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Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 10, 2016

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  1. Clown show! Majic knee grow no longer relevant


    Stunning Emails Reveal How Clinton Foundation Donor Bought Seat As Hillary’s Nuclear Weapons Advisor

    1. The “majic knee grow” has run it’s course – it is an ignorant and unbecoming choice of words.
      It shows your ignorance. Insults and demeaning descriptions are never a positive reflection on those who use such words.
      So, if you are a learned and well read individual, use words that appropriately reflect who you are.
      And I hope you are learned and well read.
      And I am not and have never been a BHO supporter.

        1. And if this unimaginative person once again intends to call me “falling star,” my daughter made me laugh the other day when I told her about this character. She said, “Mom–falling stars are beautiful and can grant wishes.”

    1. Trump disrupted at speech to day. He handled it very good indeed!

      Make America great!

      Go Trump – undo the majickneegrow BS !

      Stop the Hildabeast crook – send her to Jail!

      Bill claims he slept with 2000 women!!

      1. They were Code Pink people:

        ‘Very rude, but what are you gonna do?’ Trump shrugs off Code Pink protesters as they crash his evangelical Christian speech and shout about Syrian refugees

        • Donald Trump’s speech to an evangelical Christian group was interrupted by shouts form the far-left group ‘Code Pink’ on Friday
        • Instead of yelling for Secret Service to ‘get ’em out’ or barking at the protesters, he shrugged it off and called it a ‘freedom of speech’ moment
        • Trump told the Christian-right convention that a President Hillary Clinton would ‘push for federal funding of abortion on demand, up until the moment of birth’
        • Across town, Clinton told an abortion clinic group’s political arm: ‘We are not going to let Donald Trump or anyone else turn back the clock’

      1. Did they mention O’Reilly’s ugly divorce where he is suing his ex for $10 million for using his money to start a life with a Long Island cop–and his daughter does not want to live with him because he is an on and off dad?

  2. I posted this down in the daily schedule thread. This is what Obummer was doing today, and is probably the reason he didn’t go to Muhammad Ali’s funeral. He sent ValJar there with a letter to read from him.

    Malia Obama, the president’s daughter, graduated from Sidwell Friends School today.

    A photo of the Class of 2016 posted to Sidwell’s Facebook page shows Malia standing proudly in the third row, center, wearing a white dress and surrounded by classmates.

    “On a perfect June morning, joyfulness re16ned as the Class of 2016 received their diplomas,” the photo caption reads.

    Secret Service installed magnetometers to screen attendees at the private school in Washington, D.C., according to several posts on social media.

    Malia, 17, will attend Harvard University in the fall of 2017, taking a gap year off before moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    President Obama and the first family also had lunch to celebrate Malia’s graduation at Cafe Milano in Georgetown.

    Today is also Sasha Obama’s 15th birthday, giving the first family even more cause for celebration.

    1. who’s kids are they really? If Michelle is a Tranny then where did the kids come from?

      No pictures of Michel pregnant? Kid do not look like either of them.

      Obummer has hid his past! why?

      1. They are children. Leave them be.
        Kids nowadays have too much information and ideology and choice – takes them a while to settle on what they truly believe.
        Whatever that will be, the Obama girls will be no different than any other teenagers.
        When they are adults, they can withstand the thoughts and challenges and insults (I guess) from others.
        Until then – let them be.

        1. I agree. As a general working principle, leave the kids alone. They didn’t chose to be where they are. they are still kids, after all, with all the issues growing up delivers to kids. They’re developing their own identities, values, principles, world views. It cannot be easy to be the child of a celebrity who’s always in the news, always on point, always getting criticized. It’s not the kids fault.

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