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Sunday Open Thread || June 4, 2016

60 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || June 4, 2016”

  1. Hmm, no Mooch sightings in NYC yet even though it’s highly likely that after her commencement speech at CUNY on Friday she’s spending a girls’ weekend in NYC while Barry golfs in Florida.

    Hey, let’s take bets… Which Beyonce concert will Moochelle show up at this week (Beyonce is her idol, ya know, and the one person she said she’d love to be if she could):

    Sun, June 5th: Philadelphia, PA
    Lincoln Financial Field

    Tues, June 7th: New York, NY
    Citi Field

    Wed, June 8th: New York, NY
    Citi Field

    Fri, June 10th: Baltimore, MD
    M&T Bank Stadium

  2. No Statements and/or Releases from Barack Obama on the Death of 9 US Soldiers at Fort Hood.
    However, statement released on death of Ali.

    His silence is LOUD and CLEAR.

      1. Agree. And I know I may be in the minority on this but I’ve never had the awe for Ali.
        Yes, he was an absolute great in the boxing ring but he was also a coward who used faux activism to shirk the draft.
        My reverence and respect has, does and will always to the men and women of our Armed Forces over sports celebrities any day.

        1. I don´t like him either, Geoff. But then, I don´t care much about boxing. I have read that he was a negligent father and a lousy husband. Tells a lot about a person.

          1. I feel the same as Geoff and Swedish Lady. I just turned to the Travel Channel yesterday. I was so tired of having Ali in my face all day. Must have been a real slow news day.

        2. Clay aka Ali was a coward!
          On April 28th 1967 Ali refused to step forward after his name was called three times at his draft induced US Armed Forces induction.

          I was drafted at about this same time. I am outraged that a draft dodger is celabrated.

          Being drafted really changed my life and it was not what I wanted to do. It was a bad experience.

          F@#%$ the dodger mofo!

          1. Implying the bone spur was legit, I guess. He can’t remember what foot now. I knew people who came up with many “reasons” in the day. At least Ali went CO. It cost him yrs of his career. Also as the war went on and on, those “reasons” became important and they took people anyway. I new people who got married and quickly had a kid. And I do agree with dear racist here–the draft made it much different situation than today…when our troops are all volunteers. And yet, even though many felt they had no choice and went, they were treated horribly when they returned. Bad times.

          2. “I am outraged that a draft dodger is celabrated.”

            So was Clinton.
            Hell, Bernie Sanders spent his honeymoon in Russia.

          3. I enlisted because I wanted some control over my future.
            Many of the guys that I graduated with didn’t.

            The induction center was interesting.

          4. you are via free speech to say and believe what you want.

            I believe he was a dodger a coward and a lair.

            Becoming a muslum was just a way of getting out of serving.

            The rest of us could just go an die in a rice paddy for no real reason!!!!!!!

          5. Well, since I have permission to say what I think, I think Ali stuck with his Muslim faith for a lifetime–and didn’t “forget” it like the bone spur. There is no comparison.

    1. He doesn’t giva shoot, we all know that, a real sick dummy he is. Right away he came out with a statement about Ali, never a word about NINE (9) SOLDIERS! And they say his numbers are up? Wonder who they asked, a bunch of communist democrats I suppose. Phony figures about him for his entire phony presidency.

  3. As predicted:

    Obama golfs with NBA legends in Florida

    President Obama on Saturday hit the links with some big names from the world of sports.

    The president was joined at the Floridian Golf Club in Palm City by NBA Hall of Famer Alonzo Mourning, basketball legend Ray Allen and Houston Astros owner Jim Crane, who also owns the Floridian.

    All three have played golf with the president before.

    Obama played at the club last year with Mourning and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad. He’s also played there with golf legend Tiger Woods.

    The president is spending the weekend golfing after attending two Democratic fundraisers Friday night.

  4. I read that Secret Service officer Gary Byrne is disclosing his first hand experience with the Clintons in a new book. I look forward to it. And even more so if a Secret Service officer will expose the Obamas in the same way as I see Okie Dokie Obama as the ultimate puppet. It will certainly be interesting to know what really was going on. But I wonder, are not Secret Service people in some sort of a “quarantine” when they leave ? Legally bound by intricate contracts ? Is it not dangerous for them to speak out ?

    1. SL, my guess is that most of the book will be based on Byrne’s testimony during the Ken Starr hearings. Not very newsy for the baby boomer crowd, but a great primer for the Millennials.

      Billy Boy has a problem. He loves the spotlight but he might be better off cowering under Hillary’s Mao jackets until this charade is over.

  5. Good morning all. I noticed that the Byrne book went from #60,436 to #1 on Amazon w/in 24 hours of Drudge posting it. Looks like there’s going to be a new meaning to “fell the Byrne”. (For Hillary at least) So glad this agent is putting the truth out there. So many don’t have a clue who the Clinton’s really are and every exposure to the truth of their corruption is a step in the right direction.

    And……….yep…….it’s Sunday. 72 years ago tomorrow one of the most important events of human history occurred. I tip my hat to the two men who did the most to make sure we never forget what happened on those Normandy beaches.

    Have a great Sunday all.

    Two men forever bound to “The Longest Day” – June 6, 1944 My Sunday JGlobe column:
    #DDay #tcot #NeverForget

  6. re: Secret Service tell-all book on the Clintons
    You can read excerpts at Amazon.

    The first tell-all is about a blue vase that hit Bubba, giving him a black eye.
    If ever a husband deserved a blue vase black eye, it has to be Bill Clinton. IMO, of course.
    The rest seems to be that the Clintons were paranoid, bossy, mean, loud, and everything we suspected.

          1. she did not get the sarcasm.

            Star is a closed mind not open to new ideas.

            Bernie – raise taxes and pretend everything is free.
            Clinton – crook,conman,killer,does not know what the truth is anymore if ever. Self serving criminal.

          2. Sure she did.
            Her definition of a friendly interviewer is laughable.

            With the White House press corp and the lapdog MSM press bowing to the Clintons at every turn, and ignoring their history.

            Sometimes the truth hurts, and the Clinton’s cannot afford to have the truth exposed.

          3. You don’t watch MoJoe…eyeroll…I think you missed my sarcasm…See, you said I have a closed mind and I was reminding you that yours is closed on another subject…
            clear now? As for your “fill” on the interview–I guess there was nothing new.

          4. So somehow in this mess you two are saying Judge Jeannine is not friendly toward Trump? Well, she is. Maybe someone else is not open to new ideas…think? I am sure not open to his new ideas, that’s for sure–mean, loud, half-baked, and then changed or withdrawn. Nope, not my cuppa.

  7. re: campaign noise
    We’re aware, know what’s going on and who said what, when.
    The low-infos among us don’t know, don’t care, don’t listen to or watch any political debate by talking heads on any channel.
    Most of my immediate family has no idea what MrsC said about MrT, or vice versa. They don’t care about foreign policy, and aren’t aware of the scandal at the State Dept.
    What do they listen to or watch – Netflix, Hulu, U-tube, Facebook, video games, etc., and none of these have the kind of discussions or political turmoil we see on the mainstream MSM.
    The millions or billions of dollars the two parties are raising for TV ads and such are a waste of money, or a windfall for the MSM.
    Barring an criminal indictment or some other felony committed by either candidate, the dye is set. The uncommitted will eventually make up their minds without the aid of attack commercials or endorsements by fringe politicos.
    IMO, of course.

      1. Just wait for the morons in California to go all in for Bernie.

        Free stuff for everyone! FSA army will love him.

        California the free loader capital of the USA

  8. something to consider

    ” “Poor People’s Campaign” (led by Rev. Ralph Abernathy), which protested the launch of Apollo 11 on July 16th, 1969, by showing up with a horse and buggy.

    Rev. Abernathy demanded the money going to Apollo and space exploration be redistributed to fight poverty and starvation in America’s inner cities…

    And his vision won out.

    The final chapters of the book deal not with the exploration and colonization of new worlds, but the redistributing of wealth to pay for EBT/SNAP Food Stamps cards and other welfare payouts.

    We could have been on Mars, but we had to fund Black-Run American instead…”

    We did that and now we have nothing, just more people looking for a hand out.

    See star trek “the trouble with tribles” if you feed them you just get a lot more to feed.

    1. I am a Star Trek junkie.
      The human society hasn’t changed much since we have been alive has it ?
      Technology has improved astronomically since the middle ages when they were trying to make gold.

      We are far from creating a ship like the Enterprise, but, the dream remains.

      Never stop dreaming.

  9. Here are the real democrat’s

    SAN JOSE PD SOURCE: “Chief before Trump speech said NO Arrests, NO altercations, just like BALTIMORE. WE Hope he gets Fired.” #sanjose RT!!!

    Chief is a Clinton supporter

  10. There is someone on this site that never misses a chance to poke Trump, detests Trump, while these comments only will help to get Crooked Hillary elected and we will go further down the path to socialism. Trump is a saint next to the Clintons who have committed so many crimes against this country, the Clintons still live in the 1960’s, they can’t get over it, can’t let go of the past. Hillary Clinton is seriously unattractive in every sense of the word, wants to be first woman president but she doesn’t even dress like a woman in her stretch pants every single day, even at funerals she wears these ugly pants outfits, that is a real sign of a deranged individual who can’t even dress for the occasion. Also, she’s as dumb as dirt, talks about Trump being dangerous when she and Obama had Kadafe in Libya killed, Mubarak in Egypt thrown in jail these two set the whole middle east on fire and still want the Muslim brotherhood murderers to take over the ME. Only the low I.Q.’s will vote for her and a lot of dead and paid-off people, rigged machines, will be the only ones who vote for this POS who didn’t even try to save our Ambassador and the four men in Bengahzi,when they begged, begged, begged her for help and she refused and then they were tortured and murdered. Good luck, only racists who hate white people will vote for this ugly liar with her buck teeth.

    1. I see I’m in moderation? For what? for the truth? Can’t stand the truth so I’m in mod. Geesh, its okay for some people but not for others. Is this turning into a liberal site now?

    2. I see your comment–don’t be paranoid…I am just guessing, but I assume I am the “someone” who dings Trump. But I am not the only one…there is at least one other and I am hoping many many lurkers. And just for the record, I could post many dozens of times of day with substantive comments if I had time. I do go to other sites, too…. Just as I considered it my part-time job to cast shade on Obama, I feel the same about Trump. But I will also not vote for Hillary, but find your comment that the only people who would are racists who hate white people to be particularly ill-chosen.

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