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McCaskill: Hillary Chose to “Serve the Public” Over Money

I only have once question for Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill. Are you insane?

No, really, this can’t even be a lie. It has to be a critical malfunctioning of the neocortex.

McCaskill said:

Hillary Clinton could have made a choice in her life to make money. She made a choice at every juncture in her life to serve the public.

Well, if be serving the public you mean the lunches that were set down before bankers at her $200,000 for a half hour speeches, then, yes, the public was served.

McCaskill is married to businessman Joseph Shepherd, who, for example, has his own private plane. So maybe for McCaskill, earning $200,000 for a speech qualifies as a vow of poverty.

23 thoughts on “McCaskill: Hillary Chose to “Serve the Public” Over Money”

  1. Seems like the audio got clipped. I believe the full quote should be “She made a choice to serve (HERSELF FROM) the public (TROUGH).”

    Maybe Hillary can blame this on the tape.

    1. You’re right, Playrighter – statement needs some editing – she did make the decision to make money; she does only serve herself.

  2. Living in Missouri I have to deal with this parasite on a far too regular basis. She dropped Hillary in 08 for Obama and now she’s back with Hillary. It’s all about the TV time with Claire.

      1. Pretty general boilerplate on her site…not wowed. For example, ahe is a doctor of osteopathy and ER physician in addition to state legislator (ours are part-time). But all she says is she is for patient centered and market solutions. Doctors and esp hosp-based ones, in my experience, are not insurance savvy. She is also for meaningful work…who can argue with that?

        1. There is another candidate, too–with some views I don’t share. I am bearing in mind that McCain is a war hero who has earned my respect for that alone, and he has seniority, meaning he can do more for the state than a newcomer. Will this woman get on all the “shows” and stand up for things you believe in–even to the limited extend McCain stands up (I refer to his shillyshallying on Trump).

    1. The current first lady!

      Went to a soup kitchen wearing $500 sneakers, I believe.

      I’m laughing writing this. Just too funny.

        1. Thinking about it, even if I were super rich, I can’t see spending copious amounts of money for clothes & shoes…nice clothes, ok butt absurdly expensive stuff ….no.

  3. When I do my job and provide goods and services that help others, why isn’t that considered serving the public? I am better off because of it (although I make less in a year than one of Hillary’s speeches) and so are my customers.

  4. McCaskill is prima facie evidence of what Trump spoke about last evening…we must rid our nation of these so called leaders that bend and warp the rules to their own benefit and our own demise.


    1. Like Trump says,….All talk and no action.
      I am sick of watching them flap their jaws and nothing is done.
      Trump may be a great talker but he has a reputation as a doer.

      We need a doer in the worst way.

  5. Just let them keep talking.
    They are exposing themselves for the charlatans they are.
    The only people listening to them are the people that are paying attention, and the ones that are know what they are.

    Anybody that supports Hillary at this point is either a fool or a crook.

  6. Millions of Americans serve the public and never see a single dime for their efforts. The Boy and Girl Scout leaders, the coaches at youth sports, those who conduct drives for clothes, food, and books for the under-privileged, the volunteers at the local hospitals, and all of those who serve in their communities never get recognition or money.
    The Clintons are greedy, selfish, money-grubbing criminals who have sold our future and their souls.

    1. Yep, she be the one. And if it wasn’t for the ego of one A hole Todd Akin refusing to step aside in 2012 McCaskill was in for a guaranteed defeat.
      She even played a part in promoting Akin to win the primary because she knew he’d be the easier one to beat.
      She also refused to acknowledge Missouri voters referendum against Obamacare and still shoved it down our throats. She is the epitome of the limousine liberal.

    1. Note Verne Jordan, relative of Valerie Jarret.

      This people all want no borders for the USA and the EU

      Wake up out there!!!!

  7. McCaskill is no brain trust, that’s for sure. I think she said he had never heard of Obama until her daughter caught her up. Then she became his biggest booster. I think she is also the richest woman in Congress, or the Senate, someplace–anyhow, she has got rocks.

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