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Video || Trump Supporters Violently Attacked in San Jose

A mob of what appeared to be mostly Latino protestors attacked Donald Trump supporters leaving a Trump rally in San Jose, California Thursday evening. Rally attendees were pelted with projectiles and physically attacked.

If these people are worried about Trump getting elected, well, this is exactly the type of behavior that will get him elected.

42 thoughts on “Video || Trump Supporters Violently Attacked in San Jose”

      1. I’m afraid people are gonna get killed in Cleveland – we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. These ‘protesters’ are frickin’ animals. The Republican convention should be a regular riot.

        1. Many police dept. have been asked to go to Cleveland to provide support,…they declined.
          Maybe Kasich will be forced to call out the Ohio State Guard.

    1. I don’t know if it’s his FAULT, but I do see some contribution there with the saying he’d pay a violent person’s legal bills. It seemed to jump off from there…like tacit approval, or at least not consistent DISAPPROVAL, was emanating.

  1. Is there any doubt now that the illegal aliens are an foreign invaders?
    Waving the flag of their homeland, attacking peaceful American citizens, and demanding rights they aren’t entitled to claim, the Mexican citizens have revealed themselves to be a hostile and dangerous force.

    All of this frightening violence can be laid on PresidentObama’s shoulders. When the POTUS chose to welcome foreign invaders into our country without the consent of Congress and the American people, the aliens feel empowered to do as they wish.

      1. Spot On!

        (…would love to go to one these anti-Trump “protests” and meet these “protesters” with my Louisville slugger :-)

      1. Powerful video. Thanks for that. And as to blaming Trump for the violence in San Jose, that’s for sure. Here’s the San Jose Mayor right on cue:

        “San Jose’s mayor, Tom Liccardo, who is a Democrat and a Hillary Clinton supporter, told the Associated Press that Donald Trump was to blame for the violence.”

        This summer will be the 1968 Chicago Democrat riots and Kristallnacht rolled into one. George Soros, who funds much of these protestors and who happily identified the hiding places of his fellow Hungarian Jews for the Gestapo, remembers Kristallnacht, we can be sure. Asked a couple of years ago if he regretted what he did to send Jews to the Death Camps, George Soros replied, “No. I had no feelings of guilt at all.” That’s all we need to know. He’s still the madman he always was.

        1. Yes, kudos on the video Denise. Good to have present.

          Liccardo’s a Clinton groupie and a big supporter of illegals.

          Depending on how honestly the MSM reports these things, and how bad they might become, they are positioned to be culpable in the results of this violence.

  2. Mexifornia is occupied territory. Enter at your own risk!
    When Bratton was Police Chief, crime/murders were down drastically. May stats just came out – 101 murders last month. Nearly all involved Latinos.

    1. A disturbing trend I’ve noticed recently here in L.A. is the rise of horrific hit and run car accidents, where someone leaves the scene, either by their car or on foot…typically leaving the pedestrian or other motorist fatally injured. In the cases where they find the person, it’s invariably someone with a Latino surname. It’s just a fact.

        1. My auto ins. has skyrocketed over the past few years, especially after illegals are not allowed to obtain DL’s.
          My friend, who is also our ins. agent, said point blank that nearly all of this is due to the high cost of accidents, epecially hit and run, caused by illegal.

          It happened TWICE to one of my daughters, and once to me.

    2. I have no patience for illegals “protesting” (really rioting) in this country, complaining that we are not giving them enough. Nonsense. Our government should be rounding these criminals up and sending them back to Mexico or points south, wherever they are from. They do NOT belong here unless they want to do it legally and be productive taxpayers. We have NO responsibility to support the illegal rif-raf that Obama has encouraged. Enough of this.

  3. And the San Jose mayor blames Trump. Effin’ racist a-holes. I saw a $20G reward for IDing one that sucker punched a girl. All should be found and prosecuted.

    I hope Trump uses his bully pulpit to humiliate the Mayor and these protesters and ask Latinos if they are on that team. He should set aside some money and offer rewards for the perps that hit Trump supporters. Maybe hire private security as escorts, the type to step on these cockroaches. This can’t go on.

    1. I AGREE! Time to call immigrants out. Are they law abiding or not? Do they support violent protests or not? Yes-no answers.

  4. Funny to me these ppl didn’t protest this hard in Mexico, if at all. If they did, they probably would have been shot by the corrupt government down there. Here it’s their “right”. If it’s so bad. Go the hell back where you came from. sldo, Take that idiot Mayor With you.

  5. You are right Keith. Frigging tired of the Mexicanst, he Mexicans flags raised and the American flag burned. Even though I know this warms Michelle’s heart to see that flag burned.

    This is not about Donald Trump — this is about Obama’s FSA and his beloved illegals and welfare and BLM groupies — the darlings of the Left — Hillary, Bernie and Barack.

    I am teetering on the edge of No Quarter with these people. Protesters my ass.

  6. I long for the day these leftists thugs attack the wrong group of people.

    Because they’ll deserve everything that’s coming to them.

  7. Focusing on Trump and the “protesters” — too limited. If we had a press or any honest writers and investigators everything would be focused on the who and what is behind this. Trump is not that relevant. It is conservative America, full of inidivual rights and liberties, that is the real threat and George Soros and his organizations of mobs are behind this. We know it. No one takes a good long look.

    And in the end you have to laugh at Liccardo (?) the San Jose Mayor who finds violence acceptable. He clearly never studied history, doesn’t recognize himself as an expendable cog in a wheel, a mere lieutenant who will be gone as the mob gains power and begins to eat their aiders and abettors (something akin to revolutions eating their young). Perhaps someone should point Mr. Liccardo to an encyclopedia or wikipedia under F for France, the History of the French Revolution.

    1. …so these arrogant, clueless hipster, anti-American current ‘socialist-Democrats’ who follow Bernie & Hillary are going to use guillotines against each other…?

      1. The other thing I find historic and interesting has been the purge and transformation of the Democrat Party over these past years. Clinton could be a hiccup, a glitch or something they couldn’t get rid of that may prove to be a fatal flaw.

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