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Video || Obama Meets 108-Year-Old Man

This was cute. But, gosh, Obama could have spent more than three seconds with the guy. Look how he is hanging on to Obama’s hand as the president tries to get away.

If this fellow really is 108 years old — sorry, the reporter in me can be a skeptic — he is unbelievable shape.

Maybe that’s what happened. Obama joked that the man was “lying about his age.” Maybe Obama wasn’t joking.

Anyway, let’s believe he is 108. Even if he’s just a spry 98, the guy is adorable.

6 thoughts on “Video || Obama Meets 108-Year-Old Man”

  1. Today is the 1st day of Ramadan. If Obummer is not wearing his wedding ring it will be proof he is a Muslim!

    No Jewelry during Ramadan. Watch and we shall learm!

  2. If this man is anywhere near 100 years old, then his near relatives might have been slaves. At the least, he lived through some of the worst of racism in the US.
    We can imagine his wonder and joy that a Black man could be POTUS and he got to shake his hand.
    Nice. Fitting.

  3. Ron in Ohio Sez:
    NOT FUNNY! Once again our Plagiarist (PSEUDO) President has had another failed attempt at humor.

    Remember when Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner did their 2000 Year Old Man Routine? That was real comedy and they didn’t need some poor foil in their plot just to make themselves look better.

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