfort” the locals?

    Why no presence with the LGBT in Orlando?

    Maybe he’s waiting to confirm his tee time at the Disney course….


        1. Maybe just looking for some truth Star, it’s been a looooooong eight years.And no I don’t have any evidence.I could not care less.

  2. The United State of Women- a group of humans victimized by their gender according to the explanation of the HuffPost.
    The odds that this summit will discuss and condemn the Muslim practices of genital mutilation of women or the general abuse women in Islamic states endure are about, um, 0 to 0.
    The leading voices in the summit are MrsObama and her pal, Oprah.
    The odds that the distain and insults to women by Black rappers and/or entertainers will be discussed is again – 0 to 0
    What is certain will be the attack on anti-abortionists ( conservatives), the lack of upward movement in business (White males/privilege), and of course anyone who thinks men and women are different in many respects.
    Some media are calling this “summit” historic, I call it pandering to the fears of some women and an opportunity to bash anyone not a progressive Dem.

    1. I am no huge Gloria Steinem fan, although I did listen to her memoirs and she had a unique background…but she does a show called WOMAN on my favorite channel Viceland that does explore in depth all of those subjects, SrDem. I think women do get a raw deal globally–beaten, raped, no school, mutilation, isolation, endless menial chores, cheesy pay, disdain from men and also from other women, on and on.

      1. Worth repeating from your post,
        “The judiciary of the United States is the subtle corps of sappers and miners constantly working underground to undermine our Constitution”.

  3. “Delivers remarks at a picnic for Members of Congress; South Lawn”. Did you know that instead of picnic tables to eat off of at this picnic for the congress creeps, wooden troughs are set up on the lawn, the picnic food is dumped into the troughs from buckets for ease of eating by these human imitators of the swine species, otherwise known as members of congress. Oink! Oink! Hopefully no conservative congressmen will attain this disgraceful event.

    Bet the picnic will be well guarded by federal agents who have passed rigorous background checks, and are heavily armed with “assault rifles”.

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