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Ryan Throws in the Towel, Backs Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan finally ended the charade and endorsed the nominee of the Party for which he is Speaker of the House.

“I feel confident he would help us turn the ideas in this agenda into laws to help improve people’s lives,” Ryan wrote in an op-ed for the Janesville Gazette of Janesville, Wisconsin. “That’s why I’ll be voting for him this fall,” Ryan wrote.

Faced, I suppose, with ending his career or endorsing Donald Trump, he chose the latter. And with it, the last bastion of resistance in the Republican establishment crumbled at Trump’s feet.

22 thoughts on “Ryan Throws in the Towel, Backs Trump”

  1. I saw, too, that my buddy Mitch did the same, just as late as Ryan, but then took the opportunity to berate those who have not jumped on the bandwagon. Real leadership, there, Mitch. Come to the party late and complain about those who are later.

    1. Imagine that. The current Republican leaders of the Congress now support the Republican nominee (probable) for the Presidency of the United States. Wonders never cease, apparently. They will make Trump’s presidency (if he wins) a living hell, as will the Democrats and the media. But for now, they’re on board. Barely.

    2. Mitch is interested in one thing right now – promoting the book he wrote about himself. I have no respect for Mitch or Ryan and I certainly don’t believe a word they say.

      1. All they want is for Hillary not to win.
        They want to maintain the majorities in the house and senate.
        They may be underestimating Trump’s negotiating powers.

        Trump is really not a political animal.
        He wants the Country back.

        These two hacks may be facing a needed barrier if Trump wins.

  2. Can’t help but think Trump must be working on a ‘deal’ to extricate himself from the publicity stunt he created for himself.
    The ‘insults’ only seem to make him more popular with his base and he must be panicking now.

    His only intent was to OwN the most valuable piece of property in the world on Pennsylvania Avenue, not to LIVE there. In fact, I thought I heard him say, jokingly, Monopoly was his favorite game.
    Maybe he should take a look a Boardwalk instead.
    Reality bites!

    Just my $0.02.

    1. I know that, being a Canadian, my opinion doesn’t matter, but I can’t believe that Trump never meant to become the candidate, or President. He seems pretty sincere to me, and how would he drop out now, even if he wanted to?

    2. I have had that thought, too, Girly1.
      I hope he is sincere in seeking the Presidency – if he isn’t there will be a lot of extremely disillusioned people in this country.
      If he actually is the candidate, I will vote for him as a vote against the Democratic candidate. The Democratic Party is no longer the party of our fathers. For that matter, neither are the Republicans.

      1. A fraudulent campaign should be considered a criminal offense, IMO.
        How to prove it is another story.

        The light bulb went on for me two weeks ago when Trump admitted (to Megyn?) that he thought he only had a 10% chance of getting the nomination when he declared his candidacy,

        We all know that Trump is about ‘winning’. In this case, he was banking on ‘losing’.

        For a few Million bucks, he could have the attention of the entire world, his ‘ratings’ would soar, and he would have the time of his life for as long as the charade continued.

        ‘Trump’ is a brand name…not to be confused with the ‘real deal’.

        Right now, Trump is probably weighing the odds of taking it to the finish line if he believes Hillary will win.
        Otherwise, I’m sure he has back-up plans to ensure he never gets the job.

        **He appears to be doubling-down on ‘obnoxious’ this week. All the better for Hillary.

        1. Pretty sure you will still be saying this on Trump’s Inauguration Day.

          He really didn’t want to be President, but being Trump, he was out there bloviating about himself so much, that he lost sight and before he knew it — boom He was President. And now. Now America is really in for it. Not only is it President Trump, but President Trump who never really wanted to be President Trump. We are doomed. I’ll check back if Trump wins and see what you have to say.

          In fact I think Trump wanted to run for President, but being a businessman,and a deal maker, he probably thought the odds were against him. But he would give it an effort because, unlike the current President and perhaps Hillary, Donald Trump does love America.

          Kinda’ like Jeb probably still cant’ quite wrap his head around why he is in Tex now . hangin’ out.

          1. Yes, Trump loves America. He also loves anyone who is ‘nice’ to him, including Putin, NK…etc. And what about the David Duke deal – he doesn’t know anything about DD? Really?

            He also loves Americans…as long as they are not hyphenated Americans.

            Bottom line: If the next POTUS is either HRC or DJT, I will be wearing a black arm band and draping the house in black bunting.

            I love America, too!

  3. Mitch and Paul. No problem as long as Trump keeps his distance, and keeps their advice in a box labeled “later or never”.

  4. Ryan is now on my DEAD TO ME list. Along with Rubio and Christie, who particularly displeased me by capitulating. I expected more. Guess I am pretty naive. I expected Ryan to be lukewarm and reserve some neutrality so he could be the goalie intercepting the worst excesses of whichever is elected. Guess not. How he can say he and Trump share goals–well, I don’t get it. They don’t. I am pretty disgusted. I guess all the disdain people here liked to heap on Ryan (without citing) was justified. I give.

    1. I was curious as to how you might respond to this. I would have guessed that you would have seen Ryan et al as a “leash” on Trump. Anyway, it is interesting — the association doesn’t sit well with you, nor with me. Different reasons. But as you have said frequently — not verbatim — along the lines of “politics”, what’s required to move ahead, compromises, etc.

      I am not happy either Star. Guess this is “politics makes for strange bed fellows.”

      Re. Ryan I do think he has large political plans for himself and that is his primary motivator and influences the decisions he makes.

      I am no fan of Rubio’s either, as you know. But this comment is not about that — I heard yesterday on the radio something about how Rubio will not reveal anything about a group who donated millions to his campaign. Anybody know what that’s about?

  5. Please people! The only reason Dawnie Frumples ran was to help her bestie Hillary to victory. Unfortunately, whodathunkit?, it takes Frumples being an obnoxious thin-skinned jackass for people to doubt his qualifications, and yet such doubts come naturally for Hillary Clinton….

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