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Video || Paul Ryan Says Trump’s Comments “Racist”

Poor Paul Ryan. He wants to be “Mr. Principles” when it comes to the Republican Party, but he also wants to be Speaker. And so he can’t really not support the Party’s nominee, but he made a big show of his reluctance to do so and the things he needed to hear from Trump in order to grant his blessing.

Trump, who knows more about negotiations than the Speaker of the House, met none of Ryan’s conditions, far as I can tell. So Ryan just endorsed him anyway, and now he has to live with it.

“I disavow these comments — I regret those comments that he made,” said Ryan, his voice cracking, concerning Trump’s remarks that the judge in the Trump University case can’t rule fairly because of his Mexican heritage. “Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment,” Ryan said.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was one of the few big name Republicans coming to Trump’s defense.

“I know Donald Trump, I’ve known him for fourteen years, and Donald Trump’s not a racist,” said Christie, who met with Trump at Trump Tower in New York City today. “The allegations that he is [racist] are absolutely contrary to very experience that I’ve had with him over the last 14 years,” said Christie, who spoke before the meeting.

Christie, I suspect, may have had a role in crafting Trump’s statement this afternoon that he will stop bad mouthing the judge.

13 thoughts on “Video || Paul Ryan Says Trump’s Comments “Racist””

    1. In his heart a Democrat or Uni Party. But the only way he can continue on his path to the WH is to continue to be a “Republican”.

      Republican support for Trump is pathetic. If they cannot back him, fine. Just keep your mouth shut then. And as the Speaker of the House, pretty boy Paul could have thought of some other way or word to chastise Trump other than calling him a “racist”.

      1. Trump isn’t a racist.
        He alluded that the judge may be biased due to his affiliation with LaRaza.
        He was also correct in stipulating that the said judge and the law firm has contributed heavily to the Clinton’s.

  1. Recap: it’s not “racist” to identify with your ancestor’s heritage.
    New Point: A person born in Mexico is considered to be a Mexican. Mexican is not a new race, it is just describing where one was born.
    Old point: If we ask Joe Kasinski what nationality he was, he would probably say “Polish”, not American. People of Irish descent identify as “Irish”.

    MrTrump can be accused of “bigotry” not racism.

  2. LaRaza aka ‘The Race’, is an
    ‘anti-gringo’ organization of open borders and supporters of illegal immigration that goes against every principle of a Conservative Republican.
    Judge Curiel is an active member of a LaRaza Lawyer’s group in San Diego.
    He, Judge Curiel, is the ‘racist’, not Donald Trump.

    Unfortunately, Trump does sound like a ‘racist’ when he insults ‘Mexicans’ in general. Not all Mexicans are affiliated with LaRaza, as is Judge Curiel. Yes, Judge Curiel is an ‘American’ by birth, but he is also an activist for a very subversive group of ‘anti-Gringo’ racists.

    There is a huge difference between being of Mexican descent and being a supporter of LaRaza. Trump never makes that distinction.

    Ryan, Rubio et al need to do some fact checking.

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