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Former Clinton Aide to Take the Fifth

Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department IT specialist who set up and maintained Hillary Clinton’s private email server, will plead the fifth.

From Politico:

Lawyers for former State Department tech specialist Bryan Pagliano said in a court filing Wednesday that there’s no valid reason to make an audio or video recording of the session since Pagliano doesn’t plan to answer any of the questions he’s asked by the conservative group Judicial Watch, which is pursuing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit related to Clinton’s private email server. The group is scheduled to take Pagliano’s deposition on Monday.

“Mr. Pagliano will invoke his right under the Fifth Amendment and decline to testify at the deposition,” Pagliano’s lawyers Mark MacDougall and Connor Mullin wrote.

PLEAD THE FIFTH. Get it? It’s essentially an admission that there was criminal behavior, or close to it.

Last Friday, Clinton State Department chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, refused to answer scores of questions during a deposition in a civil suit related Judicial Watch suit, claiming attorney-client privilege.

Meantime, the State Department can’t find any of Mr. Pagliano’s emails from the period when Clinton was Secretary of State. Can you say coverup?

11 thoughts on “Former Clinton Aide to Take the Fifth”

  1. The whole Hillary Clinton clan and the Obama administration are going to slow roll this thing forever. I’m waiting for FBI Director Comey’s book on this email mess to come out. It’s far into the future, no doubt, but will make for great reading and movie.

  2. The Fifth Amendment is the sacred cow for lyin’ Hillary and her minions.
    She and Obama have no qualms about violating the First and Second Amendments…but God help anyone who denies them their Second Amendment rights.

  3. About the 5th: considering the hostile attitude of some Dems, I’d have to “take the 5th” if they ask me if I’m voting for MrTrump.

    1. Truth. Many people are afraid for their jobs and even for their safety, if anyone found out they support Mr Trump.

      This is the only national election in my lifetime where the secret ballot is so clearly essential to the election.

  4. Arrogant and insulting that these criminals who feed off the taxpayers feel no obligation whatsoever to testify. Special Snowflakes. Pagliano is especially disgusting. Mills has been teetering on the edge of legality for years. Morally repugnant and vacant people.

  5. I don’t understand why these investigations don’t proceed from: indict based on simple prima facie facts, arrest, and then have all this testimony and pleading the 5th etc at the actual trial? I’ve never been able to figure out why, when the crime involves Washington politicos & their staff, the process does not proceed the way it would for a non-government employee.

    Is there a genuine legal reason for it, does anyone know?

    1. Well, when Keith said illegal or “close to it,” that was key. Close to it does not get an indictment… Also–wired means no indictment. I think this has been decided…We’ll see.

      1. Thanks Star. In the real world, all that is needed for an indictment is an accusation with a few facts. Not “proof” of guilt, not even “proof” of illegal activity – just an accusation by a reasonable person. Then, later on, all this kind of testimony and investigation are presented before the judge and jury, who decide whether he actually did what he was accused of. That is the part I don’t understand.

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