In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Video || The grand Trump Entrance

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      1. Or he could have it repainted — just a touch here and there. Like during WWII when the enemy was featured is someway or the other. Ok, after the pin up girls and Mom.:) God bless those guys!

    1. D — came back to read some comments. Watched again — makes me smile too and it probably enrages the Obamas even moreso than Hillary.

      1. Enraging Barry was my first thought too. 0 so wants to be rich & famous, he’s been faking it for the past eight years; remember the Grecian (?) columns? 0’s ego lives higher than his wallet ever will.
        I’m expecting some drivel about Trump has made enough money splurting forth soon.

  1. Wonder if Trump is having second thoughts about the possibility that he could actually win the election.
    How is he going to adjust to life without his opulent lifestyle for four years? The Trump name is a ‘Brand’, after all.
    He must be filled with mixed emotions, considering the fact that he gave himself a 10% shot at winning the nomination when he started his campaign.

    Not winning will probably be a relief to him, IMO.

        1. Doesn’t sound very kosher to me.

          Haven’t you been paying attention to Obama’s dealings?

          How about Hillary’s and Bill’s?


          1. Two wrongs do not make a right, AFVet.

            The Clintons are by far the most evil and corrupt!

            That said, Trump is not the solution. What you see on the campaign trail is what you will get in the Oval Office.

            Is that something you can live with?

            We need to start over with both sides. Fresh slate!

          2. Maybe he can dig through the hell hole to China…arg. For about the thousandth time, one person’s badness does not make another person better.

      1. Of course, he will be the most unlawfulof them. Worse than the Feinsteins or the Pelosis (so, that’s how they stay married — like the Clintons money and power), Oh, Presidential “unlawful” shall we start with Bill and Hillary or just move on to I don’t need no stinking law Obama.

      1. Pick me. Pick me. No, I couldn’t. I have so much to do for the American people and for the Republican Party I couldn’t possibly….

        Oh I can AF1 it home and around the world, well then…Pick me. Pick me. xox Paulie

    1. “He must be filled with mixed emotions, considering the fact that he gave himself a 10% shot at winning the nomination when he started his campaign.”

      I don’t see any mixed emotions.

      I see a man that is determined to do what he says he will do.

      1. How does anyone know what his inner thoughts are?

        Do you really believe he can get his ‘agenda’ through Congress?
        If he accomplishes anything it will have to conform with
        Ryan et al. And he can forget about the Senate.

        1. It depends. From what I read there are plenty of people, not all Trump supporters, who are unhappy with Paul Ryan and his GOPe clique. Representatives, admittedly more than Senators, need to be more responsive to their voters. Also some incumbents won’t make it back precisely because they came in on the “conservative” wing and proved themselves to be like moths to the GOPe fire.

          No matter how you feel about Trump one Supreme Court Justice by this hag who has spit on the law for her entire career and Trump will look like the biggest and the bestest. Of course you won’t be allowed to say that in any public venue. By that time, pro Trump might warrant even more potential violence by the progressives aka Democrats than it does now.

          1. I see all three branches as dysfunctional no matter who gets elected. Surely, the exec will be regardless. The Congress may flip or one house may–chaos. And the court–who knows…but it will be a huge change… Basically, we are looking at a lot of lost time as a country.

    2. Girly1 re Trump’s “brand”
      More than 500 Trump Steaks were delivered to the WH today for an all-American barbecue to honor US troops in (wherever we’re now fighting). reuters

      Ambassadors to the (event) at the UN General Assembly are invited to stay gratis at the luxurious Trump Tower, New York.

      That’s one way …

    3. If Trump doesn’t win it will be a relief to some on this thread, and to many in the USA. I can’t imagine he would have taken his campaign this far if he truly has no desire to win. Wishful thinking by his detractors, IMHO.

    1. I’m OK with that. Who the heck wants to see those two-faced, lying politicians waving and smiling like they’re something special anyway?
      Bring on the athletes, at least they have accomplished something positive.

  2. What a pompous blowhard. I can’t wait until November when LesbianPantsuit wins. Because the one good thing about her victory will be that Dawnie Frumples will fuck off…

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