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Racial Divider Obama Warns Against Trump’s Racial Divisiveness

President Obama Wednesday urged Americans not to “turn against each other based on divisions of race or religion,” presumably by supporting Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, this is coming from the president who has done more to divide America along lines of race than any in modern history. A man who, as the nation’s first black president, had an historic opportunity to complete the healing process that began after the end of segregation in the 1960s, but who has instead opened up new wounds.

President Obama has shown clear racial bias in matters involving police force against African Americans. He helped fuel the fury of those inappropriately angered the justifiable shooting of a black man by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. His wading into the Trayvon Martin case before any legal proceedings had occurred was unconscionable. His admonition to Hispanics in October 2010 to “punish” your “enemies” at the ballot box was a clear racial incitement.

And then, of course, there was this:

Obama ought not be lecturing us about Trump, since his own work to divide the country in so many ways with his utterly partisan and unconstitutional presidency paved the way for him. But we will be lectured nevertheless from now until Inauguration Day.

Now listen closely!

21 Responses to Racial Divider Obama Warns Against Trump’s Racial Divisiveness

  1. He just cannot help himself….has to insert his 2 cents into the social fabric…except of course when it comes to the black gang wars in Chicago.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle….wait, better not go there.

  2. So now we are going to be subjected to Obama’s unprecedented hypocrisy and his shameless act of election tampering. As if the last 8 years haven’t been bad enough!

    Obama is now running for his third term: Obama v. Trump!
    Hapless Hillary can’t even shake the Socialist foil, Bernie Sanders, or the ‘wild card’ who doesn’t (IMHO) really want to be Prez, Donald Trump.

    It’s going to be a happy ending for Obama, Hillary, and Trump. Obama will get his third term; Hillary will finally receive the coronation she is entitled to; and Trump will be off the hook for a job he never wanted in the first place.

    The American people have been duped! What a mess!

    • Obama = ‘the seven words you can’t say on TV’
      (trust me, I use them all describing ‘Barack Hussein Obama’)

  3. He’s preaching to the choir, those who will vote “D” no matter what.
    What he can’t reach is those who have been marginalized by 8 years of progressive/commie agendas. The millions who lost their jobs and will never again be employed because they don’t have the modern skills or expertise needed for today’s digital workplaces. Of course, the newly graduated from colleges with useless or fun degrees will also never be gainfully employed .
    As for the racial divide, pfft. Eight years of being called a racist for opposing anything the Obama regime did to us has lost it’s sting.
    MrO will NOT be speaking anywhere in West Virginia, western or northern Pennsylvania, or near the oil fields of the country.

    IMO, instead of worrying about MrTrump, he should be addressing SenSander’s millions of supporters who plan on disrupting the Dem convention and just making a mess of Philadelphia proper.

    • will never again be employed because they don’t have the modern skills or expertise needed for today’s digital workplaces.

      I can’t lay this one at Obama’s feet. Did you read the article I posted the other day on why no one can bring jobs “back” and we must focus on developing a new type of worker.

      • Obama was the one lamenting ATMs taking the place of actual bank employees. Can’t lay it at his feet specifically, perhaps, but he’s refused to acknowledge technological changes in the workplace and would rather give people token/unnecessary jobs as handouts than helping them learn new skills.

  4. Que the advertisers: Banner to read, “I survived Obama” He will never really be out of sight, out of mind. He and mooch will flaunt themselves into eternity. What was life like before this low life?

  5. It started w/ “the Cambridge Police acted stupidly” and got worse. As a cartoonist I am forbidden to opine on an open case not yet decided. Not President “if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon”