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Video || Obama Comments on Orlando Attack

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  1. I don’t want to hear how sad he and his wife are at this massacre. I don’t want to hear about gun control or any mention of firearms from the leader of a regime that sent thousands of assault weapons to Mexico and untold numbers of firearms to the Middle East countries.
    I don’t want to hear about loving everyone, or the LBGT rights, or any spin on how this is a hate crime.
    If he can’t put the blame on Islam and it’s fear and hatred of homosexuals and America, on it’s penchant for killing anyone they don’t like, then he can just go back to the golf course.

    1. Remember when we were scolded as such provincials for not liking Barack Obama not only because he was black and we were racists, but also because he had a “funny sounding name”. Yeah well now those with the funny sounding names are in the news across America every single day . Thanks to Barack Obama and that train load of anti American Democrat Party thugs bowing and scraping before the likes of Valerie Jarrett, George Soros and the rest of the new world order lot.

      Remember when we used to half giggle at We’re from the government . And we are here to help.

      That has been joined by the The FBI is involved. The motivation of the murderous 3rd world Islamic jihadi terrorist is still undetermined.

      And as Obama’s obsession with golf. . Every time he whacks that ball he sees the America and Americans and he whacks it even harder. There are not enough golf courses in the world to contain Barack Obama’s hatred for this country and its citizens.

    1. NBC noted it would be difficult for Obama to avoid mentioning terrorism, yet they repeatedly, in noting past shootings, omitted San Bernardino and Ft. Hood. Just a coincidence?

  2. Holy cow! A suspect with an arsenal was just arrested at the annual West Hollywood Gay Parade!
    Good work, Sheriff’s Dept.!

          1. Hope they have good security.

            The Jihad has 18 more days to go!

            Obama didn’t even issue a red alert to his ‘base’.

            What a disgrace!

    1. It seems that he’s afraid to show any kind of real emotion for anything that contradicts the leftist regime.
      Religion of Peace, my fat patootie!

      How refreshing and inspiring it would be for a POTUS to show some anger, some real compassion – anything that reflects what we’re all feeling out here.
      I weep for the gays, for their families and loved ones – just more victims of the horror of religious fanatics – Muslims.

      1. So true. He can’t bring himself to use the proper term, Radical Islam. It’s not radical Catholicism, or radical Presbyterian…it’s radical Islam. He’s hopeless!

        His first thought today, however, was probably: “Damn it – there goes the election, and my third term!!”

      2. You’re right. Minimal, flat affect in the light of enormous catastrophe. It’s one of Obama’s most revealing and bizarre personality characteristics, and says more about what’s going on in his head than all his speechifying ever could.

        1. I think that he is seeing his legacy fall apart right before his eyes.

          His attempt to Fundamentally Transform America is crumbling, mainly because the people are now alert and paying attention.

          He underestimated US.

          Now he is reaping the the results of the flawed policies that he has instituted.

          221 more days Barry, then you’re outta here.


    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama decried the deadliest mass shooting in American history on Sunday as an “act of terror” and an “act of hate” targeting a place of “solidarity and empowerment” for gays and lesbians. He urged Americans to decide whether this is the kind of “country we want to be.”

    Speaking hours after the shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Obama said the FBI would investigate the shooting as terrorism but that the alleged shooter’s motivations were unclear. He said the U.S. “must spare no effort” to determine whether the suspect, identified by authorities as Omar Mateen, had any ties to extremist groups.

    “What is clear is he was a person filled with hatred,” Obama said of the alleged shooter.

    Obama said this was “an especially heartbreaking day” for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, and a sobering reminder that an attack on any American is an attack on all, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

    “The shooter targeted a night club where people came together to be with friends to dance and to sing — to live,” Obama said. “The place where they were attacked is more than a night club. It was a place of solidarity and empowerment, where people have come together to raise awareness, to speak their minds and to advocate for their civil rights.”


    He also signed a proclamation on Sunday ordering flags to be flown at half-staff until sunset on Thursday in honor of the victims.

    Vice President Joe Biden canceled a planned trip Sunday to Miami to hold a fundraiser for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla. Biden’s office said he would remain at his family home in Delaware while receiving updates about the shooting before returning to Washington in the evening.

    1. What ? All of a sudden Obama can manage the world from any golf course anywhere and his VP can’t monitor Orlando from Delaware?

    2. “He also signed a proclamation on Sunday ordering flags to be flown at half-staff until sunset on Thursday in honor of the victims.”

      Unbelievable in your face denigration of why the Flag should be half masted.

    3. targeting a place of “solidarity and empowerment” for gays and lesbians.

      “The place where they were attacked is more than a night club. It was a place of solidarity and empowerment, where people have come together to raise awareness, to speak their minds and to advocate for their civil rights.”

      Complete and utter politically correct BS from the loon in the WH. These are innocents who went out to have fun on a Saturday night in a country where they have every right to consider themselves free from murderous islamic jihadis filled with hate for ALL things Western — including gays and women.

      May God rest their souls. And shine on a spotlight on Barack Obama for the freak he is.

  4. Girly1, in the previous thread you asked about AG Lynch being in China. In case you miss it, I replied:

    On Fox Catherine Herridge said that there’s some cyber security summit in China. Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson was scheduled to fly there for it as well. But, his trip has now been cancelled and Attorney General Lynch is flying back. Catherine Herridge said that, coupled with the fact that FBI Director Comey is briefing Obummer, signifies just how serious this is (despite Obummer’s implication that this is just about “easy access” to guns and hatred of gays).

      1. I don’t know. Maybe Susan Rice is busy scouring the internet for a YouTube video that inflamed this “homophobe” in Orlando. It’s not Muslim extremism, it’s hatred of gays inspired by a YouTube video….

        1. Not even joking. The Obama Administration is scrambling to come up with yet another lie. How many more people have to die before this man is seen for what he is ?

    1. Thanks Snark!
      A Cyber-Summit in China??? Her brain must be floating around somewhere in cyberspace. All she had to do was read Drudge three days ago.

      “A pro-Isis group has released a hit list with the names of more than 8,000 people mostly, Americans.

      More than 600-people live in Florida, and one security expert believes that many of those targeted live in Palm Beach County and on the Treasure Coast.

      The “United Cyber Caliphate” that hacked U.S. Central Command, 54,000 Twitter accounts and threatened President Barack Obama is the same pro-Isis group that’s reportedly created a “kill list” with the names, addresses and emails of thousands of civilian Americans.”

  5. So why do we have to fly US flags at half-staff…???

    -Did We fly US flags at half-staff for Ft. Hood? Boston? or San Bernideno? or Benghazi?

    1. According to, US flags were flown at half staff after the Brussels attacks (3/26/16), San Bernardino (12/3/15), Paris (11/19/15), Roseburg, OR (10/6/15), Chattanooga, Tennessee (7/25/15), Washington Navy Yard (9/16/13), Boston (4/16/13), Newtown (12/14/12),Benghazi (9/12/12), Oak Creek, WI (8/6/12), Aurora (7/20/12), Tucson (1/9/11), and Ft. Hood (11/6/09).

  6. My hair is on fire! I can’t believe that there was any mention of gun control when this guy had a special carry permit after having been investigated twice for suspect affiliations.

    1. More reason for hair on fire:

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Democratic U.S. senator on Sunday called on Congress to ban military-style weapons and stop firearm sales to suspected extremists following the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.

      “It’s time for Congress to finally act on gun violence and ban military-style weapons, put limits on clips and magazine sizes, ban those on the terrorist watchlist from purchasing firearms and require background checks on all gun sales,” Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania said in a statement.

      “We know that the shooter in Orlando used a high-powered weapon that allowed him to fire a large number of bullets in rapid succession,” he said.

  7. Obama will keep his fundraiser in Florida tonight, so he is “keeping it classy” just like he did in Vegas in 2012 after Benghazi.

    Saw this. Nothing keeps Obama off the golf course or away from a fundraiser, most of which probably goes to him.

    1. I haven’t seen anything about Obummer being at a Florida fundraiser tonight. I read that Biden was due at a fundraiser for Wasserman Schulz in Miami but he cancelled that.

      As far as Obummer, I was wondering how after this he would be campaigning in Wisconsin on Wednesday with Shrillary. Kind of hard to do his little snarky routine bashing Trump and talking about BS like “war on women”, “income inequality”, and $15/hour minimum wage when funerals are being planned and people are fighting for their lives in the hospital.

      So, it’s been postponed:

      Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
      Due to mass shootings in Orlando, Pres Obama postpones Wednesday trip to Green Bay WI for @HillaryClinton campaign event.
      5:09 PM – 12 Jun 2016

  8. Afghan migration surging in U.S. 99% support Sharia Law! Florida has largest refugee population in the States. Colonies are being formed similar to Dearborn. Add to that – the Cuban migration!

    Worse yet, 100 unvetted, quick pass Syrian refugees are arriving DAILY!

    Each refugee is receiving $20,000 from taxpayers in permanent re-settlement fees.

    This is all due primarily to Obama’s vow to ‘fundamentally change’ the United States of America!

    How many ‘Mateens’ are waiting in the wings? There must be a way to ‘return them to sender’!!! We can’t allow Obama’s personal vendetta to continue!

    1. And just to add: FBI Director Comey has told us the FBI is investigating active ISIS cells in all 50 states. So by common sense inference, there are likely many more Mateens within our borders waiting for their day of glory.

      Obama and that political hack Loretta Lynch do nothing, it seems, to bring these self-avowed killers to justice. Neither of them talk to us about this crisis within our borders to inform us, warn us, tell us the depth and nature of the situation. If it weren’t for FBI Director Comey informing us of this internal threat to our lives, we would not know.

      So Obama is treating the ISIS crisis within our borders in the same manner he treated the ISIS crisis in its earliest days in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. To wit, he lets ISIS grow, grow bolder, more dangerous by the day and mocks those who say we have a problem.

  9. As many of you know, Bernard Lewis is one of the most undisputed scholars of the Middle East and Islam.

    Here are two references, that cover the essence of Lewis. Compared to Lewis’ books they are short. If any you are unfamiliar with him, or are searching to understand why this “religion of peace” could act out this way Lewis is a good place to start.

  10. Oh, that clever Obama Administration. Oh no! They will not be tricked into that old Susan Rice video thing. Nope. They are using CBS — the network run by Benny Rhodes brother — to tell us this via a terrorism expert surrogate. What follows is a quote from another commenter elsewhere.

    CBS Radio has on their “terrorism expert” and let’s ask him about this. Well they’re still determining motives but it may not be because of the usual radical Islamic anti-Americanism. It could be and I quote – “more conservative motives of someone who is anti-gay, anti-liberal values, anti-progressive, anti-globalization. ”

    There you have it. It’s not another Muslim terrorist. It’s a right wing nut job. Congrats to the left for putting their usual spin on it.

    Little Benny failed as a romance writer, but he certainly has a certain flair for fantasy. Perfect for an Obama speech writer, and even better when conveying national security to Obama.

      1. Here’s the tape — passing through port. Check out link below to G4S, DHS contractor who employed our most recent islamic terrorist.

    1. That won’t wash. Someone did a search for voter registrations on

      You ready for this? Mateen was, in fact, registered to vote. Party affiliation, Democratic.

  11. Donald Trump has already called for Obama to resign.

    At this point, that’s not enough.

    Daesh is claiming responsibility, and saying there’s more to come. One of the savage’s coworkers resigned from his job because said savage was being treated with kid gloves by their employer (a security firm, nota bene), despite his dangerous behavior.

    And yet B. Hussein Soetoro refuses to name the enemy.

    At what point does willful blindness to the enemies of the United States become giving aid and comfort to the same?

    This was a propaganda win for Daesh. Will anyone dispute that?

    And in a war of ideas, propaganda wins can be as dangerous, if not more so, to a nation, than bullets and bombs.

    So, let us not ourselves be guilty of that which we rightly decry. Let us call this wicked, evil man’s behavior what it is.

    It is adhering to the enemies of the United States, giving them aid and comfort.


    1. Worked for G4S, Florida based DHS contractor. Yeppers, company has contracts to transport illegals, immigrants and others. No idea when he worked for them or what he did. But Jeh Johnson should have been fired or impeached on Day 2. Have been saying this for years.

      Here is the link and the info on G4S. If anyone were to dig into this Administration with any amount of honesty and enthusiasm and professionalism ….

  12. Knothead the Not Nabob

    If this nutjob is a member (follower) of the JV team, well we are deep dodo when the Varsity takes the field.

  13. O’Reilly had a special show on tonight at 8 pm. He showed some media clips from today and one was from MSNBC where Chuck Todd referred to this as “hate crime extremism”. That’s a new one. Nice try.

    1. Forgot to add this – Barry and the libs are clearly desperate to paint this as a hate crime against gays, rather than radical Islamic terrorism. So, I guess the Boston bombers weren’t Muslim terrorists, they just hated runners?

  14. Not sure if this was mentioned in comments, but has anyone noticed that Obama said it was an “act of terror” rather than “terrorism”. Is this a slip of the tongue or said purposely? It is so frustrating to hear the word “terror” used incoreectly.

    1. I noticed that, too. More avoidance of the truth, more spin, more Obama verbal trickery. He may be the last person in the United States who refuses to call these massacres for what they are: Islamic jihadist terrorism. Good grief, the jihadists themselves are bragging about sponsoring these murders.

      The question is: why is Obama still refusing to use the proper terms for these murders? Why, after all these years, is he still trying to control the terms and language when it comes to jihadist terrorism in the US? Once we know the real answer to that, we’ll have lifted another layer of camouflage from Obama’s disguise. And we’ll be closer to understanding who this very strange man really is.

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