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White House Doctored Transcript Related to Iran Lies

The White House edited an official transcript related to whether anyone in the administration had lied about the Iran deal, suggesting a systemic effort to cover up admissions by administration spokesmen that lies were told.

From ABC News:

The question from Fox News reporter Kevin Corke went like this, according to ABC News’ own recording of the briefing:

Corke: Can you state categorically that no senior official in this administration has ever lied publicly about any aspect of the Iran nuclear deal?”

Earnest: No, Kevin.

However, the words “No, Kevin” never made it into the official White House transcript. Instead it picked up with the rest of Earnest’s response, comments about how the White House believes the deal has made America safer.

The White House claims the answer was left out because it was inaudible, but that is untrue.

Earnest’s full answer can be heard in the White House’s own video, posted on its YouTube page, although it is not included in the on-screen captioning. The exchange occurs exactly one hour into the briefing.

Here is the White House video. The question is posed by Corke at almost exactly the one hour mark. Although it’s said quietly, you can hear Earnest say, “No Kevin.”

But here is a screen shot of the White House transcript:

White House transcript

An audio recording of the briefing is made each day by a White House official who sits right below Earnest. It is very hard to imagine that the official did not pick up Earnest’s answer very clearly. The audiotape should be released. But of course, that can be doctored too.

The revelation comes following a State Department admission that a whole section of a video had been removed within which then-State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki indicated that the administration lied about talks with Iran.

And so now we have not a rogue video editor at State, but a full-fledged conspiracy extending into both the White House and the State Department and an attempt to cover it up.

32 thoughts on “White House Doctored Transcript Related to Iran Lies”

  1. An Administration of criminals and liars. We are no longer surprised. But I am glad that some at least continue to bring it to light and that it is part of the official documents. And, therefore, becomes part of the Obama “legacy” — which will be revealed as the trash can of traitors that it is years from now.

    1. Mr. Koffler… You really need to tell US the truth about how useless this “WH press corps” is, and how this Obama regime is so easily allowed to lie everyday at these ‘press briefings’.
      Is there a reason why this “WH press corps” is so useless and refuses to investigate-follow up on news/stories coming from this Obama White House…???

  2. This is all interesting, but here’s the real point. The Obama administration lied to “sell” the Iran deal to the media, Congress and the public. This much is known to be true.

    The far more interesting question is, why was so vital to deceive the media, Congress and the public about this deal?

    That’s the rock that everyone seems to want to avoid looking under.

    1. It will likely take years to reveal the full extent of the deep corruption nested in the Obama administration. It’s the Chicago way, writ large, with Obama-appointed sworn enemies of the United State embedded deeply in the White House, and a bizarre hatred of America’s allies, coupled with an warm embrace of those who wish America the greatest harm. All this because the MSM refused (and still does) to properly vet this bizarre character called Barry Soetoro, a third rate, mysterious numpty not worthy of a second glance in a selection process for new cast members for a traveling flea circus.

      1. Thanks to bumbles and his Iran ValJar advisor (or actual closet president)its closer than any of us know.
        They could easy buy one from North Korea or the Pakistan’s.

  3. This President and his administration make me think of a huge, deep, festering boil that needs lancing. After he leaves office, or even before then, I hope someone with a modicum of integrity left will come forward, lance that boil, and let the whole sinking pustular mess into the light, so America can begin to heal.

    1. No one in the MSM has yet or will ever tell the full story about Obama while he’s in office, unfortunately. One has to sniff around in various books, articles, blogs and commentary by those who have taken the time to dig into Barry strange (and I think somewhat fictitious, a hagiography at best) story. That laziness and radicalized style of journalism has truly damaged our Constitutional Republic. In the post-Obama presidential era, it will be a long battle between those who claim Obama was the greatest President in the history of the country, and those who claim he was the worst President. In our high schools and colleges, you can be assured it will be the former approach, as they depict him with a halo around his head and a Superman cape. We’ll be hearing this:

      “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.”
      Look, up in the sky!”
      “It’s a bird.”
      “It’s a plane”.
      “Nah, it’s just that Obama guy, again.”


        1. Yea, good point. Maybe “more powerful than a Soyuz expendable launch rocket system developed by OKB-1, and manufactured by TsSKB-Progress in Samara, Russia,” might be more modern, but it seems to lose a bit of the poetic rhythm we have learned to like, as well as the “dances on the tongue” quality we look for in Superman movies and cartoons. ;+}

  4. This administration literally gets away with murder (Benghazi!)and we have a GOP congress that let’s them.

    Trey Gowdy recently whined about how the Obama administration isn’t very cooperative with their investigations. Oh yeah? Don’t we call that obstruction of justice? Indict them all then. Easy peasy.

    1. Congress and the administration are totally complicit.

      My dad always said, when he was complaining about crooked New York State politics, to just follow the money.

      We have abrogated states’ rights to a very powerful, vindicative federal government.

  5. The books on the Obama administration will be much more interesting than the books on the Nixon administration. Ever so much more material to work with.

  6. Kerry’s response: “It was stupid and clumsy”. Wrong! Hitting a curb and breaking your femur while biking in France during the Iran giveaway ‘negotiations’ was ‘stupid and clumsy’.

    The Iran deal was a blatant act of treason!

  7. This “altering” thing is becoming Nixonian 18-minute common. Maybe “situational” ethics explain their casual attitude toward Hillary’s server and email wrangling.

    1. Indeed their love of the Hildabeast is simply amazing.
      She is guilty of so many things, yet they say nothing.

      New scandal is BJC LLC shell company paying old Bill the rapist millions as an advisor to a College. This is completely bared from the news. I hope Trump knows about this one.

  8. Wouldn’t it be easier if you simply shared with us the times they AREN’T lying or doctoring statements and transcripts?

  9. A few years ago, 83 percent black Detroit was awarded $850 million to remove blighted homes… you know, the visible reminder of what happens to a civilization whites build and blacks inherit via white flight (from black crime).

    Earlier this year, the city got another $42 million to fight the uniquely black creation of blighted homes (where when white people occupied them, civilization flourished and necessary upkeep to the homes kept them appreciating in value), which saw black contractors fighting over being awarded some of the funds.

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    Why not some more funds? [Detroit gets another $88M to aid in blight fight, Detroit News, June 1, 2016]:

    Yes the blacks just keep on taking, just like the Obanation in the white house.

    Michele says it was built by slaves. That my dear is a lie!

  10. The biggest lie with the Iran agreement was that it was an agreement to begin with. It was a treaty and should have been ratified by the Senate. Of course, it would not have passed. Like everything with this Administration……if they can’t pass a law executive order it.

    The,administration has done a good job holding the WH Press Corp Hostage…….Is any of the Press Corp going to write a negative story against a family member??

  11. This is explosive. Thank you Keith – this kind of thing is one reason I started reading your blog several years ago. Really appreciate your reporting.

  12. Obama got away with all of it. He was allowed to lie, cheat, and steal by a compliant media, scared members of Congress (who wants to be publicly labeled a racist?). The country is now comprised of people who not only elected him, but actually RE-elected him, which is scary and really sad. The only hope left is that one day some courageous person steps forward and writes a real tell all type book. One that reveals everything. Every lie, scandal, all of it. The man does not deserve a great legacy. He hasn’t earned it. Obama will go on to become a billionaire by following the Clinton model of ex Presidents selling out. But he does not deserve a great legacy. Or anything near it.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! Hopefully, the last chapter hasn’t been written yet. It would go something like this:

      Mr. Obama, a traitor to his country, is currently sitting in a Federal prison cell awaiting the ultimate punishment for his treasonous actions as POTUS.

  13. It’s a punch in the stomach to learn of this doctoring. We now have a large component of people in this nation, some citizens, some just here for their own purposes, who believe that truth and honor are old-fashioned — getting what you want is all that matters. We are a third world nation.

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