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Video || Hillary on Trump: Be Very Afraid

This is going to be Hillary Clinton’s mantra throughout the election, that it’s too “risky” to make Donald Trump president.

Now, this is certainly a line of attack that will resonate with many people. But I would note that Democrats tried to present Ronald Reagan as scary, and I remember Al Gore relentlessly discussing the “risky” vote people would be casting for George W. Bush.

President Ronald Reagan, and President George W. Bush, that is.

Hillary has work to do explaining the rationale for her presidency, and she presents lots of problems for honest Democrats or anyone who cares the least about her shady dealings. Basing your campaign on attacks against your opponent – now that’s “risky.”

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  1. Well, the Geo W Bush example may be a little ill-chosen–many people think he was risky in the end. I respected how she linked her slams to his quotes and facts about things he said. I would still not vote for her except in not voting for him…but she was on the right track with her criticisms. He is incoherent, which in itself is not a great thing in a president.

        1. Should we define the degree of sin Star?
          Could the possible egregious denial of security breaches be compared to BJC’s antics in the oval office?

          How about her comment on the deaths of Americans,…”What difference does it make.”

          That right there is a cold bitch, and she has no business as the president of this Country.

          We are not talking about a couple that have never gotten along, we are talking about a country.

          She can say whatever she wants about Trump.
          She has no credibility left among intelligent people.

          1. As you know, I would not vote for her either. But he is really not a better choice…in my opinion, with my one vote. Or non-vote. Because she is awful does not make him more palatable…Lost decade coming either way.

  2. She’s already proven in her role as Secretary of State that we should be very afraid of her…just ask the families of those who died in the Benghazi attack. She not only left them to die, but lied to the families as to the cause in front of their caskets.

      1. She has stated that she will continue Obama’s policies.
        This country cannot take anymore of this socialistic ideology.
        Trump is an unknown at this point except for the fact that he loves America, and he is a successful businessman.

        Hillary is a known liar, and has a reputation of being a dictator while she was FLOTUS.
        For this country to put her in the WH would be suicidal.

        Same with Bernie the socialist.

        Yes, Bush didn’t impress me much in his last term but at least he tried to get congress to restrain from destroying the housing market and spoke against Dodd/Frank.

        Our economy is going down the tubes.
        Let’s see what a businessman can do to fix it.

        1. That’s your take…mine is she never said she would continue all of Obama’s I recall, she isn’t crazy about him–another “marriage” of convenience. I don’t “know” he loves America–loves it more than himself? I wonder.

          1. She adored Saul Alinsky.
            She wrote her college thesis on his policies.
            She wrote to him personally.

            She is a liar.
            She will continue the Cloward and Piven philosophy along with Saul Alinsky’s dictates as long as she is alive.

            The ends justify the means.
            Remember that.
            They will do anything to achieve their goals.

          2. All true, all known. But each person has to decide if the negatives on the other side outweigh…I am pass-agging it–not deciding but also not voting for someone I have decided is even more toxic. Just one vote or non-vote, as I said.

      1. …all these years later and still NO ONE!! in the “media” has had the BALLS! or GUTS! to directly ask Obama or Hillary:
        “where were you the night of the 13 hour Benghazi attack…?”

    1. She does–another reason will not vote for her either. So that is another litmus test? OK–bloody hands amount,sanity, consistency, spotless record, some record, chops in governing, the right enemies (press, Dems or Reps), what else…

  3. Trump risky? Let’s take a look at Hillary’s bridal train of dead bodies. The fact that she can say these things and there is no challenge from the media is still astonishing. Expected but still amazing at the depth of their corruption and collusion.

      1. You didn’t hear about it because of the media.
        How about Sandy Burger, stealing secret documents and putting them in his socks and underwear.

        My,….what was that all about?
        Possibly protecting the Clintons.

        Do you want these creeps back in the WH ?

        I don’t.
        Trump has nothing to hide or they would have found it by now.
        He is what he is.

        Obama and the Clintons,….not so much.

  4. What is more risky than a person who spews national security information unchecked throughout the internet? And all because she feels entitled and is too lazy.

    Risky AND lazy — there’s a combo that becomes dangerous.

      1. Link to quote? It’s my understanding he’s a great manager of people, will hire the best and delegate duties accordingly.

        Oh, he will be governing all right. Much better than Obama or a Hillary “governing”.

        1. That’s what Reagan did.
          Trump realizes that he is not an expert in everything.
          Therefore he will look for people that are experts in the things he is not.

          1. Phhht. Via Huffpoop? Nothing wrong with this

            “Trump’s vice presidential pick would be a hands-on administrator: “He needs an experienced person to do the part of the job he doesn’t want to do. He sees himself more as the chairman of the board, than even the CEO, let alone the COO.”

            Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to govern, he wants to give the VP more responsibility, like cracking heads in the house and senate.

          1. I know where you stand–you aren’t convincing me, though. And you will own this guy if by some mischance he gets into the highest office on earth. and if she gets in, you may say I helped by not voting against her–but I can live with that.

        1. Maybe not physically lazy but he has a short attn span and little tolerance for detail or even past statements he’s made…at least from what I can see. I bet he has never seen an Estimate of Benefits like we have on our insurance…Yet he is going to dream up some health care system–or even how to abolish Obamacare?

          1. So, that’s a criteria now for all presidential candidates who might want to change Obamacare — familiarity with the estimation of benefits??????

      2. Well that should make you very happy Star.

        And if that is indeed buried somewhere in a jumble of context from which it was pulled, I will assume that it refers to a situation where Trump will have selected excellent advisers. But, what the heck let’s just let it lay — out of context.

          1. Obviously executives delegate–but delegating “the economy” to an unelected official is wrong, those dopey czars were wrong and you never hear of them anymore, and so is depending on an elected one (VP) to know the government, know Cong procedure, , know the intricacies of the issues, know the personalities, know the unintended consequences…well, know everything.

  5. To the Mexican flag wavers at the Trump rally’s:




    GET OUT!!!!

      1. I don’t think he’s evil either. Nor do I think he has dictatorial, authoritarian or fascist tendencies (did I leave abybody out — should I include Hitler or somebody?). That said, I don’t think he suffers fools. There is a big difference.

    1. Me too.
      What we have gone with for years hasn’t worked and look where we are.

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.
      —-Albert Einstein.

    2. I love Mae West as you know, but I prefer “You only live once and if you do it right, once is enough.” Doing it right means to me finding out poison is bad without drinking it.

    3. She was a very good writer of mystery novels, and I think at least one of her books was made into a movie, maybe more of them.

  6. It’s simple: EVERY mainstream media person called the speech powerful, historic, her best ever. Hillary could declare Cats Are a Menace to Society and the media would say she’s powerful and brilliant. That’s the way it’s going to stay through to November too so Donald better get his act in gear and stop whining and start making lucid statements to counter Hillary. I’m going to vote for Trump but geez, even I’m having a hard time listening to his comments. Why he’s not being solid, going on facts not name calling is beyond me. If he stuck with what Hillary HASN’T done, he’d be in a much better position. Alas, he’s not going to listen to me.

    1. He was so red in the face and nutty looking in that rant about how she wants to stay out of jail I would have backed up a couple of steps and made for the door.

      1. For that reason Star, I’ve stopped answering the phone from my sister who is in the #NeverTrump camp because I am simply unable to counter her attacks of him with anything positive.

          1. My 98 year old mother has that theory too!

            As for MoJoe, someone got to Joe, telling him he wasn’t falling in line with the MSNBC mantra of hate Trump. They were all very nice to him during the primary – they had him on tons, they actually sang his praises (Mika too!) but just in the last week to ten days, Joe especially has started out every day with his Hate Trump rant. I repeat, the network must have threatened to fire him.

          2. Mr. Pibbs — I am hearing it as well. Girly1 is a big advocate of this as well, if I am not mistaken.

            MoJoe larger following than I would have thought.

          3. On Memorial Day, there was no MoJoe and I watched Fox & Friends with some blonde airhead in a tight white cocktail dress at 6 am…and tons of commercials. I am back to MoJoe…I may not agree, but they change back and forth so much, sometimes I do. They at least have facts, interesting clips, read op-eds, make good jokes, etc.

  7. She’s spot on! Dawnie Frumples is so thin-skinned it’s really pathetic. But at the same time, she’s so dishonest it’s really pathetic.

  8. A post I read recently, “You just got home from 2 weeks vacation and your basement is filled with rats, Big stinkin’ rats. You call your exterminator, he can’t get rid of ’em, you call 2 more and they can’t get rid of them You call the city and the state and they can’t get rid of them. A big, ugly fat guy shows up at your door and he says he can get rid of the rats….he stinks to high heaven, swears, smokes a big cigar and has a plumber’s butt crack….and big orange hair, but he promises he’ll take care of it. You don’t care that he is the most odious, disgusting human being you’ve ever seen. He goes in the basement and he gets rid of your rat problem. That’s how Americans are thinking right now.

  9. This is great stuff. Here’s Hillary shaking down former State Department big shots for yet more money for her catastrophe and desperate run for the Presidency. She’s spent about $300,000,000 so far to Trump’s $50,000,000–six times more than Trump. He’s going to beat her like a drum in spite of her money and connections and favors returned by these State Department sycophants. That pile of organic goop on the floor on election day? That’s what left of Hillary by the time he gets done with her.

    (Obviously, the US press doesn’t know anything about this frantic panhandling by Hillary. That’s the only reason they aren’t running the story.’+})

    1. Why does the UK Daily Mail have better anti-Obama (what the Obama family does wasting Million$$$ of US taxpayer $) and Hillary (State Dept fundraisers?) hard-hitting/background stories than even FOXNews…?

          1. Tabloid or not, the DM runs articles the American MSM won’t touch. The articles are often quite snarky in a very polite British way, and the comments from readers are another bonus!

          2. I sometimes click on Daily Mail stories…I think a lot of their papers are tabloiody, from what I have heard. They did have parts of the Obama new house story wrong…but hey…

        1. I wouldn’t call MoJoe a tabloid…huh? I can tell you have not watched it or rarely do. Don’t be afraid–you can sort the parts out you don’t agree with like everyone does here. It’s fun to watch, interesting…or galling…depends. A good waker-upper.

      1. The working rule for US media is: if we don’t report it, it never happened, and you’re lying if you say it did happen. We’ve all figured that out, and that’s why high confidence in US media is at 6 percent. In other words, 94 percent of us suspect or actually realize US media is lying, making it up, leaving out relevant elements of a story, or otherwise framing the conclusion they want their readers/viewers to have about an issue. That’s why we have an Obama living in the White House or a Hillary who is the leading D candidate for POTUS despite her corrupt life story. US Media is a disgrace.

        The emblematic example for the corruption of the US medal is Ezra Klein’s Jour-o-list gang of over 400 journalists who conspired to work together to present a lefty slant to the news they covered. They got caught, eventually, but not before they did a lot of damage to the truth. Corrupt to the core. That’s “journalism” today. They squeal like spoiled little pigs when trying to defend their so-called “profession”, but they dug their own grave. Let em live in their own squalor and disgrace.

        1. Thank You marcus… That is why I believe if we regulars here on WhiteHouseDossier were ever given a chance to sit in/replace this Obama regime “WH press corps” for a day… WE would ask 100+ better, more focused, more on-point questions than this useless, sycophant “WH press corps”… And We would demand answers and make a stink if We did not get answers from the Obama regime (“the most transparent ever”)

          1. For most of my life, I was a reporter. I knew many ethical and diligent reporters..I quit clients for asking me to do things I did not like. I remember one them– they told me to ask a man why he had changed his name from a “Jewish” name to an “non-Jewish” name. I said no. Another time, the editor let a govt source rewrite part of my story… I quit. WebMD, for that matter, let the Harvard “reviewer” change facts and I quit. It was our mainstay at that point. It does dismay me on this site that everyone is so crushingly disdainful of reporters. It is not an easy job. Sure, some let bias creep in or may not ask the questions you would ask or like any employee want to keep their job…But most are trained in this, stay abreast of the technology, travel constantly and willingly, and work hard.

    1. Yep, makeup should put a clown nose on him.
      I don’t know why FOX feels the need to put libs on.
      The fair and balanced theme is getting old.

    2. I don’t watch any of the Fox shows anymore…used to tune in to The Five every day, plus parts of Bret Baier, O’Reilly and Megyn…for me, they’ve all worn out their welcome this cycle. Gutfeld’s not even funny anymore, and always seems like he’s trying too hard.

      1. Fox, once a respectable source of important information has completely lost the point of why people were watching them. It’s true that their ratings are currently high, but who cares? You can drive up ratings just by acting stupid on the air. I’ve stopped watching them or their silly shows of people seated on a couch or around a table (on any of these networks) chin wagging about one issue or the other. Boring as hell, and you have to be desperately lost in the ozone to accept any of them as a prime source of information on important issues. And who cares about their opinions about anything?

        1. Marcus, I agree again;
          I selectively watch certain FOXNews shows-hosts for news/information…then I follow that “news/stories” I see on FOXNews to my sources online to get more background-info-intel (with-out the FNC “slant”)

      2. My favorite quote from a media critic several months ago: “FOX is a small angry tribe”.
        Stopped watching everything on FOX over a year ago. Never looked back.

        Did watch the Megyn/Trump interview – I would have fired her the next day.

        1. Same here. I might have fired her that night, after the show. The fact that Brit Hume and Bret Baier sat there like pumpkin heads and let Kelly go all-diva and unprofessional was the biggest disappointment of all. Added to that, those questions were all vetted and approved by Roger Ailes (you can take that to the bank). That was the beginning of the end of Fox for me. And I don’t care whether it was Trump or any other candidate who was questioned that night, it was a disaster spearheaded by Kelly.

          1. But the one I am really really sick of is Bolling–with his big ole know-it-all bland head jabbering the same Trump suckup comments all the livelong day.

    3. Ugh Juan! He kept blaming Trump for the violent protests because he hurts their widdle fweelings ? These mobs have nothing to do with Trump, it’s just an excuse. They never protest Obama, Hillary or Bernie because they’re all slurping from the same Pig Soros trough. They are American hating facists Juan!!!!!!

  10. By the time this circus is over, Barack Hussein Obama will be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    Talk about unintended consequences!

    1. …Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao & Hugo Chavez (and Obama) have been the greatest things since sliced bread.

      1. Obama’s approval ratings have gone up for the first time in 4 years…to a whopping 51%.

        We’re in a race to the bottom and Obama is no longer rock bottom. That’s all I’m saying.

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