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Video || Trump Surrogate Incurs Bewildering Barrage on CNN

Boy, this guy had a bad time last night.

Let’s just put aside for a moment the facts of the argument over Trump and Judge Curiel. CNN put on its eight-person panel last night — plus Anderson Cooper — a single Trump defender, Jeffrey Lord, who hilariously took incoming from all sides. He didn’t help himself any by making the absurd case that Trump is “calling attention to racism” by referring to Curiel as a “Mexican.”

11 thoughts on “Video || Trump Surrogate Incurs Bewildering Barrage on CNN”

  1. It’s not so bewildering or even a mystery why liberals/Dems are attacking MrTrump in every way, on every media- they know he can beat MrsClinton in November.
    The bewildering attacks are coming from the RINOs who fear for their own backsides. By refusing to admit their goal that matches the Dems goal of an open border so as to satisfy their corporate backers, they feel they must defend “Mexicans” even if it costs them the WhiteHouse.
    The whole political establishment fears this citizen candidate as if he were carrying a contagious disease. In one sense, MrT is a danger that could upset all of the carefully positioned establishment protocols. If other “citizens” decide that they, too, could be elected as they oust the incumbents, the RINOs and Dems know their time in office is in peril.

    1. I honestly don’t know who will win–the voter has to compromise all principles of decency, common sense, and intelligence either way, in my opinion. There is no Rep party I would vote for left to save, so if these “elites” are so worried, they might as well thrown down on the guy and let the chips fall. Again, a lost decade either way…or 8 yrs anyway. Only four would be too much to hope for.

  2. It certainly brought La Raza into the conversation, which the media is ignoring Judge Curiel’s link to. Also, see Mayor and Police Chief of San Jose allowing the mob violence against Trump’s supporters.

    La Raza IS a racist group, the Judge should recuse himself from the Trump case.

    1. You mean the San Diego lawyers group where Curiel did pro bono or the Mexican-flag waving street rioters? Oh, I don’t even care–I would just “misconstrue” your ans, probably.

  3. Both of Curiel’s parents were illegal aliens. Curiel is an anchor baby. Trump wants to deport all illegals AND their American citizen anchor babies. Curiel is a member of the LaRaza Lawyer’s Assn. that has donated over $6M to Hillary and another Hispanic Business group that has expressed the intent to target Trump’s business interest.

    Do you think there could be any bias here??? Sheesh. Curiel should recuse himself.

    On the other hand, Trump is allowing his business interests to come before his presidential aspirations by insulting all ‘Mexicans’.

    **The DEMS can throw the Curiel case back in Trump’s face by using it as an example of an ‘anchor baby’ success story.

    What a mess!

  4. …thankfully I’ve been on a drinking binge for the last 48hrs (“liberty call”) so I missed all of last nights so-called ‘election coverage’ for the bitch Hillary…

  5. Looks like Jeffrey Lord went through a big session of “thought control”, conducted by some trained seals who get paid to pose as “experts” and “journalists” on television.

    Watching the humiliation thrown at Lord, the mocking words, the astounded expressions, the spit flying everywhere from these political goons as they attempt to prove to Lord that he was committing some sort of hate crime for his political position. All they didn’t ask is: “Is it not true, Herr Lord, that you once dated a Jewish girl!?!?!?!?” Or, “Did you not once complain about Stalin, Gaspadin Bogolyubov, while waiting for a train in Minsk????”

    We’re going to see a lot of this stuff in the next few months as the Hillary tools and puppets get warmed up.

    Lord missed an opportunity to yell back at these spineless puppets, “You can’t HANDLE the truth”, from the movie, “A Few Good Men”.

    Here’s the scene.

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