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Top Texas Insurer Seeks 60 Percent Obamacare Rate Hike

From the Washington Examiner:

The largest health insurer in Texas wants to hike premiums for Obamacare plans by nearly 60 percent, the latest evidence that consumers may see steep cost increases this year under President Obama’s healthcare law.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas has requested hikes it says could affect nearly 603,000 Texans buying health plans through, the insurance marketplace set up under Obamacare. The rates have yet to be finalized and Blue Cross could choose to ramp them down, but the Obama administration lacks the authority to force the insurer to do so.

Because, gosh, let me explain again, Mr. President. There is a such thing as economics, which does it’s own thing despite the inspired genius of liberal reformers like you.


When demand for a product or service increases, the price goes up. In this case, when you actually force people to buy a product, it exacerbates the increase in demand. And when you force businesses to sell a certain product, whether the customer needs it or not, you add further to the cost of provide it.

The result: Price increases. There is no more basic low of economics than supply and demand. Somehow, Obama’s economists haven’t heard much about it.

Unfortunately, it is average consumers who are bearing the cost of this enterprise known, in one of history’s great ironies and spin jobs, as the Affordable Care Act.

There were better ways to increase coverage that involved greater consumer choice and flexible options for purchase. And Obamacare hasn’t done nearly what was promised to broaden coverage, despite the traumatic change it required.

11 thoughts on “Top Texas Insurer Seeks 60 Percent Obamacare Rate Hike”

  1. It’s a mistake to think Obama intended the ACA to work as advertised. He did not. He intended it to completely fail. to collapse under its own weight and send the populace screaming to Congress, begging for a solution. Which, of course, would be the single-payer system he really wanted but couldn’t pass in 2009.

    Hopefully, when ACA does fail, we’ll still have a Republican Congress, hopefully one with some spine, and a Republican president willing to implement real market-based solutions, rather than retreat ever farther toward socialist “utopia” and the end of this country as a first-world nation.

          1. Why don’t you go to his website where it is laid out and read it?
            He has said how he would do it in many speeches.

            You remove the state line barriers and let them compete, and remove the fed’s control.

          2. Here is Trump’s position on repealing ObamaCare, as well as his 7-step proposal on how he, with the help of Congress, plans to replace it and repair the enormous damage Obama has inflicted on the citizens of the United States with ObamaCare. Right there on his website and, as we know, he has talked a great deal about this.


            He’s also published position papers on: immigration, trade,VA reforms, tax reforms, and 2d Amendment rights. The MSM, of course, refuse to read any of his position papers, and like to claim “He doesn’t have positions on any issues”, but they aren’t working to promote Trump.

  2. What a coincidence! The Blue Cross rate hike goes into effect just before the extra Federal funding for sicker and more expensive consumers ends in 2017! Other states are following suit.

    Even more coincidental is the fact that Obama will be sneaking off into the night before the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 21 2017.
    At least we have his new address!

    In some respects, it’s not a bad idea to let Hillary take the rap for Obama’s crimes. Obamacare is only the tip of the iceberg.

  3. Who didn’t see this coming? Hands up, please. No hands up? Everybody saw it coming, except the MSM. Well, they knew, but refused to write or talk about it. Useless bums, the whole lot of them.

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