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Obama’s Gun Control Red Herring

President Obama Monday suggested that the Orlando attacks must spur a balanced response, one that fights terror but also addresses gun control.

That’s what’s known as taking your eye off the ball. Which is also what Obama first did when he removed troops from Iraq and bragged about it, opening the way for ISIS. America left troops in Germany after World War II and South Korea after the Korean war. And they have kept the peace. But Obama brought all the troops in Iraq home and campaigned on it. And the lid came off in Iraq, and now we have this.

Obama’s failure to address these attacks for what they are, Islamist terrorism, has serious ramifications, because they allow him to look at this as at least partially a crime issue, and therefore not tackle the real cause of the killings. Gun control has absolutely nothing to do with Islamist terrorism. They will find the weapons to do this, unless we are going to ban gun sales and bang down every door to remove the ones people have. And even then, they’ll get them.

Obama’s emphasis on gun control is a red herring, designed to distract from the real problem, which is that a new and virulent terrorist threat has taken root and metastasized under his presidency. He can try to blame the NRA for his failures, but the responsibility for protecting the country lies with him. And he is failing, and his failures, unfortunately, will start to become ever more spectacular.

“We have to do some soul searching,” Obama says about Republicans’ refusal to acquiesce to his gun control agenda. No. Mr. President, you need to do some soul searching.

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  1. Once again, Keith, you have nailed it. You put into the exact right verbiage what we all know. Concisely and beautifully one more time!

  2. The fact that everyone in that nightclub was unarmed, except for the terrorist and the police waited three hours before they entered the building is not lost on the public.
    Three Hours! Dozens of dead, dozens of critically wounded bleeding out, and an unknown number of potential victims and they waited THREE HOURS before doing their duty.

    Unarmed and victimized by the evil-doers is not the wish or goal of Americans.

  3. “No. Mr. President, you need to do some soul searching.”

    Indeed, he does. But he seem incapable of honest introspection. It’s just not in his repertoire, his personal skill set, his range of abilities, what he allows himself to do. That’s why he acts like an angry teenager so often. That’s what he is. He just never grew up, intellectually or emotionally. To add to his destructive issues, he is maniacally driven by a corrupt agenda which blinds him to anything which might raise questions about his world view, the one he had when he was 19 years old. The person or group that programmed him to act the way he does now did a very good job.

    1. The not growing up issue can be caused by too many drugs as a young teen & beyond. People are literally stuck at age 13/14. I’ve seen this in a few people I know.

      1. Agree completely. I’ve read studies that show that for certain vulnerable people who become heavy users, their brains stop developing. Or more properly, the brain connections–neuron pathways, etc.–become inhibited, make weak connections or atrophy completely. They become stuck at whatever age they became heavy users (talking about marijuana here). Doesn’t happen to all heavy users, but some–in the 10-15 percent range. I can think of two relatives in my own extended family who fit that description.

  4. I read in Daily Mail that Trump demands tougher surveillance of mosques. He is absolutely right. That is the right start. We need to infiltrate, we must know what the imams preach and what the discussions are. And there must be consequences for hate-speech, closing of the mosque for example. We cannot have free zones used for violent radicalism among us. Why do we never hear their religious leaders condemn terror and murder ?

    1. The British I believe (pre MI-5 agency) had agents & spies in Catholic churches for years during the Irish rebellion in the early 20th Century AD.

      1. The Brits had agents posing as traveling priests in some cases. The “priest” would administer the Sacrament of Penance (Confession) with parish members, and if the confession included some acts against British soldiers or the Crown, the phony priest would identify the person to the military authorities who would then arrest the person who went to Confession.

  5. And in 3-2-1, Kerry. Who’s next? Rice? Where’s Michelle’s hashtag board?

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday warned Americans against pointing a finger at one religion or another after a gunman who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State militant group massacred 49 people at a gay night club in Orlando.

    “The worst thing we can do is engage in trying to point fingers at one group or one form of sectarianism or another or one religion or another. Those are not the values of our country,”

    I say blah blah blah blah

    1. The values of this Country is to defend ourselves against an enemy.

      Radical Islamic militants have openly declared war on America.

      Kerry is a buffoon.

    2. Kerry’s right: pointing fingers at a group is wrong. He might mention that to Obama before the next assault on the NRA. (Or the G.O.P., police, etc.)

      And the N.Y. Times yesterday fired off a fully loaded set of words:

      “AR-15s, which were first developed for the military and used extensively in the Vietnam War, are widely owned by assault-rifle enthusiasts.” What exactly is an “assault rifle enthusiast”?

        1. Corrections are great, but…
          shouldn’t that be: THE NEW YORK TIMES means M-16’s? The NYT wrote the words; I just posted their quote to show their loaded use of “assault weapon”.

    3. “Islam” is a 7th Century AD desert cult based on savage conquest…
      Read their god-damn “holy book”, its all about conquest and subjugation of ‘non-believers’… And it has not changed in over 2000 years.

      Christianity had the Reformation, Enlightenment & Renaissance in Europe…

      Where the Hell has been the “reformation” or “enlightenment” of “Islam”…???
      Islam is still a primitive 7th Cen. AD cult.

  6. No, I do not need to do any soul-searching. I am an open and tolerate conservative and my beliefs do not lead me to be violent against anyone. So, liberals, go ahead and confiscate every gun ever made…then what are you going to ban? home made explosives? kitchen knives? baseball bats? what? No, you all know what the problem is, but admitting it will take more than soul searching…it will take honesty and fair debate; two things that the left have almost been successful in shutting down.

  7. 50 years ago, gun laws were more lenient, and we had less mass shooting.

    Today, we have strict gun law in many parts of the country, particularly in Chicago.

    So, gun laws don’t work.

    ps.. 9-11 happened without a gun, so did the Boston Marathon Bombing.

    The NRA is not at fault.

    And ps… I am not a gun toter, or NRA member and I personally don’t like guns, but that does not change my stance on liberty.

    1. Why doesn’t Obama or Hillary ever talk about gun violence and murders of hundreds of black youths in Chicago? or Baltimore or Philadelphia…?

      1. It simply defies their ideology, so they ignore it. The big question is why their constituency lets them get away with that….

      2. Simple. If Obama doesn’t talk about it, or someone doesn’t write it in his speech script, then he doesn’t have to deal with it, admit it, or pay any attention to it. That’s how he rolls. He’s an actor working off a script, not an authentic President.

  8. Has anyone read the Obama Doctrine piece in the Atlantic? Its long, detailed, but ironically I started reading it late last week and just got to the part where Obama reasons ( wiggles out) away from his red line in the sand stance.

    Almost his entire cabinet thought his reversal was wrong…but he is the smartest man in the world, and overruled them all.

    He felt that by not using any military action, he was breaking away from the Washington pressure that most Presidents feel. He called it his Liberation Day.

    You simply cannot make this stuff up.

    Ideology is the problem….on both sides.


      1. While he throws $150 billions dollars at them which the Iranians have already said they would use to strengthen their nuclear capability and support jihad groups around the world. That’s our guy, Obama.

  9. Agree with your point here. But taking the gun control issue on it’s own. Should a guy who’s been interviewed twice by the FBI be able to go buy AK-47s without at a minimum the FBI knowing he has? What level of vetting do you think is right?

          1. Interesting. Well, as they say, the first three reports about the details of a crime usually contain errors in some way. This proves it.

  10. Right now it’s the wanna-be ISIS crazies, but there are far too many assaults on innocents by insane shooters.

    What about this as a partial stop gap – the gun dealer who sold the assault weapon to the person who goes nuts with it will be arrested, prosecuted and tried and punished for aiding and abetting first degree murder.

    Whining, “I didn’t know he was crazy” will not be an acceptable alibi. There is only one use for that type of weapon and it’s a part of the title: assault weapon.

    1. Then a auto salesman should be prosecuted when the vehicle he sold is used in a fatal DUI, along with the driver?
      Now, for the term assault rifle.
      A true assault rifle is a weapon that is capable of firing both semiautomatic, one pull of the trigger, one shot and full-automatic, one pull of the trigger and held down continuous fire until ammunition is expended.
      Further a true assault rifle fires a intermediate size cartridge, that is for example, 7.62×39.
      The term assault rifle originated in WWII when the Germans developed the Sturmgewer (Storm) rifle. Tactical thinking was semi-auto fire in the initial attack, full auto fire in the final assault of objective.
      The term is incorrectly used by the media as assault is a military tactic not a weapon.
      I’m relying on some dusty tech memory’s I don’t like to Google so this is what I remember.,

    2. So if someone gets their brains beat in with a baseball bat, do you prosecute the clerk at the sporting goods store? And if they bought the bat online, and no human was involved in the sale, what then?

    3. That, essentially, criminalizes the gun dealer. Won’t work. Criminals don’t typically purchase their weapons from a licensed “gun dealer” (because of background checks, etc.). They usually are stolen, traded, purchased from other criminals, used to pay off debts by the criminals. That’s how they get them.

      1. Cisco Kid, Darkangel – those are rather sophomoric answers. You buy a baseball bat to play baseball; you buy a car to go from point A to B. You do not buy either to kill another person. An assault gun is meant for only one purpose.

        Marcus, I’m well aware that criminals trade guns around among themselves, that they have dealers who are accommodating, but criminals are NOT the ones wiping out places like Orlando, etc. It is the mentally deranged whose demons tells them to kill.

        Criminals, gang members use their assault guns for intercine warfare, robbery and murder.

        1. Negative.
          In Chicago where the homicide and shootings are skyrocketing, handguns are the weapons of choice.
          Approaching a 1000 shootings and not one “assault weapon used”, not a one.

  11. Furthermore… the dealer who sold the guns to the nut said, “If I hadn’t sold the guns, another dealer would have.” He added that his conscience was clear.

    Old newspaper headline contest – shortest possible. “Jesus wept” won.

    1. Unless and until hopefully, never) it is illegal to sell guns, the gun dealer should not be “held to answer” for the actions of a purchaser.

  12. Nothing would please the terrorists more than allowing America to foolishly reduce access, or take away free people’s guns. This agenda has been going on by the left long before terrorism’s name was born. Why guns, from the “anything goes” party? They are after submission and control and the second amendment is their stumbling block.

  13. My question is this.
    How can our government be so self-righteous about protecting the religious freedom of Muslims who are intent on killing us, and yet be so self-righteous about not protecting our right to bear arms so we can protect ourselves?
    It seems to me that Islam is what should be banned from this country rather than the right to bear arms.

  14. There’s a mental sadism in the demand that we blame ourselves for the horrific actions of others. And it takes a person who enjoys humiliation to accept, again and again as liberal ideology demands, that everything springs from our flawed thoughts. Actually, that sounds New Age, doesn’t it? And it is a notion that contains outrageous egoism.

  15. Perhaps I wasn’t expressing it clearly enough. I don’t care if you have a house full of .38s or .22s or, if you live in the country, a hunting rifle.

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