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Video || Make America Date Again

A singles website for Trump supporters. Kind of funny. Nobody faces tough questions after the appetizers when the date finds out they’re having dinner with a Trump enthusiast.

9 Responses to Video || Make America Date Again

  1. Is this true? Sign this lonely guy up ASAP!
    …I could finally date a girl with similiar political views to mine? = -no more commies, or -skitso democrat chicks -or -clueless bimbos… -LOL


    Married couple set up dating site for Trump supporters who have been dumped for revealing their love of The Donald

    • David and Tanya Goss set up dating site for die-hard Donald Trump fans
    • Claim support for presumptive Republican nominee can ruin romance
    • Pair from California launched it in May – and 500 people have signed up

  3. Makes perfect sense. The only people who like fat, ignorant disgusting Trump loving trash are the other fat, disgusting blowhard retarded TrumpTrash…