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Live Stream || Obama Hosts East Room LGBT Celebration

18 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Hosts East Room LGBT Celebration”

  1. OT, but when the Clinton people and the trained lab rats in the MSM start whining about Trump University, you can show them this:

    “The Clinton University Scandal?”

    And from the story:

    “But did you know that Bill Clinton was a university chancellor? I didn’t either. There he is, over to the left. Moreover, he was paid $16 million by Laureate International Universities to be their “honorary” chancellor. Just think how much Slick Willie could have pulled down if he’d been a real chancellor. Just what is Laureate International University? It’s the parent company of Walden University, a mostly online, for-profit diploma mill that is facing the same kind of civil suits and fraud allegations as Trump University. Funny how the media seems to be uninterested in this story.”

    My crystal ball informs me that the not the MSM, nor Obama nor the Clintons will want to talk about this little scandal. Ever. But now we all know about it.

    1. I heard about this on Hannity’s radio show tonight.
      I wonder what other crap they’re hiding.
      Slowly but surely it is all being exposed.

      1. Excellent stuff! Glad to see it. One of my nephews went to a high school in North Carolina that was affiliated with a university (don’t now which university).

        He was able to take college level courses along with regular high school classes, so when he graduated from high school, he simultaneously received an associate degree from the university. Very cool accomplishment. Not sure how prevalent this type of program in in the country, and didn’t know anything about the program you wrote about. So that made my day!

  2. It is summer month and vacation month not this made up month celebration month. Barry go support the criminal Hillary, leave my favorite JUNE alone.

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