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  1. Was reading over some posts from yesterday–I have an idea…Instead of THE FIVE, record MoJoe for a week and watch it at 5 PM…I dare you… Aw, just kidding…that was for my Air Force friend… Actually they repeat in the MoJoe 3 hrs–so you can get it down to one hr.

  2. Why is FBI indictments for Hillarys email and possible racketeering charges going so slow. Is it the Attny General or is it Obama? Or maybe they don’t have a case. Enauiring minds want to know.

    • I don’t think, as I THINK Trump was getting at, that she is doing what Obama wants in exchange for no indictment, but I do think the pressure is on the DOJ and Comey to slow walk it or even to bury it…Obama came out early telegraphing that there was nothing to see there–like he so often does.

    • Star is right on the slow-walking the investigations.
      They have done the same thing with Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

      It is the Obama administration of which Loretta Lynch is a part of.

    • The Zirka baby in NJ will be supported and treated by us for about a million dollars. The mother came here from Honduras because she couldn’t afford the care there. Whoa. We are a compassionate country, but, there shouldn’t be a revolving door for the world’s poor. America first !

      • Remember, that baby is a US citizen. We can spend a million dollars for her, but 22 vets per day commit suicide because we don’t help them. Makes me ill.

      • Ive been reading up on that story and, while I have compassion for the baby, boy does it tick me off how this mother came here specifically to deliver her anchor baby in a state of the art high risk pregnancy medical center. She and her child are getting the very best of care while so many Americans cannot afford health insurance, or if they do have insurance the very high deductible prevents them from even using it. And then there are our veterans and how horribly they are being treated. Damn, I am beyond PO’d about this. We should send her bill to Honduras. What’s even worse is that this is going to send a message to other pregnant women in the Zika areas to come here for the delivery.

        • The aspect of this situation is exactly as you stated. Tax paying citizens of this country are doing without adequate medical treatment.
          I have compassion for these tiny souls too – and may God have mercy on them – and ease their suffering – and bless future unborn souls with a cure prior to conception.
          We are living in an evil and wicked generation. May God have mercy on all of us.
          His Will be done.

    • When did commencement speeches become political diatribes? Matt Damo and Michelle Obama = birds of a feather.
      My mother-in-law grew up in a house with a dirt floor. My mother’s story has been told here. My father and father-in-law reached the eighth grade in education because they HAD to quit school to help support their family. My father-in-law became a farmer and my father was a carpenter who built houses without the luxury of power tools.
      Their stories are not at all unusual for people of the era of WWI and WWII.
      Does the word “Depression” ring a bell with you? Guess what – white people endured through that era, too.
      So cry me a river, Michelle. You were awarded an elite education and now, the promise of millions for future speeches and appearances and books. You have no idea whatsoever what most people of your parent’s generation lived through…and what some of us clearly remember.
      The difference is we continually strive to improve our future lot in life. People like you keep looking back – and holding “your people” back in the process.
      Someone needs to say it – might as well be me.

      • Nothing more despicable than race-baiting your way to the top on the backs/ miseries of your own people and ancestry.

        She had the gall to tell a graduating class that she wakes up every morning (or is it noontime?) day in a house built by slaves without ever mentioning the hundreds of thousands of White Americans who lost their lives on the battlefield in order to free those slaves.

        What a disgusting piece of vermin!

      • Amen Aileen, well said.
        She has no idea what it takes to struggle through life.
        The pity party isn’t taking hold Michelle.
        Those of us that know your history see you as a liar and a charlatan just like your husband.

      • And you said it beautifully, Aileen. My grandfather was born in the 1870s, left school after the 3rd grade, was a carpenter who built some of the beautiful mansions in Upper Montclair, NJ. When the depression hit, he raised and sold chickens that people came for from miles around, even though he sold them dead but uncleaned. He believed in hard work, not whining, and nobody gifted him anything because of his race, color, or religion.

      • You nailed it, Aileen. Most of us here remember grandparents and parents who lived tough, hardworking lives, going without many of the niceties of life, lived through WW1, the Great Depression, WW2. On my father’s side, they worked in the woods, sawmills, and any other rural job that got them through hard times. On my mother’s side, they worked in shoe shops, cleaning streets for the town, cleaning houses for the well off, and similar jobs. Neither side of the family took a dime from the government. They made do, or did without. Never heard them complain about anything. One grandmother lived to be 100, right to the month; two other grandparents lived to their mid-90’s. Tough as nails, no BS, straight shooters, hard workers. I knew them all well, and miss them a lot.

      • Thank you Aileen. None of these racists are even smart enough to know or say how many white soldiers died to set them free. The so-called first lady? would never even think or care about the lost men that died for the likes of her. Like Hillary Clinton visciously said, “What difference does it make now”. Dumb as dirt.

      • That was my first thought also. I haven’t looked around online yet, but I would not be surprised if Moochelle’s in NYC for a girls’ weekend of Broadway shows and trendy restaurants while Barry golfs the weekend away in Florida.

  3. Also–good article in the current Elle on Kym Worthy, Detroit’s Wayne County prosecutor who came into office, saw a bunch of boxes, asked what they were and they said, rape kits…There were 10,000, I think it said. She flew into action and dug up the money for DNA testing and nailed a bunch of rapists, some of whom were in jail for other offenses–and they had to face the music. Of course, sometimes their victims had to relive it, too, but seemed to find some vindication and solace along with upset. Apparently the statute of limitations is 20 yrs there…which allowed for this.

      • I tried to see if I could get the story–June issue of Elle–and could not. Might be worth picking up. Our Sheriff Joe (eyeroll) has more than 10,000 he has stockpiled without checking them. Many other jurisdictions do this, too–they decide the woman was not credible…in the case of the sample woman in the story, she was deemed uncooperative and her info shelved…She never got the notice to talk to the cop. It costs $1500 each to process for DNA now that that is more advanced..and more people have theirs on file. I know DC did not want to do it. I asked. Also at issue–statutes of limitations. After a time, varies from place to place, the rapist cannot be touched–home free. In DC, it’s 3 yrs–in Detroit, 20 yrs–so she was able to nail a bunch. The woman featured in the story eventually sat in the same room with her assailant, who was serving time for another offense. She let him see she wasn’t afraid, she stood up, as she did when she reported the crime and endured the rape kit. He will now not be eligible for parole until 2027. A small victory maybe–but to her is wasn’t. And it wouldn’t have been to me. My four were never caught.

  4. Bog main headline on Drudge”


    No link to a story yet, just the headline. Story’s probably getting wrapped up before release. This could be interesting. What little secrets has Hillary been hiding? Who’s ratting out whom? We shall see.

    • “Passion for the flag and political affiliation…”
      So rioting and burning the American flag is ok, not political passion.
      I smell a rat over at Warner. They easily could have put a reprimand or equivalent in his employment file.
      Two combat tours protecting the flag and he gets fired for what he believed to be proper on Memorial Day.
      Maybe he was thinking of his fallen fellow Marines.

        • Of course Afvet.
          I was just thinking of his state of mind when he saw the Flag at full mast.
          No intent to disregard the sacrifices of all our fallen. Not me, never.

  5. If someone already mentioned this. Apologies. Obama put out another commerative it’s all about me photographs with Mohammed Ali..RIP

    And get out of the way Obama.

    Someone should read aloud a history of the WH. Built by slaves my as* you ignorant b*itch.

  6. I’m not sure if anyone noticed this regarding Moochelle’s CUNY commencement speech on Friday. Last night, Drudge linked to an NBC New York article about her speech and Drudge’s headline said:



    Drudge still has the headline and pic of Mooch in the middle column, a bit further down.

    Interestingly, my husband saw that on Drudge last night and read the article with that quote, along with some other quotes from her speech. Shortly after my husband read the article and told me about it, I went to read it and the ‘I WAKE UP IN HOUSE BUILT BY SLAVES’ quote was scrubbed from the article.

    Just now, I looked around for it and found it in the NY Times article, in the very last paragraph:

    Mrs. Obama added some personal perspective, as well:

    “It’s the story that I witness every single day when I wake up in a house that was built by slaves, and I watch my daughters — two beautiful, black young women — head off to school, waving goodbye to their father, the president of the United States, the son of a man from Kenya who came here to America for the same reasons as many of you: to get an education and improve his prospects in life.”