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Video || Obama Slow Jams the News

President Obama slow jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show the other night. Because, as Obama has been lecturing Donald Trump, the presidency is a serious job.

14 thoughts on “Video || Obama Slow Jams the News”

  1. Did he just say that TPP would “make America great again”?

    All those who demand equal time: when will Trump get the same treatment, where he can bash Hillary, sing his own praises, and get millions of dollars of air time to promote him and his campaign for free? (Or will Obama spend our tax dollars on that, too?)

      1. Trump gets plenty of air time, much of it negative. I don’t recall him getting the “You are the Greatest” treatment from any other late night shows. There seems to be a very strong double standard in today’s media, with liberals as the “home team”, and those on the right as “others”.

        BTW: Trump was bashed for accepting an endorsement from “Mike Tyson, the rapist” (while Hillary’s rapist gets a pass). And that same Mike Tyson is a pallbearer at Ali’s funeral, and I’ve yet to hear complaints there.

        1. Tell me about the neg airtime he gets from Bolling, Hannity, Pirro, Guilfoyle, O’Reilly, I could go on. Not so much on MoJoe anymore–but he used to get a lot there before he cut them off.

          1. Haven’t seen much of those shows / comments. And I haven’t seen Trump treated as the real “American Idol”, which Obama consistently is.

  2. More on the Doofus-in-Chief:

    ‘Orange is not the new black’: Obama pokes fun at Trump and slow jams the news on Fallon – as he says sleeping and Hawaii holidays will be his ‘retirement’ priorities

    • Obama became the first sitting president to appear on The Tonight Show on Thursday – but it wasn’t his first time slow jamming the news with Fallon
    • They teamed up in 2012 when Fallon was still the host of The Late Show
    • Obama leaves office in January; his first stop will be somewhere warm he said, he’s looking forward to getting some sleep
    • They talked at length about the 2016 race and Obama took several cracks at Republican nominee Donald Trump

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