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Sunday Open Thread || June 11, 2016

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  1. If you don’t mind, I’d like to start off the day with a rant:
    White people who don’t want other White people from other nations sneaking into our country illegally is not RACIST! It may be bigoted – BIGOTED or unfriendly or just a law-abiding reaction to illegal aliens, but it is not RACIST.
    Being born in a country not the US of A does not change one’s racial designation.
    Most Mexican citizens are White people. People born in the Middle East countries are mostly Whites. People from South America are mostly Whites.
    If an illegal alien who invades our country is an Asian, then the outrage is not a RACIAL one, but a result of beliefs that we should all obey the laws of the US of A.
    There are legal means to become a resident of the US of A open to anyone who desires to live here.
    Thank you.
    Rant over.

    1. I’ve either been reading rants or posting them all day and into the night.

      While the WH and the Mitt have been giving Trump crap about a judge and their magic word ‘racism’ – they conveniently forgot their own oops moment.

      WH Called Trump Racist For Judge Comment, Then Something Explosive From The Past Just Resurfaced
      “Do a little research before you make assumptions …” . . .

      1. Why didnt Mitt ever call Obama a racist (which Obama is) back in 2012…?

        Why did Mitt all of sudden grow some BALLS to attack Trump as “unqualified”, but Mitt would not attack the so-so-so unqualified Obama back in 2012..??

    2. To get around this obstacle our mainstreammedia has invented a new derogatory word, “främlingsfientlig”, it means hostile to strangers. Many people here do like, or are at least interested in, other people and other cultures. We like to have a cup of coffee with neighbors from Iran or Iraq if they are nice people, just like everybody else. But, if we are against open borders, totally free immigration, Islam, our welfaresystem open to anyone, our neighborhoods invaded, then we are still called – främlingsfientliga. And if you are openly so, then you have problems, certain careers are over. But, it might be slowly changing as more and more are realizing the problems and the costs, sometimes it even affects the journalists themselves and then….A short time ago an aspiring politician , a young male Muslim with Mideast background, refused to shake hands with a female journalist. He said it was too intimate, against his religion.He had probably got the impression that Swedes were this tolerant. But it was a scandal all of a sudden. His act was so flagrantly ridiculous and derogatory to women. All feminists woke up, roared, and this guy had to resign. We are lucky he did not go any further in politics.

      1. That’s what I find so ironic about some feminist, code pink in particular who support,islam, as demonstrated by same at a Trump rally.
        Do they know about female genital mutilation as practiced by muslims. How about stoning for infidelity? Burka’s? Or beating by husband, just a little of course when he thinks its needed.
        Non consensual sex with wife or rape of non believers.

        1. …and dont forget, the Clinton Foundation took MILLION$$$ from countries (Saudi Arabia) who have laws that fully degrade women, as you so well explained above Cisco

        2. Agree Cisco. Islam is inherently negative to women. It is unfair, cruel,discriminating. Feminists, well, all women, ought to be critical, they ought to roar against it. We do not want Islamic rules and life style in our western society. It took us so long to be where we are, why let this backward, desert “religion” slip in and ruin everything ?

        3. If these silly woman are ever forced to wear a scarf to cover everything but their face (and in some tribes, even the face) – and abayas (long black robes) to cover their bodies and prevent exposure of everything but their hands? Then they will scream to high Heaven. And I will laugh. I am old and covering myself up won’t be a problem for me.
          The ignorance of these foolish, foolish women!

    3. Not a rant, imo, you are merely asking those that wish to come to America and become citizens, to usr theavenues to do it legally.
      Don’t start your quest by breaking a law with your first step.

    4. Not a rant – an epistle of truth and lawfulness.
      The very idea that our own President has promoted and encouraged this unlawful entry into our country is, for me, despicable.
      The very idea that I am a racist for desiring lawful entry as a fundamental requirement for citizenship is ridiculous.
      I knew a small town bank president back in the day who called an employee meeting after the bank was closed for the day.
      He said, “Everyone who has a job here, stand up””.
      All employees stood.
      En he said – as he pointed at first one and then another, “You sit down, and you sit down.”
      So, this fine Sunday morning, I suggest we began telling our governmental employees to sit down. They don’t work for us anymore.

    5. I think racist and singling out an ethnic or national group have fused. Yes, technically Mexicans are not black, but the newish category Hispanic. Just as Pacific Islanders are also a category.

  2. As everyone already knows, a ‘muslim terrorist’, my words has killed and wounded many, many at a gay Orlando night club.
    Explosive devices on scene.FBI on scene.
    Wait for the ‘domestic terrorist’ spin, and anti-2nd Amendment rant.
    Of course don’t expect to hear anything on Barry letting in muslim terrorist.

    1. Bernie Sanders tweeted the act was “unthinkable.”

      Hardly. It’s only unthinkable for those on the Left who prefer to keep their heads in the sand.

      1. Bernie & his ass-hat supporters have no Friggin clue about “International Affairs”, “World Politics” or “National Security”…

  3. Re: Orlando Terrorist Attack – 20 dead; 42 injured

    Before Obama starts shooting his mouth off about gun control, he needs to check his stack of unread Daily Briefings.

    ISIS issued a fatwah declaring that the month of June (Ramadan) would be a month of Jihad on America and Europe.

    Why wasn’t the public given this info? Outside of Drudge a few days ago, I have heard nary a word on any of the cable news shows. Nada, zilch, nothing!

    This anti-American administration is guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy by refusing to acknowledge their existence, much less their threats.

    While Obama was wasting everyone’s time with his LGBT receptions and transgender bathroom BS, ISIS was planning an attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando! Irony of ironies!

    Again, why wasn’t the public informed??? This is clearly a case of dereliction of duty – impeach the SOB before he gets away. He is the enemy within!

    Note: The murder of The Voice contestant occurred less than four miles from the Orlando attack. Coincidence?

    1. Yes G1, I read that at Drudge also and thought, for crying out loud, the enemy is telling us , their going to attack.
      Meanwhile, Obama hosts a LGBT, damn initials, I can’t keep track, and welcomes some sports team at the WH.
      The Obama spin on this muslim terrorist attack will put the rotation of earth in reverse.

    2. Update Girly.
      50 dead/53 wounded.
      Much blood needed.

      Why not have armed guards at the doors of these establishments?
      Why not arm the bouncers?

      1. We should not have to. We need to have strict border and immigration policies and we need to go after and act on all known or suspected terrorists. Interrogate them, investigate thoroughly and deal with any and all infractions of the law.

        The FBI, DHS, DOJ need to either do their duty to the country or get out.

  4. Well… looks like another isolated incident of Islamic domestic terrorism, Of course, no acts of terrorism have occured on Obama’s watch………

    I still don’t get how the Dems and the Obama Admin want so desperately to get in bed with Iran, Saudis, etc with the way they torture and kill members of the gay community along with the way they treat women. It is just beyond me ………

    As others have mentioned, this will become the fault of Trump ………

  5. Great postings you guys! Everyone spot on.

    Clearly we have some smart people here.

    Star the PC policewomen where is your outrage ??????????

    1. My outrage? Of course, I am outraged by 50 people being shot…This has nothing to do with PC that I can see. I need to catch up on what is known–has ISIS or a group claimed credit? Is the guy assumed to be a terrorist because of his name or origin? Was he born here? Would a Muslim “ban” have done anything to prevent this? I have to do my diligence…

      1. ISIS cheered the attack.
        He was born here, registered democrat, and a security guard, licensed to carry a gun.
        He doesn’t like gay people so he kills them.
        Sounds like a radical Islamist to me.

        1. Radical islamist democrat. Why is the Democrat Party getting a free ride on this? They want open borders, multi cultural, assimilation free “refugees”.

          Liberal, leftist, progressive — meaningless. They are Democrats.

          1. The Russians warned us twice. I suppose they were shocked when the Obama people ignored their first warning, and so they gave it another try.

        1. Crystal clear. And they follow the direction of Loretta Lynch Mob, FO Clintons and head of DOInjustice under Barack Obama .

    1. Interrogated by the FBI twice in the past two years. Known ISIS sympathizer. Why did this happen? Reported that seeing two gays kissing a couple of weeks ago set him off. This will be a very conflicted address by the president. Obama, a Muslim with gay leanings!

  6. Another terrible day in America. Add this tragedy the rest of the issues we, the citizens of the United States have been enduring, witnessing, talking about and otherwise witnessing for the past few years, and you have a sense of the reasons we are mighty ticked off, angry and distraught. All these events, including the Orlando massacre in Orlando today, are impacting us during this election.

    The AP-NORC Center For Public Affairs polling verifies our enormous frustration at the direction of the country, the culture, and government organization at all levels.

    Some current data from the AP-NORC surveys:

    1. only 13 percent are proud of the way the 2016 election is being conducted.

    2. 55 percent of us feel helpless in the election process.

    3. Only 10 percent have confidence in the election process.

    4. Only 4 percent have a great deal of confidence in Congress.

    5. Only 15 percent have a great deal of confidence in the Executive Branch.

    6. Only 24 percent have a great deal of confidence in the Supreme Court.

    And there’s more bad news in the data. Here’s the report: download the PDF (on the right side of the page) to get the full survey and analysis.

    The electorate is in a foul mood, and the elites of both parties better pay attention.

    1. You are spot on!!! The PC BS must end.

      We must have free speech and can use Current forbidden words.
      Muslim terrorist
      N word, see I cannot even say it
      Black criminals
      and on and on!!

      1. You are mostly right. The left can refer to “brown people”, but are outraged at the term “red skins”. Black people can say the word “nigger” as many times as they choose – even to the point of calling our POTUS by that term.
        The words describing one’s religious beliefs or holy days are being attacked by the left because they want to eliminate all religions except the “religion” of a benevolent government.
        IMO, of course.
        ( if any are uncomfortable with my use of the word “nigger”, may I suggest a short listen to any rap music, or a Black themed movie)

        1. I listen to rap from my daughter’s room all the time, I don’t need it on WHD. I just see all this invective spewing today and scarely any facts…I am taking a break. Manana….

    2. The AP-NORC Center For Public Affairs polling verifies our enormous frustration at the direction of the country, the culture, and government organization at all levels.

      Or how about frustration with the toxic, mediocre candidates being offered?

        1. And in the wheelhouse of many Americans per Marcus’ citation. Americans are beginning to wake up. And this has nothing to do with Donald Trump. But pretty sure after your considerable due diligence that you will find some reason why it is Donald Trump’s wheelhouse and all about big bad scary Donald Trump.

    1. Shrillary tweeted both in English and in Spanish:

      Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton
      Woke up to hear the devastating news from FL. As we wait for more information, my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act. -H
      6:20 AM – 12 Jun 2016

      Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton
      Desperté con la devastadora noticia de FL. Mientras esperamos más información,mis pensamientos están con los afectados de este horrible acto
      6:52 AM – 12 Jun 2016

      1. She will not say terrorist!

        Not an act its an attack!

        Hildabeast is anti America! She speaks in Mexican and wants open borders.

  7. The Muslim terrorist’s father sure was quick in getting out there with his spin (note how the article refers to him as a “gunman”):

    Orlando gunman’s father says attack ‘nothing to do with religion’

    Orlando (AFP) – The father of the suspected gunman in Sunday’s Orlando mass shooting said on Sunday he believed his son was motivated by hatred of gays — not by his Muslim religion.

    “This had nothing to do with religion,” Mir Seddique told NBC News. He said his son, Omar Mateen, recently lashed out in his presence after witnessing a gay couple embracing in downtown Miami, and suggested the incident may have triggered the atrocity.

    “He saw two men kissing each other in front of his wife and kid and he got very angry,” Seddique told the network.

    1. Nice try, Dad. Americans who don’t like the LBGT crowd don’t arm themselves and shoot the gays.
      By all accounts, the terrorist didn’t even live in Orlando.
      A personal note: this is sickening to me.
      I want to scream at our elected officials who protect the potential killers in some kind of spin on American rights. No matter what they say, ordinary Americans don’t want any, not one, Muslim or Islamist living here. They don’t belong in a free country like America. They don’t fit in, they don’t obey our laws, and we don’t like that.
      MrTrump is right – no more immigrants from Islamic countries.

        1. Read the news, Star. No one is making “assumptions” simply based on his name. There are many reports about this Muslim terrorist, such as the fact that the FBI had open investigations on him in 2013 and 2014. Also, there are reports that while holding the club goers hostage he spoke to the police on the telephone and pledged his allegiance to ISIS. Also, reports that he said “Allah Akbar” repeatedly. And, much more to come….

          1. Yes, I have now seen this…Also Daesh has claimed credit. He also called 911 before he even did it and identified himself. He may also have had mental or domestic violence issues. Clearly, this act was based on his interpretation of Muslim scripture. How closely tied Daesh was we will find out.

    2. “This had nothing to do with religion,” Mir Seddique told NBC News.

      What is he talking about? It’s all about ‘radical’ Islam ideology and the belief that all homosexuals should be executed.

      Obama has opened a can of worms by his bizarre advocacy of gay rights that now includes transgenders, ‘free to pee’ anywhere public bathrooms, and no more doors on bathroom stalls. A bridge too far…way too far!

      Obama can add ‘The Radicalization of America’ to his legacy.

      1. Obummer is talking now. It’s an act of “terror” and “hate, he says.

        OMG, he just made a gun control push…. “too easy to get hands on a weapon that allows people to shoot in a school, a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a night club. We have to decide if that’s the country we want to be. To do nothing is a decision as well…the hate of the man who took them from us….in the face of hate and violence…those who threaten us…

          1. HEY OBAMA !
            HELLO !

            HEY AFVET!



        1. You can bet Obama’s ‘former’ LGBT base is lining up to purchase weapons.

          He’s probably drafting the gun control E.O. as we speak!

          1. Girly1, on Fox Catherine Herridge said that there’s some cyber security summit in China. Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson was scheduled to fly there for it as well. But, his trip has now been cancelled and Attorney General Lynch is flying back. Catherine Herridge said that, coupled with the fact that FBI Director Comey is briefing Obummer, signifies just how serious this is (despite Obummer’s implication that this is just about “easy access” to guns and hatred of gays).

  8. This man had valid security officer license and firearms license although investigated by the FBI. Do we feel secure ? Trustworthy authorities ?

    1. As I said on another thread, it’s Obama’s ROE.
      Look how long it is taking for the investigations to proceed on Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and now the Clinton e-mail investigations.

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