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Trump in 1988: Japan is Ripping us Off

It’s amazing. Nearly 30 years ago, Donald Trump was broadcasting the same themes as he is today, sounding off about Japan in a manner remarkably similar to the way he now talks about China. He was anti-free trade back then and focused on how little our allies pay for our services.

“I’d make our allies pay their fair share,” Trump said during an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. “We let Japan come in and dump everything into our markets — it’s not free trade”

14 thoughts on “Trump in 1988: Japan is Ripping us Off”

  1. Trump is right. It is not fair trade. But this does not mean that it is anti free trade. Why should free trade be like free stuff — where hard working Americans and America pay full freight?

  2. That was interesting. Perhaps if the Donald Trump of 1988 were running for president instead of a thin-skinned bombastic sissy jack ass, he’d get more support…

    1. Support of 270 electors will be enough support.


      I think the thin-skinned bombastic jack ass is more accurate — he is no sissy..

      But think about the thin-skinned part… it is often view as ‘take no crap’ which means even small slights are met with a sledgehammer of bombastic jack ass-ed-ness — which is going to make him president of the USA …

        1. Trump is not a jackass, where is your proof?

          Just a feeling eh?

          His press conference yesterday was brilliant !

          Unlike the hildabeast and the black guy Trump can think on his feet and give real answers.
          Not like the demodummies that lie about every thing

          1. BTW bernies plans are impossible to actually do.

            Vote for bernie is a vote for more government and much much higher taxes for the little guys.
            The very rich can and will avoid paying.

    2. Proof please! Just a feeling is not going to do it.

      5.6 million for the vets

      Hildbeast zero!! she hates them and the military!

      1. I like bombastic jack-assed-ness.. when it is delivered with a ‘take no crap’ approach.

        I’m not saying that I want to hang around with him….

        But as I toil away to pay my taxes I need someone making sure that he is being a jack-ass when needed to have my back — the antithesis of Bengahzi Butcher Hillary.

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