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Video || Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton

Well, President Obama finally decided it was time to endorse Hillary Clinton.

Now, let me ask you a question. What kind of signal does that send to the people in the FBI who are investigating her potentially criminal activity?

Obama, of course, doesn’t care. Or he does, and he hopes they get the message.


23 thoughts on “Video || Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton”

  1. Hopefully it stiffens their spines and reminds them he’s gone in a few months and they owe the American people and the Constitution that they will do their jobs and file the criminal referral and dump it in Lynch’s lap and make her defend herself against being Obama’s lap dog.

    1. Dream on Geoff.
      Obama is a notorious arm twister.
      He is a thug and Bernie Sanders just probably got a dose of it.

      The fact that he says that he is not dropping out of the race is interesting.

    1. Darn if I can find the clip now, but earlier today Hillary said outright that there will not ever be any charges with regard to her email. Now if that isn’t a fix, I don’t know what is.

      1. Doncha remember, way back in April, Obama declared Hillary innocent of all charges re her email scandal. So that’s that. Case closed thanks to Leading Political Forensics Investigator, Chief Scandal Detective on all crimes in which he could possibly be implicated, Barry Obama.

        Even Hillary declares she’s innocent of any behavior that could screw up her chances to be President of these here United States. She’s said that about 10,000 times already, so it must be true. And she knows whether she’s innocent or not. Yessiree, Bob. Don’t you doubt that for a second.

        From Investors Business Daily, April 2016:

        “Obama Declares Hillary Innocent, Then Guarantees No Interference”

        Meanwhile, in other news, Lady Justice continues to weep for our beloved country.

        1. Wired–predecided… Like if a job opening is “wired”–they may advertise because they have to but they already know who is being hired…

    2. Obama will protect Hillary. She knows too many of Barry’s embarrassing and shameful secrets–like, what was he doing, and who was he spending time with on the night of the Benghazi attacks. And lots more. Hillary’s lower level staff, on the other hand, better lawyer up fast. They’re cooked.

  2. It’s just odd that his endorsement came as a pre-taped video. He was almost too happy and giddy to be making an Presidential endorsement of such a miserable failure of a person. I wonder how many takes that took?

    Why not in the Rose Garden with Hillary beside him like he did with Biden’s non-announcement for running.

    Yeah, I’m catching a subliminal message in that performance.

    1. Hillary has the same attitude.
      The only ones that can defeat her is the voters, and that attempt will be suspect if it fails.

      Whether Bernie survives the onslaughts is a question worth playing out.

      Trump is going to have to win in a massive landslide, otherwise, Hillary will win.

      There is no close this time.

    2. If we had anything resembling a government, an opposition party, a media instead of a propaganda arm and a few responsible voters this might go somewhere. We don’t. I don’t see why we just don’t have a coronation.

  3. And after he intrudes upon the election he is prancing off to a closed door meeting with Loretta Lynch Mob. We are done for. There is no rule of law in this country.

    They should all be dragged out by their feet.

  4. Coming from UK’s The Daily Mail:

    “White House calls FBI probe into Clinton’s classified emails a ‘criminal investigation’ – to glee of Republicans – on the same day Obama endorses her”

    The US MSM are still figuring out how to spin this, and blame those awful Republicans.

  5. I think the FBI already got the message & has made the decision to clear her of any crime. Otherwise, why would Obama’s press agent tell reporters yesterday that Obama is “confident” no charges will be brought? Moreover, the press conference was held just after Lynch met w Obama at the WH. It disgusts me that the FBI will merely slap her on the wrist; that’s what it looks like to me.

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