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Video || Trump: No One Should be Judged by Race or Color

Donald Trump Friday kept tiptoeing away from his attacks against Mexican-American Judge Gonlanzo Curiel, who is presiding over the Trump Universtiy trial, feeling his inner Martin Luther King during an address to evangelicals at the Faith and Freedom conference in Washington.

“No one should be judged by their race or their color, and the color of their skin,” Trump said. “We’re going to bring our nation together”

Trump also, of course, attacked Hillary Clinton, expressed his admiration for the Second Amendment, spoke of his support for “life,” and vowed to defend “Christian Americans” against ISIS.

In addition to learning the conservative catechism, he seems to be learning to use the teleprompter too.

Trump started off with a prolonged interruption by what must be Democratic plants. He reacted less crassly than usual, although given that it’s not his event, he can’t just stand there and demand, “Get ’em out.” He even said something about free speech rights, which I assume took a bit of coaching, though of course these activists are the ones interrupting Trump’s free speech rights.

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  1. If Trump tiptoes too far into the GOPe camp on things like illegal immigration, political correctness, or hands the reins to Ryan, McConnell and Priebus I will walk out of the Trump camp.

    We’ll see in the next couple of days if this is smart or not.

    1. Grace, I do not like it either when he starts speaking like all the others, PC balderdash about racism etc, most people have heard enough of that from Barry. Has he got new coaches ? Too many coaches ? I liked his speech on foreign politics some time ago very much, he had good advisors then. I do not think that he was wrong when he criticized the Mexican judge, I mean, a judge with a hidden agenda, that is horrible in my opinion. It must be valid ground of disqualification.He shouldn´t be allowed to preside in that trial.
      You asked me a question earlier, Grace. Well, it wouldn´t surprise me, but I have only read about one case here, when a Swedish family with a short term contract couldn´t get it renewed because the house was going ( for free ) to a migrant-family. But it is one case too many. The benefits, the costs connected to the immigration is a nightmare. Oh, don´t get me going there…..
      Now it is Soccer-time in Europe ( European Soccer Championship in France ) and our husbands park themselves in front of the TV. We can´t order them around as we normally do…. We call soccer football of course. Here the players really kick the ball all the time,it really is football, in American football the players mostly throw the ball around when they are not in a big fighting heap on the ground , impossible to understand. Just teasing you, Americans……

      1. Thanks SWL. Next time I see something like that I will post the link. And you are right even one is too many.

        I would expect Trump to add on advisors. As long as he takes seriously the counsel of Jeff Sessions and not pretty boy Paulie, the Turtle or Mittens.

  2. He should have these agitators expelled. He has a right to speak without verbal comments. One thing is carrying a poster and another yelling while he’s speaking. Out with these commies!

  3. When I see Trump pretending to be being anything other than his incorrigible self, I am reminded of the ill-fated, Jack Nicholson character in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, ‘Mac’ McMurphy.

    It took Nurse Ratched and a lobotomy to alter the personality of the ‘Pied Piper’ of the mental ward. The results were devastating, as was the final scene in the film.

    The RNC cannot play the role of Nurse Ratched. Trump will always be Trump…square peg, round hole.

  4. Dear Donald: Stop acting stupid. I follow the polls very closely. In August of last year prior to your rant against Megyn Kelly, a fairly innocent female Fox news reporter, some national polls were showing you at 2 points behind Hillary Clinton. Within a month of your disgusting rant against Megyn Kelly, those same polls were showing you then at 16 points behind Hillary Clinton. Yes, you survived those Republican primaries because your Republican opponents were essentially politically anemic. Those Republican opponents, even with the good credentials they had, were correctly perceived as want-to-bees by the world and not really being Presidential material ready to take on the job. You are Presidential material and everybody on this planet from Vladimir Putin down knows it.

    Hillary Clinton despite her lies, despite her corruption, despite the fact that she should be indicted and found guild of violating the nation’s Espionage Act as well as a consistent pattern of violating other laws and other criminal acts compromising the rights, lives, and liberty of many other human beings in our society for decades now is also correctly perceived as Presidential material. Laws for us are for Hillary Clinton an annoyance that she just can’t be bothered with. She too can lead this nation.

    Millions of dollars and votes later, here at the beginning of 2016 June FINALLY Donald Trump was leading in those same polls nationally AGAIN against Hillary Clinton by two points. Then stupid, foolish, idiotic Donald Trump blows it, has yet another tantrum this time against a sitting Federal Judge, and suddenly Donald Trump is AGAIN two to three points behind Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race. All those votes, all that money, and all that time appears to have been completely wasted.

    What a surprise? No, Donald this was no surprise at all. Donald, for a wise guy, you appear at the same time to be a complete idiot. You’re not getting this. The Bible clearly states this (Matthew 15:11) “Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.” You, no one else, defiles Donald Trump. Maybe the American people will forget and forgive you yet another time. But Donald, you are running out of chances and running out of time. Try to at least to learn something into that thick head of yours. For God’s sake, use a teleprompter. You have all the answers and that which is needed for our country. But otherwise, keep your foolish mouth shut and stay on message. The country does not need your opinions, but rather your leadership.

    If you don’t, not only will you loose the Presidency, but you will be condemning our entire country and the world yet again to living yet through another 8 more years of incompetent, corrupt Democratic leadership in our Presidency, and thus causing the continued decay of American civilization and leadership. Your success or failure as well as this nation’s success or failure is entirely in your hands.

    Love Pastor Burt.

    1. “The Bible clearly states this (Matthew 15:11) “Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.” You, no one else, defiles Donald Trump.”

      Jesus also told the disciples that when persecution begins to grow “I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which none of your adversaries will be able to withstand or contradict” (Luke 21:15).

      I hear Trump’s ‘mouth’, but find no evidence of ‘wisdom’ emanating from his lips. Quite the opposite!

        1. PS I also have yet to see evidence of Judge Curiel’s hidden agenda, as Swedish Lady put it. Does she mean that La Raza mixup thing…? If he stood tall against the cartels, I am thinking he also has the courage stand tall in this case and release documents as he sees fit. I am so sick of this subject–he really needs to say a new lame thing…have mercy!

          1. Can’t speak for SwedishLady, but I am assuming she is referring to the LaRaza/Curiel connection.

            I do not fault Trump for wanting Curiel to recuse himself. I’ll give him a pass on that one. (Not the rant – the recusal).

            He claims not to be ‘racist’ and five minutes later he is calling Warren ‘Poccahontos’, LOL.

          2. Yes Girly and Star, I have read about the activist connections and that must be valid ground of disqualification, a recusal. There should never be even a suspicion of partiality in a case. I am sure you have the same rules as we have.

          3. SL–did you also read that there are two El Raza groups etc.–the rioting in the streets one is not the one he did legal pro bono work for. I do a health blog–if I also do volunteer work in a hospital and see bad management there, does that mean I cannot be objective in judging all hospital best practices? I am not posting on this subj. He went way back before the most recent comments, pecking at the judge for being against him because HE (I guess by his admission now) is against Mexicans by wanting to wall them off from the US.

          4. I read your comments Star, and it reminded me that you are a registered Democrat. You have stated that you find the Clintons and the Obamas unacceptable. But perhaps you continue to identify with much of the Democrat platform. No direct verbatim citation.

    1. For organizations like Code Pink, etc. the ’60’s will last forever. Their political views were formed in the ’60’s and they will be imprisoned there for the rest of their lives. They are coiled like snakes in a basket, always ready to strike and inflict their poison on the rest of society.

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