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Obama Hasn’t Bothered to Call Florida Gov. Scott

President Obama as of Tuesday morning had not called Florida Gov. Rick Scott to discuss an act of terror in Orlando that is also the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

“A staffer has called, but no, he has not called,” Scott said on Fox News.

How could this possibly be, even for a president as inattentive and uncommunicative and insular as Obama? Isn’t there information that he would want to get, so he can issue directives to his aides? Is he on top of this situation at all or just having a series of meetings and delivering statements for show?

Maybe he is busy booking activities for his three-day excursion out West Friday to a couple of National Parks.

The White House also has refused to share vetting information with Florida on Syrian refugees coming into the state, according to Scott.

40 thoughts on “Obama Hasn’t Bothered to Call Florida Gov. Scott”

    1. It’s just a matter of time, hours perhaps, before Obama begins insulting and attacking the Orlando police for “the way they acted”. It’s coming.

  1. I was all ready to issue an admonishment to the person/organization who posted this then I realized the ignorance and narrow-mindedness of the people who write and believe this trash would make it pointless. So keep up the stupidity at least until the election then you idiots can go back to your ridiculous theories imagined plots.

    1. I would like to read your admonishment – you are welcome to express your thoughts here. We probably won’t agree, but who knows?
      We don’t – until you try.
      Disagreement does not mean disrespect even though some choose to express their opinions in less than polite ways.

      1. I welcome newcomers but hope he will not trot out a bunch of screen names…that is so amateur hour. I would have one other piece of advice–don’t lead with a bunch of insults–there are many viewpts here.

    2. “So keep up the stupidity at least until the election then you idiots can go back to your ridiculous theories imagined plots.”

      Funny, most of us here feel the same way about you.

    3. So, what’s not believable about this ‘trash’, leftist?

      That Obama hasn’t called Gov. Scott? Or the fact Obama hasn’t called Gov. Scott?

      Do tell.

  2. Let’s face it – Obama is filled with bigotry, hate, and vengeance.

    Human decency should be an automatic response. No political agenda…a simple act of offering up condolences and assistance.

  3. Of course Obama hasn’t talked to Gov. Rick Scott. And he won’t unless he’s shamed into it. But since Obama hasn’t got the sense to be ashamed about anything he does, he won’t be shamed into acting like an adult for once in his life. Scott is a Republican governor, and Obama doesn’t speak to Republican governors. No matter what the issue. He didn’t call to lend support to the Governor, didn’t call to offer support to the State of Florida. Didn’t call to say “We will help you in any way you ask”. Obama’s minions may have called, but not Obama.
    Once again, Obama demonstrates what a low class, uncivilized person he is.

      1. Islam = a 7th Century AD so-called ‘religion’/death-cult of desert savages that is based upon conquest & subjugation…

    1. OMG, is this a piece for Saturday Night Live? This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. I qualify on a 45. I have a concealed carry permit. I am 71 years old. I will re-qualify for my permit in early 2017 before my permit expires in March of ’17. Who writes this stuff for him? We know he is an idiot, but apparently everyone else is that writes for and advises him.

      1. Another slaughter of husband/wife cops by a Muslim in France. Their 3-year old held hostage while the executions took place. France’s President came on the air and said this is a world-wide disaster.

        Facebook says it is working closely with the French authorities as they investigate the killing of two police officials by a man who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group in a 12-minute video that police said was posted on the social media site.

        1. Good luck France. You really ruined Paris and the whole country by inviting all these morons. You asked for it and now Obama and Clinton want to do the same. I hope someone like Congress or our government??? will stop him like they are supposed to do.

  4. Giving him the benefit of doubt – he doesn’t get it, doesn’t get why Americans (and opposite views) are thrilled with his drone strikes in foreign lands.
    We care about ourselves, here in the US and want to know what the President is going to do to protect us from terrorists. He has nothing, nada. Attacking other citizens for being afraid of Muslims isn’t going to help anything. Sneering at political opponents won’t keep us safe from anything.
    He won’t call the Gov of Florida because he has nothing to offer. Nada.

  5. Bulletin!

    Obama discovered to be a self-absorbed narcissist who doesn’t give two hoots in Hyde Park that his purported coreligionists just slaughtered dozens of his purported countrymen!

    In other breaking news, water is wet! Film at eleven!

    1. key word being “countrymen”. Obama does not consider America his country, never has. From Frank Marshall Davis to Alinsky to Ayers, his entire life has been one step after another on the path to tearing America down.

  6. …so where has Shep “closet gay” Smith been so far on FOXNews (3pm EST)…? Trust me, I do not miss him but I find it curious that he has been MIA so far…

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  8. Did you expect Obama to ever do the right thing by calling him? He only calls people that agree with him and thats why he shouldn’t be President and should be impeached for not protecting us and also for hating half of the American people who aren’t democrat/socialist/communists!

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