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Obama Schedule || Friday, June 10, 2016

The president has no public schedule today

All times Eastern
Live stream of briefing with Press Secretary Josh Earnest and Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL Brett McGurk at 12:30 pm

15 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, June 10, 2016”

    1. Thanks AVet.
      Brought back memory of reading ’30 Seconds Over Tokyo when I was younger.
      I think I even built a plastic model of The Ruptured Duck, I built so many models I can’t remember.

  1. Are Barry and Hillary “political friends ” now because they want to stop Trump from finding out their crimes and secrets and be public about it ? They are aware that he will not play by their “rules”.

    1. OT to Sw. I read that both Sweden and Germany are kicking people out of their homes and giiving them to refugees (aka Invaders).

    1. Yes, I read that earlier in the week in some article about Malia’s high school graduation being the reason why Obummer can’t be at Muhammad Ali’s funeral today. He sent ValJar with a letter to read from him.

  2. I wonder how many people got to stay over night in the taxpayer’s house last night after the party. And now today maybe they are enjoying our pool, our theatre, our bowling alley, our food, our drinks etc.

  3. Wow–tote that drywall–tough day. Usually I think these discussions of his schedule are repetitive and boring–but NOTHING? Not even some madeup dopey thing like greeting a professional Frisbee team?

    1. Its a shame NO ONE in this “WH press corps” will report-question what Obama is doing today…These so-called “reporters” work in the White House; they talk to staff; hear rumors-know REAL things about this Obama regime & that fake family…but they will not dare report the ‘truth’.

      Remeber the gun incident a few weeks back; it seemed like this useless “WH press corps” was surprised-shocked Obama was out golfing, heck they never even reported where Michelle was that day.


    Malia Obama, the president’s daughter, graduated from Sidwell Friends School today.

    A photo of the Class of 2016 posted to Sidwell’s Facebook page shows Malia standing proudly in the third row, center, wearing a white dress and surrounded by classmates.

    “On a perfect June morning, joyfulness re16ned as the Class of 2016 received their diplomas,” the photo caption reads.

    Secret Service installed magnetometers to screen attendees at the private school in Washington, D.C., according to several posts on social media.

    Malia, 17, will attend Harvard University in the fall of 2017, taking a gap year off before moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    President Obama and the first family also had lunch to celebrate Malia’s graduation at Cafe Milano in Georgetown.

    Today is also Sasha Obama’s 15th birthday, giving the first family even more cause for celebration.

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