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Hillary Clinton’s Free Stuff

Mitt Romney took a lot of . . . heat  . .  . in 2012 for saying Democrats give voters free stuff. What, exactly, was inaccurate about it? I thought you might enjoy this article I did for LifeZette, detailing the free stuff Mrs. Clinton is offering voters.

From the piece:

Paying for things yourself is hard. You have work long hours, sacrifice time with your friends, spouse and children — and possibly turn off the TV or shut down your Obamaphone.

But Democrats have a better way. Here’s the plan. You take other people’s money, and spend it on yourself! Simple, right? No, you won’t go to jail. That’s because when the government does it for you, it’s completely legal! Don’t worry about their sacrifices, ingenuity and endless hours of work. You can take their money — and if they refuse, they go to jail, not you!

Because, you see, the author of “It Takes a Village” and others on the Left believe that the villagers must be forced to do their “share” for the collective benefit of the masses.

Hillary Clinton has arranged a vast pu pu platter of free tidbits for everyone.

Free college. Free daycare. Have a look at the rest of the article here.

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Free Stuff”

  1. If I was on govt welfare, why would I vote for anyone other than a Democrat. However, the Republican party likes to give handouts to their friends.

    What is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican? Seems to me Democrats hand a little to a lot of people, and a lot to a few. Republican hand out a lot to a chosen few.

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